Toddler Seriously Injured After Going Down Tunnel Slide Filled With Glass

CONTENT WARNING: Child injury.

Going to the park is a highlight for many kids, who love the thrill of a seesaw ride, or a quick run down the slide. Imagine one family's horror when an average trip the local park turned into a bloody nightmare. Amy Smith from Torquay, England, was left in shock when her 2-year-old emerged from a tunnel slide covered in wounds. According to The Epoch Times, the mom took her daughter out for a quiet afternoon run around and found herself a seat on a bench.

Amy watched her daughter, Demi-Mai, enjoying the jungle gym and other apparatus before heading to the slide. Like most moms, Amy expected to see her toddler emerge giggling with joy. Speaking to a British tabloid, Demi-Mai's mom explained that she was proud of her daughter for learning how to climb up the rope to reach the tunnel slide. Instead of the happy result Amy expected, the youngster emerged in floods of tears and immediately ran over to her mom. Blood was trickling down her legs.

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Amy quickly looked at Demi-Mai's rear to find cuts, before running to the slide to see what had happened. It's then that she noticed broken glass littering the play toy. It looked as though the glass had been deliberately smashed and left there on purpose. The frantic mom wasted no time in taking her daughter to the emergency room, where doctors cleaned the wound. Luckily, Demi-Mai didn't need stitches, but it could've been much worse. The tot found her injury very uncomfortable, making it difficult to walk for a few days after.

The family contacted the local council who quickly went out and cleared the glass from the slide. Although Amy and Demi-Mai use the park frequently, they have never experienced anything like this before - and hope to never experience it again. Amy hopes that their story will encourage parents to be diligent when visiting play parks so that they don't have to go through a similar ordeal. No one expects something like this to happen, but it's not unusual to find dangerous materials in play parks in certain areas.

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