10 Tips To Help Deal With A Colicky Baby

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It can be daunting to deal with a baby that has colic. If a baby cries for more than 3 hours a day, they may have colic. It can feel like a nightmare for both the parents and the infant. Many families struggle to know what to do to help their little one.

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Have no fear, we’ve got this topic covered. From trying different cradling positions to changing their environment to be more womblike, there are several measures that parents can take to help calm their fussy baby. Please enjoy this list of 10 Tips To Help Deal With A Colicky Baby.

10 White Noise Can Help

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It can be stressful to deal with a colicky baby because it can seem like nothing will comfort them. They fuss and cry for hours on end and it can be a lot for parents to handle. Yet, one measure that you can take to settle them down is to play white noise in the background.

This simple tip works because the white noise imitates the sounds your baby heard while they were in the womb. Most babies calm down once the familiar noise hits their ears. There are many machines and apps available on the market for parents.

9 Try Swaddling

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Another way to treat gassy babies or little ones with colic is to swaddle them in a blanket. Many parents swear by this technique and it’s an inexpensive and easy option. It doesn’t take a lot of supplies because all that you need is an over-sized baby blanket and a fussy baby.

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Simply wrap your baby up like a burrito and watch them instantly calm down. The tight swaddle recreates the pressure that they felt while they were in-utero and can be very soothing to a colicky baby. This a tried-and-true technique that you should try next time your infant is inconsolable.

8 Shushing Is Calming

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If you’ve tried just about everything in your arsenal to calm your colicky baby, there might be one method that you haven’t tried yet. Next time your baby is fussing, hold them close to your lips and make a shushing noise in their ear.

This is simply another way to create the white noise that they heard while they grew in your tummy. The sound is very soothing to their ears and they will more than likely settle down. If they don’t respond, just shush louder, until they relax. This is another great tip that doesn’t cost a penny.

7 Go For A Drive

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You’d be surprised to know that your colicky baby could find relief in your car. If your baby just won’t stop crying, no matter what you do, then it might be time to go for a ride. It’s common knowledge that most babies love the vibration of riding in the car.

Once again, this method works because the vibrations remind your baby of what they experienced they felt in the womb. Strap your baby in the car seat, hit the road, and watch them doze off. It could also be good for tired parents who could use a change of scenery.

6 Burping Can Help

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We all know that it’s important to burp your baby after a feeding but sometimes a colicky baby needs a few more pats on the back to work the gas out. There are several burping positions to try if the first one doesn’t work.

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One technique is to sit your baby in your lap, put one hand under their chin, pat the other one on their back, and rock them back and forth. Chances are that you’ll get those stubborn burps out with just a few movements. They also might need to pass gas, so try laying them on their back, and pumping their feet.

5 Wear Your Baby

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What’s a mom to do when her baby just can’t be soothed? A colicky baby just seems like they won’t be comforted but there are a few techniques that parents can try that might calm a cranky baby. One thing that often works is to wear your baby in a sling or carrier.

Your baby will love being so close to you and the tightness of the sling can recreate the tight space that they lived in the womb. Plus, it’s a handsfree option that will give you so much more freedom if your baby demands you hold them at all times.

4 Try Infant Massage

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This next tip for relieving colic is very relaxing for both mom and baby. It might be smart to try infant massage to give your baby much-needed relief. It’s so easy to do, doesn’t cost much money, and is a great opportunity to bond with your infant.

It might be smart to incorporate infant massage into your bedtime routine. A perfect time to gently rub your baby down would be after they get out of the bath and before you slip on their pajamas. They will love getting massaged and it could help work out some gas that is making them uncomfortable.

3 Pressure On Thier Tummy

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Colic can hit at any time but many babies get their fussiest in the evenings. A wonderful way to soothe their upset belly is to lay tummy-to-tummy. This position not only offers an opportunity to snuggle but the pressure feels so good on their stomach, providing comfort.

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Not only that, but your body heat can offer them some relief as well. So, lay down on the couch, hold your baby close on your tummy, and watch them settle right down. It’s a sweet and comfortable method this is good for both the parent and the baby. It’s good to get those cuddles in.

2 Try A Pacifier


Many doctors and nurses discourage breastfeeding moms from giving their baby a pacifier to prevent nipple confusion. It’s a family choice but we just had to add this technique to the list. This handy little tool can offer a fussy baby so much relief.

The sucking sensation comforts them and can really help to eliminate gas. They really are useful in the night hours because they can pop it in their own mouth for instant relief. Talk it over with your pediatrician to find out the pros and cons of using a pacifier for a colicky baby.

1 Feed Them A Different Formula

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One simple change that might help your colicky baby is to switch their formula if they are bottle-fed. Some babies might actually have a milk allergy and feeding them soy formula can help ease their discomfort. There are also options that might be more gentle on their tummy.

Just be sure to talk to their doctor before changing their feeding habits. Your pediatrician can suggest the best formula for your baby and might even have samples in their office to give you so that your baby can try it out before you buy an entire new tub of formula.

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