Toddler Avoids Traffic Ticket, Narrowly Escapes With "Cuteness Warning"

A toddler in a red toy car was pulled over by the police this week but luckily escaped with nothing more than a "cuteness warning".

Most of us get the feeling when a police officer walks by or when we see blue flashing lights that we have done or are doing something wrong. Most of the time we haven't, of course, but we still get that knot in our stomachs and think "what if they're coming for me?" even though they would have absolutely no reason to do so.

That feeling is multiplied when we're driving a car. That's because, in that instance, we may well be doing something wrong and totally not realize. One of your tail lights might not be working or you could have been cruising along and not noticed that your speed had crept over the limit.


Grayson Salerno was doing neither of those things while driving around the streets of Boston, Massachusettes earlier this week. In fact, breaking the speed limit in his tiny red Mercedes would have been impossible. As you may have guessed by now, Grayson is just a child, a one-year-old as a matter of fact, and a couple of Boston police officers pulled him over in what has to be the most adorable prank of 2018 so far.

The officers pulled Grayson up for driving without a license, but let the toddler off with nothing more than a "cuteness warning". As you might be able to see from the above Twitter post, Grayson was wearing a t-shirt that read "I have literally no idea what you are saying", apt considering the situation (and totally hilarious). The young boy was probably pretty bewildered when the cops pulled up behind him with their blue lights flashing.

Grayson's mom, Cori was pretty entertained by it all though, and the photos and video she took of the incident have been a big hit on the internet, as you might have imagined. She's also glad that so many people have been just as entertained as she was by the prank. Hopefully, the warning won't go down on Grayson's permanent record.


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Toddler Avoids Traffic Ticket, Narrowly Escapes With "Cuteness Warning"