Toddler Mistakes Stranger At Grocery Store For Mother (And The Internet Can't Decide Who's In The Wrong)

The internet has started an interesting discussion after one toddler accidentally hugged a stranger while in line at a grocery store.

In a Reddit post, user u/lucky_Lola detailed a situation where her two-year-old started acting up in line. According to the mother, her daughter started wandering off, and when she'd reel her back in, the toddler would act a little silly. It happens to every parent, so she knew what to do. To avoid any more adventures away from mom, lucky_Lola decided it was time to hold her daughter's hand. Under normal circumstances, that would be the end of the story, but not today. The two-year-old dropped a toy in her hand and bent over to pick it up. When that happened, the line moved, and the toddler didn't realize. She seemingly lost her sense of surrounding and immediately hugged the stranger behind her mother in line.

"I quickly called out my daughter's name to help her realize, whoa, that ain't mommy. The look on her face when she realized that she was hugging a stranger was priceless and a funny honest mistake," writes the Redditor (in a post we edited here). "... This lady turns around and she is p*ssed. She was about 25 and she was giving my daughter a look as if she was a 40-year-old slimeball who just grabbed her a**."


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The post's author says the situation originally made her laugh, but the woman who was hugged didn't feel the same.

"I get not all people like kids and I respect that, but I thought she was going to hit my kid with the look she had on her face," writes the mom.

That could just be a protective mother feeling protective over her child, or maybe the stranger really was that annoyed, but in the heat of it all, lucky_Lola laughed more. She says that under normal circumstances she would have apologized to defuse the situation, but the woman's reaction bothered her too much. Later in an edit, the mother did end up taking responsibility for how tense things got, however.

The story has sparked quite the discussion on Reddit, however. Some users were on "team mom," while others took the side of team "angry lady," though most agree an apology was needed in this situation.  While it was an innocent mistake, the users pointed out that the toddler is her responsibility, and there's no telling what has happened in the stranger's life that elicited such a negative reaction. A quick "I'm sorry" could have probably smoothed things over, but the commenters noted that laughing probably made it worse.

With that in mind, there were many users who believed the receiver of the hug was probably acting a little too uptight. For them, a random child hugging their leg isn't a big issue, and they'd probably laugh it off too.

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At the end of the day, regardless of who was in the wrong, the mother should have given a quick "sorry". When a situation like this occurs, it's a little awkward for everyone, judging by the mother's story, there's a good chance the woman who was hugged had little experience around children — but unless you have a young one in your life, there's no reason to have that kind of familiarity with kids.

Hopefully, this won't happen again, but if it does, u/lucky_Lola may be better prepared.


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