Tiny Miracle Baby Finally Leaves Hospital After 500 Day Stay

Trammell Thompson's mother was told to prepare for the worst when she delivered her son, who was born premature and weighed only 470 grams - just over a pound.

"Doctors came to me and said that they didn't think that he was going to survive," recalled Patricia Thompson.

That was over 500 days ago.

But the tiny boy defied all odds, and after his record-breaking hospital stay in the very same place he was born, little Trammell Thompson - now over a year old and dubbed a miracle baby - was finally given the all clear to go home.

The Spokane, WA mom-of-four knew that something wasn't quite right when she was pregnant with Trammell. Unfortunately, doctors were unable to pinpoint exactly what it was until after he was born. He was eventually diagnosed with a disorder called alpha-mannosidosis, which affects his immune system, his bones, his hearing, and his mental functions. There is no known cure. He also has a form of dwarfism.

Despite his grim prognosis, Patricia never gave up on her youngest son.

"I feel like he was brought to me," she said. "Something just said don't, don't give up."

And she didn't. And neither did Trammell, who fought many battles day after day, and ultimately, won them all. He also earned the longest stay badge of any baby at Sacred Heart Children's Hospital. Now, he gets to go home - but the future remains uncertain.


According to Patricia, children with Trammell's rare condition aren't expected to survive past childhood. His condition is so rare, in fact, that doctors had never seen a premature baby with the same diagnosis. Despite what could be seen as discouraging news, Patricia remains committed to making every day count. That includes making time for even the smallest milestones - like going to the park - a place doctors once warned Patricia he would probably never see.

"He wasn't able to play, but he got to watch the sun," she said, recalling their short visit shortly after his discharge. "He got to see the splash pads, see the other kids playing and he was in awe of that."

Earlier this year, another baby across the country made headlines for a similar extended hospital stay. In 2016, a cardiologist at Children's Hospital in Pittsburg, PA discovered multiple problems with little Brooklyn Williams's heart. A few days of observation turned into over 500 over one year later.

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