12 Ideas For Throwing The Ultimate Birthday Party (On A Tight Budget)

So, it's your child's birthday coming up and of course, she wants a party. Planning that first birthday party was a blast, but now its become a habit of throwing extravagant parties every year.

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Money is tight, there is not enough space, and you dread the thought of keeping eight hyped on sugar 6-year-olds busy for two long hours. There can be so much planning that goes into a birthday party, but luckily there are ways to pull it off without stress and even when your wallet is feeling a bit light.

Here are 12 Ways to Throw the Ultimate Party for Your Kid (On a Tight Budget.)

12 Pick A Theme

Believe it or not, it can actually be cheaper to pick a theme for a party. Typically if the theme is chosen by something that interests your kid, you may already have objects you can use as decorations for the event. Then from there, it is much easier to pick colors of balloons, streamers, table cloths, and so on without having to buy actual themed decorations from expensive party stores.

The beauty of picking a theme is it can inspire other party essentials like games, food, and birthday cakes. Depending on how crafty you are there are thousands of DIY ideas on the internet that don't cost a pretty penny to make.

11 Use What You Already Have

Other than objects that match the theme of your party, there are common household items one could use for decorations and games. Before spending a lot of money at a store, walk around your house and see what could serve a second purpose.

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If you are planning a birthday party for a baby or toddler; use interactive toys, interesting textures, and things you won't mind going into a teething mouth. For school-age children, plan easy activities that can be played again if you run out of things to do before cake time.

10 Streamers & Balloons Have More Than One Purpose

Streamers and balloons are always a cheap decoration one could use for a birthday party, but it doesn't always satisfy the #PinterestInspired Mom when she starts planning her child's party. Streamers and balloons can easily be made into more elaborate decorations with a bit of imagination. Whether it is something that goes directly with the theme or just something that looks pretty, you can turn any room into something extravagant.

Streamers and balloons can also be used as birthday party games. If you have a hallway in your house or a room you won't mind children entering, you can turn it into a "laser" maze using streamers and tape. Not only would this give kids a chance to burn off some energy, but it is a blast for a child of any age.

For balloons; you can print off a giant message or puzzle, cut it up and fold into small pieces, then shove inside a deflated balloon. Once the folded paper is inside the large part of the balloon, you can blow it up and use it for a game. Kids love popping balloons (and making noise) and can work together to figure out the message... and it gives you the perfect opportunity to sit down for a few minutes.

9 Cardboard, Construction Paper, Tape, & Glue

Do you remember being a kid and thinking of the creations you could make with basic craft supplies? It's time to let out your inner-child; and have at it!

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Even without being the craftiest individual, anything you make your child will be happy with. But you would be surprised at how much fun it is to make something with your hands. Anyone can go out and buy just about anything with money, but you always appreciate something you've created yourself. This is also a great opportunity to get your child involved in planning for the party; she can help make her own decorations.

8 Pictures

Thanks to cellphone technology, we are able to capture so many memories of our children doing the most candid things. An easy and sentimental feature to the party can be pictures of your child from birth or in the past year. Having pictures printed isn't very expensive, and the bonus? You'll have hard copies of pictures in case you lose access to them online.

There are so many ways you can incorporate pictures into decorations. It can be something as simple as using tape to put pictures on bristle board then onto a wall or adding them to a decorative photo album for adult guests to look through.

7 Printables

If you check out websites like Pinterest or Google there are so many printable birthday templates that can be used for invitations, character cut-outs, and activities like coloring pages that fit with your theme. For older kids, there are selfie-prop templates you can download for free; then all you would need to do is cut out the prop, glue to the back of cardstock, and then tape it to a popsicle stick. Something simple like that can create fun for everyone involved  (and a great way to get a group shot of the kids.)

6 Do A Science Experiment

When trying to pick an activity that will impress a bunch of kids, pick a science experiment. There are many child-friendly science experiment instructions online, and a lot of the materials needed can be found in your own home.

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It is important to consider while choosing an experiment, the ages of children that will be at the party. For example, at a toddler's party, you can do a science experiment with bubbles. For a preschooler-school aged party, you can do baking soda and vinegar experiments. Or if you aren't afraid of a mess, slime is easy to make and kids love it!

5 Arts & Crafts

If you are completely stuck on what activities to do to keep a lot of kids busy, arts and crafts is a sure way to keep children occupied.

Perhaps choose a type of craft that your child already enjoys. Also, consider how much adult assistance will be required and have supplies ready on hand. Preparation is key - and if you are already expecting a mess than the clean up won't seem so bad. Arts and Crafts could include coloring, painting, gluing cut-outs, or picking something associated with the theme.

4 Painters' Tape

If you have hardwood floors, painters' tape can be your little secret for creating works of art on your floor. Since it is easy to remove (if you peel it off as soon as possible) with warm soapy water, you can make a variety of shapes and lettering with a wide selection of different colored tapes.

You can do hopscotch, the floor is lava, target throwing, and more! Especially when you don't have a lot of space to work with, taking advantage of floor space can be a cheap solution that can be used to keep your child and her friends busy, rain or shine!

3 Easy Food To Please A Fussy Crowd

Kids can be picky eaters; as well having different food sensitivities that are common nowadays. When you don't have a lot of money, feeding extra mouths can be a deal breaker for throwing a birthday party. It's ideal to throw a birthday party right after lunch because then kids won't be as hungry and you can just stick to finger foods and snacks.

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It is always cheaper to buy fruits and vegetables separately then already cut on a food platter. You can buy whatever is on sale for chips, crackers, and so on. Plus, your creativity can shine through here by incorporating the theme into the food.

2 Space Solutions

It can be tricky to throw a birthday party without a lot of space. Without having to pay money to rent a hall, it is important to estimate how many people could fit comfortably inside your home. Or, designate a room just for kids and their birthday activities, and one room for eating and opening presents. Even though not everyone who is invited will be able to attend, keeping a list handy of who was invited can help you plan accordingly.

If you have many friends and family that are attending; using a backyard or park near-by can be a great space solution. It gets everyone outdoors and the party can be a little more laid-back without causing a mess inside your home.

1 Involving Kids Of All Ages

The birthday girl may have older or younger siblings, or perhaps the children invited vary in age. This can make it hard to plan activities that will entice all the kids without it being overwhelming. Thankfully, children who are very young are usually accompanied by an adult. Designating your space with child appropriate toys and activities can help keep chaos from intermixing with each other.

For example, for the babies and toddlers - soft, brightly colored, textured toys and activities. Preschoolers can have interactive make-believe toys and costumes. For the kids who are older, you can play the games that you already planned.

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