10 Tips For A Long Road Trip With Your Baby

Road trips are fun and exciting when it’s just you, friends, and the wide-open road. Going on a road trip when you have a baby is not like when you were in college. This definitely takes more time and planning. You want to make sure that you're going to get to your location safely, while you and your little one can enjoy time together in the car. But babies can be fussy at times, which makes trips harder.

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So if you're heading out on a road trip, keep reading to discover these 10 tips that will make it much easier.

10 Play With Them A Little

If you and your partner are both going on a road trip with your little one, you should take the time to sit in the back with them for a while. Sitting in the back with your little one will give you the chance to spend time and play with them a little.

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From playing peek-a-boo to moving stuff animals around, these easy simple things can entertain your child for hours. And an entertained child is going to make the long trip easier since they won't be getting fussy.

9 Load Up The Car The Day Before

Pressure is the last thing that you want to feel before a long road trip with your family. If you feel pressured because you didn't pack your car the day before, that'll cut into your driving time. After all, babies are known for needing a lot of things.

From strollers to stuffed animals and toys to all of a baby's accessories, you'll need to take multiple trips from your house to your car to pack everything up. Make a list of what you need and load the car the day before. This will help you feel much less stressed out.

8 Pack Snacks

If your baby is old enough to eat solid food, then you want to make sure you are packing enough snacks throughout the trip. Great snacks for road trips for your little one to eat would be cereal, fruit, string cheese, and anything else they like that is small and portable. This will save you from trying to find something at a gas station for your baby to eat.

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Be prepared and pack enough snacks for the trip there and back so there is something to munch on when your little one gets hungry and fussy.

7 Bring Little Toys

Bringing toys that your child enjoys when you're in the car can be a lifesaver. Though you might not be able to bring their favorite toy if it's too big, having little stuffed animals and books can keep your little one distracted for hours.

If your baby can entertain themselves, they're not going to realize how long they're in the car.

6 Bring Extras

Like we mentioned before, babies have a lot of items they need when they are traveling. One of the best ways to be prepared for anything is to bring extras of everything you are packing. From extra onesies to blankets, you're going to be happy that you thought ahead and were super prepared. This is much better than finding a random store on your route to pick something up last minute.

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So be prepared and take the extras because it's better to be safe than sorry.

5 Take Breaks

You might be a road trip pro and don't need to stop very often, but the best way to help your baby during a long road trip is to make sure that you're taking enough breaks throughout the trip.

This will make sure that you know which stops you can visit along the way. These breaks are going to be great so your little one can crawl around and stretch their muscles. Also, having your breaks planned out ahead of time will let you know there is going to be a spot for you to change a diaper if needed.

4 Pack Diapers

You might think that you have the best diaper bag filled with everything that you need for your baby to make it through the trip. But it's a good idea to pack even more than you think that you might need. Pack diapers, creme, baby powder, and anything else that can fit in the diaper bag.

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The last thing you want to worry about is finding a store to buy more diapers or diaper cream.

3 Bring A Cooler

Even though when you're sitting in the car for long hours you're not doing anything active, it's still easy to get dehydrated, especially if you're out when it's hot. Pack a cooler for you and your family for a long road trip.

This cooler should be filled with milk, water, and prepared bottles so all you have to do is reach into it to get your baby a meal in seconds. Be prepared and make sure that you and your baby are getting enough fluids in when're are in the car.

2 Look Up Your Route Before You Head Out

Road trips are easier than they ever were before. With GPS and smartphones with Google maps, all you have to do is plug the location you want in and it will lead you there. Before, you had to print out maps and directions to get to your location.

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But if you have a little one with you for your road trip, it's a good idea to look at the route ahead of time. Plan out where you're going to stop and see if there is any construction that is going to slow you down.

1 If Possible, Drive At Night

If you're going on a long road trip with your baby, it's going to be in your best interest to leave at night. Leaving at night will guarantee that you can drive for several hours without having to worry about your little one since they're sleeping.

Driving out night also means there are going to be fewer cars on the road making your trip go faster. Though this might not be an option for everyone, you can discuss this with your partner.

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