10 Tips For Taking Your Baby To The Pumpkin Patch

As the air becomes crisper and the leaves start to turn wonderful fiery shades of red and orange, there is no denying that Autumn is here! For a lot of new parents, taking their little one to the pumpkin patch quickly becomes a favorite family tradition (along with the adorable photos that you take during your visit).

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But taking your baby on a trip out into the countryside can seem a bit daunting, so how do you make a success of your pumpkin picking trip? Keep reading to discover 10 top tips for taking your baby to the pumpkin patch

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10 Check The Weather Forecast

Let's start with an obvious but important one. Pumpkin patches are by nature, well, in nature. A dry day will provide a much better experience than a rainy one. You will also have to pack fewer items, you don't need to worry about raincoats or umbrellas.

If you can check the weather forecast, try to visit during a spell of drier weather, as even if it is dry on the day of your trip rain from the day before will still be hanging around in the ground and making mud.

9 Work Around Nap Times

There's no getting around the fact that a tired baby is a grumpy baby. In order to get the best out of your visit to the pumpkin patch, try and schedule your day around your baby's' nap times.

Many of us will have to make a car journey to reach the pumpkin farm, so why not set off around the time of your little one's morning nap? That way, when you arrive they will be fresh and ready to enjoy their Autumn adventure!

8 Take Appropriate Clothing

Even if the weather is gloriously dry and mild where you are, pumpkin patches are still working farms, and the crops will have been watered to keep the plants healthy. When combined with lots of traffic from visitors, this can create some serious mud!

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You may want to have a cute outfit with some nice boots to get a gorgeous family photo, and this is totally fine, but please take some serious footwear and clothing for when you want to get down to business and pick those pumpkins.

7 Bring A Change Of Clothing

Your babe will love sitting in the hay bales and exploring the pumpkins, but their outfit may not. In addition to your usual everyday diaper bag contents, an extra set of clothes to change into could just be a lifesaver.

Honestly, this one is important for parents, too! Even if you are not a snap-happy family and do not want to take photographs during your visit, at the very least bring a spare set of pants to change into after your walk through the pumpkins. You may not need it, but mud flicks everywhere and you might just be glad to have a fresh pair.

6 Baby Wear Instead Of Taking A Stroller

If your little one is not able to walk by themselves, consider taking a baby carrier, wrap or sling. This will make your walk around the pumpkin patch a lot easier, as most of the time the fields are unsuitable for strollers etc.

Some pumpkin patches provide four-wheeled wagons that may be suitable for older babies to sit in (take something to clean the inside or something clean for baby to sit on) so it may be worth contacting the farm you're visiting and checking this in advance.

5 Check Out The Food Options

Autumn is crisp, treats are nice, you can usually find some pumpkin spice! A lot of pumpkin patches will have somewhere that you can eat during your visit, whether this is from a food truck or in a more permanent cafe.

Check out the website or call ahead to find out what food options are available so can plan accordingly, and take some tasty seasonal snacks with you.

4 Bring Cash

It's advisable to take cash with you to the pumpkin patch, as not all farms will have the ability to take card payments. If you have checked in advance and been before and know that your pumpkin patch takes cards, great!

Most of us assume that card or smart device payments will be available, but nothing will take the shine off your trip like not being able to bring your perfectly picked pumpkin home. It is still worth taking some cash even if you intend to pay by card, as some farms have side stalls and little games and attractions that are cash only.

3 Take Part In Other Activities

The pumpkins are definitely the headliner of the event, there is no doubt about that, but take a look around and see what else there is to do while you are there! There are often other activities to add to the family fun.

There may be a petting zoo area for your little one to some farm animals, a tractor ride that most dads will want to go on (even though it might be more for him than baby!) or even a hay maze that you can explore. Take your time and enjoy the experience, especially if your family does not get out into the countryside much.

2 Take Some Cute Photos

Babies are cute. Pumpkins are cute. Put them together, and you have twice the cuteness! Use the beautiful setting and vibrant props as an opportunity to snap some gorgeous photographs of your little pumpkin that you can treasure for years to come. If the pumpkin patch becomes an annual event for your family, you can stage the same photo year after year and watch your little one (or maybe even family!) grow.

You can choose to use a costume or not, either way, you won't regret making a pumpkin patch one of your baby's first-year on earth photo locations.

1 Clean Up Afterwards

Babies are like mud magnets, this is no secret. Take plenty of supplies to clean your little one after their pumpkin patch adventure. When you think you have enough wet wipes, pack some more! Anti-bacterial hand gel is handy, as it will help to kill off any germs that you may have picked up around the farm.

Remember that these are usually still working farms, and animals have to go toilet too. Minimize any risk of illness by keeping as clean as possible, but of course, nothing beats a nice bubbly bath when you get your baby home.

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