10 Survival Tips To Help Your Teething Baby

When a baby hits the four-month mark, be prepared to see a lot of drooling and fussing. Many babies begin to grow their first teeth at this time and it’s not fun for anyone. Their gums feel so sore and swollen. Suddenly, they have sleepless nights and just seem all around fussy.

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Have no fear, we’ve compiled a collection of tips to help ease their pain. There are several home remedies that can give little ones lots of relief. From teething rings to frozen spoons, we’ve covered everything. Please enjoy this list of 10 survival tips to help your teething baby.

10 Teething Rings

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This first item on this list is a “go-to” for teething babies for a reason. Teething rings offer plenty of relief for sore gums and they can also help with a baby’s cognitive development. They fire up their brains when they grasp the ring and move it to their mouths.

There are several types of teething toys on the market these days. From natural wooden rings to non-toxic plastic teethers, these chewy items can offer much-needed relief to little ones. Just be sure to follow the packaging directions and sterilize them beforehand them over to your baby.

9 Mesh Feeders

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Another staple that you should have on-hand for a teething baby is a mesh feeder. This handy tool allows babies 4 months and older to munch down on food without choking hazards. It’s not just used for feeding, though. Mesh feeders can double as a teething toy.

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All you have to do is place cold or frozen fruit into the mesh bag and snap it shut. Your baby can chomp away and get relief at the same time. The coolness of the food will soothe their mouth and the pressure on their gums can feel nice as well. These are perfect for snack time.

8 Freeze A Washcloth

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When it comes to taking care of your baby’s teeth, the adventure begins when their first tooth breaks in. It can be a painful time for a little one so it’s important to know the various relief options that are available. You’ll be happy to know that don’t even have to go out and buy expensive baby products.

Teething relief can be found in your linen closet. Simply place a wet washcloth in the freezer. After it’s frozen, place it on your baby’s gums, and watch their fussiness fade away. We love that this mom hack is so easy and accessible.

7 Cold Metal Spoon

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If you see the signs that your baby is teething then it’s so good to know about this next trick. Once again, there’s no need to spend money on pricey teething items. A common remedy can be found as close as your utensil drawer.

Place a metal spoon in the refrigerator and allow your baby to stick it in their mouth once it’s chilled. The coolness of the metal will feel amazing on their gums. Not only that but they’ll also get a little massage while they bite down on the spoon. That’s a win/win situation in our book!

6 Amber Teething Products

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Your baby will have many symptoms that seem freaky but are actually normal. Teething is one of those milestones that can sneak up on you. One minute you have a happy baby and the next, you’re dealing with a drooling monster. Amber teething products are an option that many moms swear and they can comfort your little one.

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These necklaces and beads are made of Baltic Amber and a baby’s body heat sets off a release of oils that can offer relief when absorbed into the bloodstream. Keep in mind that many professionals claim that these don’t really work. It might be worth a shot, though.

5 Massage Thier Gums

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Another tip that you can use to help your baby out if they have teething discomfort is to gently massage their gums. This tried and true trick is convenient and simple. Simply rub your knuckle along their gums. You can move around slightly to add pressure or let them take the lead.

Either way, this an effective way to ease their pain. Don’t be surprised if you that nibble on you, now and again. The pressure will feel so good on their swollen mouth that it’s worth risking a little bite. We love that you need zero store-bought items for this technique.

4 Teething Gloves

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A teething baby will often chew on their hands in search of relief. Teething mittens are a genius product that your infant will intuitively use to self-sooth when teething becomes painful. These mittens fit over your baby’s hand and will not only serve as a remedy but will also shield their hands from germs found in drool.

We love the simple design and the fact that these mittens provide baby-led comfort. The material is soft so it won’t irritate the baby’s skin and many of them contain massaging bumps that will feel so good on your baby’s sore gums.

3 Chamomile Ice Cubes

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This next cure-all is one that our grandmothers may have used. Pour chamomile tea into an ice tray and place it in the freezer. A few hours later, you’ll have chamomile ice cubes that can be placed in a mesh feeder or muslin bag. Let your baby gnaw away and watch their discomfort subside.

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Chamomile is perfect for teething because it’s an anti-inflammatory and also helps calm and relax an uncomfortable baby. You can also choose to rub a bit of the tea directly on their gums for instant relief. They’ll settle down in no time with this handy trick.

2 Talk To Pediatrician About Medication

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When all else fails and you’ve tried all the home remedies to no avail, you can always give your baby teething medication for pain relief. You can choose from many over-the-counter options such as Ibuprofin or Tylenol. There are also several homeopathic medications and tablets on the market to help them out as well.

Although, be sure to talk to your baby’s pediatrician before giving your little one any medications. They will tell you the proper dosage for your baby’s age and weight. They may also offer to write a prescription or give you other tips to give your baby relief.

1 Lots Of Snuggles

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This final tips will cost you nothing and doesn’t require any resources. Teething can be an emotional time for an infant so the best thing that you do to offer help is to give them plenty of snuggles. A hug from mom and dad can go a long way in soothing an uncomfortable baby.

It may seem like nothing will calm them down but with a bit of extra patience, the two of you can cuddle away some of the fear associated with a teething baby. Everyone benefits from physical touch and it might just comfort you too.

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