Tips For Decorating The Nursery When The Baby's Gender Is A Surprise

Nesting is one of the most fun parts for expectant parents. There's nothing quite like decorating your baby's nursery, picking out everything from furniture to curtains. However, if you're waiting to see what your baby's gender is, then things can get a little tricky. After all, beige can be boring and dull- and with all of the pooping your baby is going to be doing, do you really want to risk an all-white nursery? If your inspiration fountain is running dry and you need a little help, then we've got you covered. We've extensively looked through Instagram to find some gorgeous nurseries that will have your little one's room looking gorgeous in no time.

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This beautiful example of readiness is a room that your child can grow in. With not a hint of pink or blue in sight, @afieldfiesta keeps things classic and chic by going for tonal grey. With curtains from Target and a beautiful chair from Wayfair, this one hits all the right spots. Grey is the perfect choice to add an element of style.

@cloverandlola shared this beautiful snap of @ashnfashn's boho nursery. Don't be fooled- clashing patterns can bring the noise in the best way. If you're not a fan of twee, then consider a big patterned rug instead. They bring the room together while also giving you a soft, comfy space to play and bond with your little one. What's better than that?


What do girls and boys like equally? Animals! It's a no-brainer. Say goodbye to that token pink bunny rabbit and bring an element of sophistication into your child's room by picking some statement wallpaper. Mustard yellows and olive greens can look incredible when used sparingly throughout a space. Don't be afraid to play with other colors and see what suits you! Remember, this process is supposed to be a fun one.

While @thevettelfarm set up this nursery for a girl, this scheme could be equally as perfect for a boy. The mix of vintage map letters, bold patterns and the antique globe screams "little adventurer." Yellow can seem like a cop out, but it's one of the most commonly used colors for a reason. Don't be afraid to mix up the shades either for a truly Insta-worthy aesthetic.


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