TMI? 'Bachelor in Paradise' Alum Tanner Tolbert Talks Sex After Baby No. 2

Bachelor in Paradise alum Tanner Tolbert revealed on a podcast that his sex life is non-existent after the birth of his second baby.

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Tanner Tolbert is married to fellow Bachelor in Paradise star Jade Roper Tolbert. They met on the show and married on a special episode of the Bachelor. She gave birth to her second baby four weeks ago. Yes, Jade had a baby a month ago and her husband is publicly complaining about not having sex. Someone, please tell Tanner that this isn't a good look.

Speaking to another Bachelor alum Nick Viall on his podcast The Viall Files, Tanner revealed, “I want some sex more now, Jade wants it less.” Viall had asked Tolbert on how to keep the romance alive after two kids. Tolbert revealed there was none being had. Well, that's because Jade JUST HAD A BABY.

The couple has a two-year-old daughter Emmy and a one-month-old son Brooks. Children of this age are notorious for sucking the life out of you. Literally and figuratively.

Not only did Jade just have a baby, but her birth story is also insane. She went into labor at home and gave birth in her closet with no doctors or EMTs present. Just her, Tanner and both of their moms were there.  The birth was semi-traumatic since it was unexpected to happen that way and she needed stitches once she was brought to the hospital.

Jade went from pregnancy to breastfeeding to another pregnancy and newborn in a span of three years. She just may not be feeling frisky at the moment in between the toddler tantrums and night feeds. It is recommended to not have sex for at least six weeks after birth, so Jade isn't even there yet.

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We will give Tanner some credit because he does realize his desire for sex isn't their families' number one priority these days. After sticking his foot in his mouth he went on to say, "I don’t want to annoy Jade and I realize that her priorities should be on the kids and not me. But I do feel like I’ve been put on the back burner.” He also mentioned that Jade's hormones changed while breastfeeding hinting that it's been a while since they've had a normal sex life.

Welcome to parenthood Tanner! Women's bodies are absolutely amazing and need time to recover. Breastfeeding can definitely lower some women's libidos as well the as combination of exhaustion and a tiny human who needs you for absolutely everything. As someone who is a primary caretake for two small humans, it is downright tiring and at the end of the day sometimes all you need is peace and sleep. Not a needy husband

We're sure Tanner holds no ill-will towards Jade and we hope he realizes that this stage in their life is temporary. Patience is key here and being patient as Jade heals and feeds their baby is the most important thing.

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Best of luck to Tanner in this difficult time.