10 Tips For Holiday Travel With A Newborn

From the end of November until the new year, there are several major holidays. From Thanksgiving to Christmas or Hanukkah to New Years Eve/Day there are many family events that you and your growing family are getting invited to. Though you might not be able to make it to every event there are going to be some that you want to go to.

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But if you have moved away after graduating then you might be in for some travel for you, your partner, and newborn. So keep reading to discover ten tips for traveling with a newborn this holiday season.

10 Travel At Night

night driving, driving at night

For traveling during the holidays the two biggest ways people travel are flying and driving. If you are driving to see family for the holidays, you need to consider the best time for you to be on the roads.

The roads are going to be packed during the day due to normal traffic and other people traveling for the holidays as well. But if you and your family travel at night you will be able to have less traffic on the roads when you are on it meaning less traffic and fewer things to worry about.

9 Prepare Bottles

Newborns are known for a few things such as sleeping and eating, it’s really all they do until they grow and develop more. Since eating is a big part of a newborn’s life you want to make sure you are prepared for when they start to get hungry.

Preparing bottles is one of the best ways to keep you on schedule and not needing to pull over at a rest stop every time your child gets hungry. Make sure to have some extra bottles ready and in reach so you can feed your newborn.

8 Don’t Do It Alone

A mistake that many new parents make when they are traveling with a newborn is thinking that they can do it all by themselves. Traveling with just you and your baby might be something you can do when they get older, but with newborns, you are going to want extra hands.

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Talk to your partner about traveling with you for the holidays, but if they cannot talk to your family to see if someone can come and travel with you. You would be surprised how many times a mother or sibling will fly to you just so you have extra hands on the flight back to your hometown.

7 Check TSA For Flying With Liquids

Flying with a newborn can be difficult since you want to make sure they are going to have everything they need on the flight. But a mistake that people make is not getting bottles that are approved by TSA. When flying you are only allowed to bring a certain amount of liquids through security and anything that is more will get taken away. Check online to make sure you are bringing the proper amount of liquids so you don’t get anything discarded. And remember that once you are through security you can be items like water bottles for formula on the other sides of the gates.

6 Don’t Travel On High Travel Days

Anytime you travel for the holidays you will notice more flyers or cars on the road (depending on how you are traveling). This is because everyone travels to see family for the holidays. You need to be careful about when you are traveling with your newborn.

You do not want to be traveling on Christmas Eve of the day after New Year their kinds of days are the most travel day for people to go see family and to travel back. Make your trip a little longer so you don’t have to worry about high travel days.

5 Plan Extra Time For The Drive

The most popular way of travel during the holidays is driving and if you and your newborn are hitting the road there are a few things that you are going to want to be aware of. The holiday months always have more cars on the road and depending on where you live there could also be snow on the ground too.

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So you need to make sure to give you and your newborn plenty of time to get to where you need to be. You do not want to feel rushed to get to your family’s house.

4 Check Your Baby Before Travel To Make Sure They are Healthy For It

With newborns still growing and developing after they are born they are known for getting sick easily. You do not want to be traveling with an ill baby. The day you leave for your holiday travels you need to make sure your baby is feeling well enough to travel.

Your family is going to understand if you need to cancel and stay home. Even though it would be nice to see your family, your newborn’s health comes first. Don’t just rush out the door on the day you are supposed to leave and make sure your baby is healthy to travel.

3 Pack Extra In Your Diaper Bag

No matter how you are traveling this holiday season we know that you are going to have a diaper bag on hand. Your diaper bag might seem like it already has “extras” of diapers and wipes, but you are going to want to pack more.

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Traveling can be difficult for a newborn and you want to be prepared for anything that could happen. This means more diapers, wipes, and spare clothes than usual. You want to be over-prepared then under-prepared and not knowing what to do if your baby has a giant accident.

2 If Flying Book Aisle Seats

If you are flying with your newborn to see your family and friends then you need to be careful about what seats you choose to book. You want to book an aisle seat so you can get up easily if you need to soothe your baby.

And trust us, you do not want to be climbing over people to try to get you and your newborn out. Many times when you get an aisle seat you and your partner have an easier time switching who is holding your newborn when you have that extra elbow room.

1 Remain Calm

The best advice we can give anyone who is traveling with a newborn is to try to remain calm. Getting upset or stressing out because of something you cannot control like a flight being delayed or a car cutting you off is just silly. Though it can seem frustrating at the moment, you need to remember that you are going to be able to see your loved ones and introduce your newborn to them. This can make all the travel worth it.

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