Expert Tips To Get Your Baby To Finally Sleep Through The Night

If you're struggling to get your baby to sleep through the night, some of the handy tips below could well be lifesavers for you.

Having a child will require you to make some of the biggest adjustments in your life that you will ever have to make. One of the biggest of those adjustments is no longer getting a good night's sleep. Even the best of babies will have no regard for when it is and isn't okay to be awake to begin with. That's why new parents need to be equipped with all the tools at their disposal when that baby arrives.

First of all, you need to know what to expect. As hinted at above, newborns will have no idea when they are and are not supposed to sleep. If you're lucky, your little one will start to sleep through the night for the first time at two months old according to Today. However, the more likely scenario is that your baby will reach that welcome stage when they are between four and six months old.

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So, what we are all here for, how can you increase your chances of your new arrivals sleeping for as long as possible at night? While paying attention to them and giving them skin-to-skin contact is extremely important, the key is to not let them fall all the way asleep while in your arms. If they get used to feeling you/being able to hear your heartbeat as they fall asleep, a lack of it will likely mean they can't drift off.

Once they're asleep, there are a few handy things you should be aware of. If they begin to wake or start to stir, don't pick them up. A reassuring and light hand on the stomach may be enough to let them know you're there and allow them to fall back into a deep sleep. Contrary to popular belief, playing them music is also not the best option. Music stops, and once it stops, your baby will likely wake up. Some constant white noise at a low level is a great alternative.

There are really no quick fixes and just routines that parents need to pay attention to. Most of the time, your baby will wake up because he or she wants to be fed. If you can figure out and ease into a feeding schedule, it will allow you to plan when it's the best time to get some sleep yourself. Should the six-month mark come and go and your little one is still not sleeping through the night, consult a professional for further advice.


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