10 Tips & Tricks For Keeping Your Little One Warm Out In The Snow

They say that winter is the most wonderful time of the year. With people in a joyful mood for the holidays and everything covered in snow, we can understand why people say that. The snow is not just pretty to look at, but it is also a lot of fun to play in and if you have a little one then you are probably wanting them to get a chance to play out in the snow.

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But the snow is cold and with winter being unforgiving sometimes with its chilly days you need to keep your baby warm when they are playing outside. So keep reading to discover how you can keep your little one warm when you are outside playing in the snow.

10 Don’t Stay Out Too Long

You might think back and remember spending hours outside during winter days with your friends, but if you are taking your baby or toddler outside to play in the snow you need to remember that they can get cold fast. You want to keep the time they are out in the snow to a minimum since they are still very young. Instead, of one long day playing in the snow try shorter thirty-minute timeframes were you dedicate each outing to a different snow activity. Be mindful of how long your little ones are outside.

9 Play Out In The Sun

Even in the winter, the sun will make a huge a huge difference in the temperature and how cold it feels. When it is dark and cloudy the temperature is going to be colder and it is going to feel a lot colder on your skin when you are outside. Though winter is cold, the sun can keep you and your kids warm even when playing in the snow. With the sun out, you are going to be able to stay outside longer without any of the kids feeling chilly. Remember to only take your kids outside if it is a sunny day so they can feel the warmth of the sun even on the cold winter day.

8 Buy Water-Resistant Gloves

Some of the best activities when playing int eh snow are making snowmen and going sledding, both of which you are going to need your hands to complete the task. Since there are so many gloves and mittens for sale it can be hard to know which one to buy for your kids.

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But if you know your kids are going to be touching the snow frequently then you are going to need to buy water-resistant gloves to keep their hand dry. Other types of gloves are not going to be effective for keeping their hands dry and warm since the water from the snow is just going to melt into those types of gloves.

7 Wear Long-Sleeve Everything

Wearing long-sleeve shirts and pants is one of the first things your kids need to wear when putting on clothing to go outside. This is something that you might not even think about since your kids are wearing long pants during the winter months in the house, but at times it is still comfortable to put t-shirts on. Though t-shirts are fine if you are staying inside for the day, being out in the snow is a completely different story. Make sure your little ones are properly dressed with long-sleeves so they are able to stay warm when outside in the snow.

6 Put A Hat On Them

When you are letting your kids outside for a long amount of time you need to make sure that they are covered head to toe in winter clothes, and this means that they need to wear a hat.

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We are not talking about them wearing a baseball cap, they need to wear a knitted or other time of warm hat that will help keep their body heat inside them. With so many adorable hats out on the market today you can let your little one pick one that they are going to want to wear all winter long.

5 Double Up On Clothing Items

When it is cold out you naturally want to put on more layers of clothing than usual. And if you are taking your kids outside you are going to want to do exactly that. Putting on a long sleeve then a short sleeve short for your kids can help keep them warm even when playing in the snow. The more layers of clothing your child is wearing the warming they are going to be. This is also true for jackets too. Before putting on their winter jacket, put on a sweatshirt for them too and we will see that the cold will not be bothering them when they are playing.

4 Get Proper Footwear

Something that can be forgotten in the winter months is proper footwear. Letting your little ones go outside in sneakers is just setting them up for disaster. You need to make sure that your kids are wearing water-resistant boots to keep their feet dry. Wearing shoes that let water into them will get your child’s socks wet and cold.

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This can lead to your little one getting sick and not wanting to play out in the snow again. Make sure before your kids go outside that you check their shoes to make sure they are appropriate for going out in the snow.

3 Don’t Go Out On Windy Days

You might think that since it’s winter and the snow is cold it does not matter what type of day you take your baby outside to go play, but that is not true. You want to make sure that any day that you and your kids are going to be outside for an extended amount of time that you are only outside on days when it is not windy. The windy can make the temperature feel a lot colder making it unbearable for you to be out there. Look at the weather before you get everyone covered up to make sure it’s not windy.

2 Invest In A Snowsuit

If you are planning on taking your baby and toddler outside a lot to play during the winter months then you are going to want to invest in a snowsuit. Snowsuits are designed to help keep people warm when they are out and about in the snow. Though it might be tricky at first to get your little one in them, you will be happy you did once you see how warm they are staying when playing in the snow. So look online and in stores to find a snowsuit for your little one to wear this winter.

1 Keep Their Ears Covered

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Something that a lot of people do not know is that we loose half of our body heat through our heads, as reported by LiveScience.com. This means when you go out to play in the snow you need to make sure to put earmuffs on you and your baby. Having earmuffs on can help keep your little one’s body heat inside them instead of escaping through their ears. And when you are out playing with your baby make sure that they are not pulling their earmuffs off, but if you do have that problem try buying a pay of earmuffs that is also a headband to help keep it in place.

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