10 Tips For Traveling While Pregnant

Being able to travel is an amazing experience where you get to spend time in a new city exploring the local area while making amazing memories. But when you are planning on traveling while pregnant it may be something that you are nervous about during, even if you are a seasoned traveler.

Pregnancy changes your body and your mind, so traveling which was something you loved doing can bring up a lot of new emotions if you are traveling pregnant. Whether you are traveling for work or for pleasure keep reading to discover the top ten tips for traveling when you are pregnant.

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10 Wear Comfy Clothes

It doesn’t matter if you are taking a road trip or going on a plane, you need to make sure you are wearing comfy clothes while you are traveling. Traveling is a long process where you have to sit still for hours on end in a small seat.

While you are sitting you want to make sure that nothing is making you feel uncomfortable by pulling at you or squeezing you too much. When you travel you do not want to wear a nice dress, you want to wear workout pants and a comfy shirt.

9 Bring A Neck Pillow

The best part of traveling is if you can take a nap during the time you are actually moving. If you are pregnant then you are going to be exhausted due to your body working overtime to create a new life, so you are most likely going to sleep.

But if you are planning on taking a nap you need to bring a neck pillow. A neck pillow is going to support your head and make sure you are not leaning towards one side which can lead to neck pain. Be prepared and be comfortable with a neck pillow.

8 Pack A Snack

Even if you are sitting down in a car or a plane, when you are doing that for hours you are sure to get hungry. You know eating for two and eating a snack is going to help keep your energy up so you can make it through the rest of your travel day.

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Pack fruit, trail mix, or a granola bar to make sure that you have something to eat when you are hungry. This means that you do not have to spend extra money trying to find food that you can eat. And having one pack allows you to have it whenever you want!

7 Have A Water Bottle

An important thing that you need to do when you are traveling when you are expecting is to have a water bottle with you. A road trip gives you the freedom to pack a cooler full of drinks to make sure that you stay hydrated on the road. But if you are flying, you are not able to bring a filled water bottle through security.

So instead, bring an empty one and when you are done with the security you can fill up your water bottle for free at the water fountain.

6 Use The Bathroom Whenever You Stop

Expecting a baby changes your body since your baby starts growing and takes up more room in the womb. A lot of the time your baby is pushing up against your bladder making you have to use the bathroom even more than usual. The best thing to do while traveling while pregnant is any opportunity you have to use the bathroom- use it.

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Even if you think that you don’t have to go, take the time to try and take advantage of the restroom opportunity you have at the moment. These breaks can be a lifesaver then waiting until it’s an emergency.

5 Pack Teas

Traveling can bring up a lot of emotions even without being pregnant and one of the best ways to calm down any anxious feelings when traveling is to have a nice warm calming tea. Packing your own tea gives you the option to have some while traveling if you are feeling nervous and something to calm you down once you get to your final location.

Tea is a great alternative if you use to take medication while traveling, that will be a healthier option for you and your baby to have in your system.

4 Have A Plan

A lot of people love to fling it while traveling and just let whatever happens to happen. But if you are expecting then you are not going to just go with the flow and have a plan instead. Even if you do not have a plan to fill up your whole time when you are on vacation a plan will give you at least a guide of activities that you can partake while pregnant.

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Some great things to have planned out before you even start your travel is the hotel you are going to stay out, a few restaurants with food you can eat, and a few outings you can do while expecting.

3 Get An Aisle Seat

If you are traveling by plane while you are pregnant then you are going to want to book an aisle seat. An aisle seat gives you more freedom to stretch out and have more room when you are in your seat then being stuck between two people.

Aisle seats are also perfect for if you have to get up during your flight. When you get up you do not have to try to squeeze past other passengers and gives you easy access to the bathroom. Be smart when booking and get an aisle seat!

2 Pack Extremely Light

Packing for a trip is like bringing a small snapshot of your life with you in a suitcase. When you are planning on packing make sure you pack extremely light! Anything that you think you might want needs to stay home.

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If you think you might go to the hotel gym or read a book, you probably won't since you will just be relaxing due to you being tired from the travel and creating a new life inside of you. Only bring the necessities with you and remember you can always by items you need there.

1 Travel With A Partner Or Friend

Traveling alone can be a freeing and life-changing experience. But if you are pregnant then you want to make sure that you travel with someone like a friend or partner. Traveling pregnant is not the same as when you traveled alone when you are younger and having an extra pair of eyes watching you can be very comforting.

If anything happens or you feel sick you are going to be relieved that you have someone who can help you when you are not feeling good. So do the smart thing for you and your baby and travel with a buddy.

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