10 Tips To Pick A Perfect Baby Name

Once you've told the people in your life that you're having a baby, it's only a matter of time before they ask what baby name you've chosen. You're going to be asked this question a lot... and if you're stuck, you might start getting nervous about it. You keep telling yourself that inspiration will strike and you'll have the best name... but so far, you can't think of anything, or nothing stands out at you.

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Picking a baby name is a big, crucial decision, and it's only logical that you and your partner would put a lot of time into this. But other than going through books and websites, is there anything that you can do to make this process simpler?

Here are 10 tips to pick a perfect baby name.

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10 Pick A Family Name

Some people love keeping things traditional and in the family. That's why you'll see three generations of people with the same first name.

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Going that route could be the way to find the perfect baby name. You can name your little one after someone who has meant a lot to you or continue a tradition of naming all the girls or boys in the family the same moniker.

9 Ask Your Friends To Brainstorm

"The Name Game" is something that many people play at baby showers. Basically, everyone tries to figure out what name you've picked out for your baby.

If you haven't picked one out yet and you're stuck finding the perfect baby name, why not ask your friends to brainstorm some names? You can invite them over and make it a fun potluck lunch or dinner. Everyone writes down a baby name that they think would work. At the end, you'll have a lot of ideas, and you can go through them. This could be the way to find that perfect name.

8 Get Some Second Opinions

If you think that you've found the perfect baby name but you want a second opinion, why not talk to your close friends and family about it? Mention it to people who you know are non-judgmental and who aren't going to immediately tell you that they don't like the moniker that you've chosen.

If you're on the fence about a cool name that you don't see all the time, a friend or family member could say that they love it, and that would give you the confidence boost that you need to settle on the name.

7 Write Down Every Name You've Ever Loved

Brainstorming means opening up your mind and being creative, and the same thing applies here. When you want to find the perfect baby name, it's a good idea to write down every name that you've ever loved.

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These could be names from characters in a book, classmates you've had, friends from the past, and even acquaintances that you have come across over the years. If you write down enough names, it's very possible that something will speak to you.

6 Find Twists On The More Traditional Names

Everyone knows traditional names, and while of course those are gorgeous names to pick out, none of them might feel quite right.

You can find the perfect baby name by thinking about a twist on some more traditional names. For example, Alexandra is a great traditional baby girl name, so what about Allie or  even Alyson with a "y" in it?

5 Go For A Historical Name

There are many names that have a lot of history behind them. Victoria, for example, is a beautiful name for a baby girl that is the name of countless Queens and historical figures.

Choosing a historical name could be just the inspiration that you need to find the perfect baby name. There are so many names to choose from and they all sound beautiful and interesting.

4 Go Through Past Trends

The cool thing about trends is that they often come back around. That's why your mom laughs when you wear high-waisted jeans or other '80s clothing.

When it's tough to come up with a baby name, why not go through baby names that were trendy in the past? If they're not super common today, these names will feel new and fresh all over again.

3 Travel Can Be Helpful

From Brooklyn to Paris, there are many baby names that are actually based on travel. While you might not be sure about naming your baby boy or girl after a city, this can be a good place to start when you're super stuck on coming up with names.

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Think about every place that you have been and loved. Write them down, along with places that you have dreamed of visiting. This could be the route that helps you find the perfect baby name. The name will definitely be special.

2 Think About Pop Culture Inspiration

Pop culture baby names are pretty trendy right now. Many people have named their little ones after Game Of Thrones characters.

You can go down that path, or think about other people in popular culture who you're big fans of. You can name your baby after your favorite singer, actress, or just someone who you admire and think has an awesome name.

1 Pick A Handful And Decide After The Birth

Sometimes you're just not sure what your baby boy or girl should be named. After all, you haven't met your little one yet, and it's tough to know what moniker is going to fit them perfectly.

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When you want to pick the perfect baby name, you can pick a handful of names that speak to you and that seem really lovely. Then, once you've had your baby, you can decide with your partner. The perfect name will suddenly seem so clear, and it'll be a special moment that you can all share.

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