'Time Traveling' Woman Says She's Expecting An Alien's Baby

A new report has been released that a woman, supposedly a time traveler, was impregnated by an extraterrestrial being. Opening up a world of conspiracy theories, the majority of people think it's fake news to grab some publicity amidst the Area 51 craze, but some truly believe she's telling the truth.

On a conspiracy theory website called ApexTV, the woman says to interviewers that she is carrying an alien child. According to her story, she has come back from the future after accepting a time-traveling job while studying in Paris.

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In the interview with ApexTV, the 'time-traveling' woman explains that she has personally seen a war between aliens and human beings in the future. In the middle of all of that, she apparently fell pregnant by a futuristic alien, and she has now returned to the present to tell her story.

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As you may have assumed, a lot of people are questioning the woman's sanity while others are feeling sorry for her. With an ultrasound image as "proof", one thing is for sure... she wholeheartedly believes her baby's father is of a different world.

Eric Kalumbwe, a commentator on the video interview, says that the video is fake because "in a different time traveler video, a time traveler said they weren't able to have babies with aliens- only feel love- so [he doesn't] believe this at all."

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What is strange about the whole scenario, other than the alien child aspect of it, is that the woman wishes to remain anonymous and only met with interviewers in a non-disclosed location (hardly the actions of someone wanting attention). She does tell the interviewers her name is Mary, however, but says that her location cannot be told as she could be in danger.

In the video, Mary goes on to explain that when she was a student studying and working in a laboratory at a university in Paris, there was a room in which most people weren't allowed in. After breaking into the room and getting caught, her professor then supposedly offered her a job as a time machine operator assistant.

Working with the time machine, nicknamed the 'Iron Mass', Mary says she sent people to the future and says that time machines themselves have been around since the '70s. Mary says she was sent to the year 3,500 one year after accepting the job offer. Landing in the middle of a war, she reports that aliens from the Andromeda galaxy were at war with humans.

Being stuck in the future due to strong magnetic fields, amidst the war and torturing she endured, Mary says she is now pregnant with a half-human and half Andromeda alien child. We aren't quite sure what the technicians who performed the ultrasound had to say about the woman's story, but the truth will surely be revealed when the baby is born in the next five months.

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