Get Out The Door Fast In The Morning With Your Toddler

As a busy mom, my life is always on-the-go. For some reason, it’s a constant struggle to get out of the house in the morning! To be fair, I’m not much of a morning person. Until I have my precious coffee, I’m pretty foggy. My kids can feel my frustration when we’re getting ready. That’s not an ideal way to start the day. In my pursuit of household peace, I’ve tried to make our morning routine run more smoothly. With a one-year-old and an almost-three-year-old, someone is always underfoot. Planning ahead is the only way to stay organized in a home with toddlers. Use these pro-tips to help streamline your family’s morning routine.

Lay Out Clothes The Night Before

Make your life easier by hacking outfits for your toddler. Via The Organized Home

I swear by this trick, not just for my toddlers, but for myself! Magically, my closet is easier to manage the night before. In the morning, I’m too groggy to think about matching a top to a skirt. One of the ways I’ve made this easier on myself is by folding or hanging outfits together. It’s easier to grab a complete “look” when I’ve stored it together in the first place. Plus, this helps cut down on arguments over what to wear!

Use The “Jacket Flip”

Use the coat flip to help your toddler help themselves! Via At Home With Montessori

One of the core tenets of Montessori education is teaching children to help themselves. Nurture your child’s independence with the “jacket flip”. Kids as young as 18 months can practice this skill! First, open the jacket. Place it on the ground, open side up, with the hood nearest to the toddler’s feet. Have the toddler bend down and stick their hands into the sleeves of the jacket. Finally, coach your toddler to flip the coat over their head and pull their arms through. Bonus: this newfound independence will take more off your morning to-do list!

Dry Shampoo Works On Toddlers

Toddlers and dry shampoo are a perfect combination! Via Kailee Wright

No shame in my dry shampoo game. I even tested and reviewed some of the best dry shampoos - that’s how much I live and die by them! When my kids look a little worse for the wear, I’m not above sprinkling a little dry shampoo in their hair. Whatever helps us get out the door without a big fuss!

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Store The Diaper Bag In The Car

Pre-pack your trunk for easy mornings! Via Pinterest

My mom clued me into this one. After the kids go to sleep, pack the diaper bag with whatever essentials you might need for the next day. Toss the bag in the car and consider it a done deal! This trick works well for older kids and their school backpacks, too!

Make Breakfast To Go

The Squeasy Snacker in action! Via eBay

This trick is great for several reasons! Having breakfast ready to take with you makes the morning rush less...well, rushed! Everyone knows that a good breakfast is important for optimal champion performance throughout the day. Start your toddlers off right with hearty oatmeal, sweet fruit, and delicious protein - all in one dish! Overnight oatmeal is affordable, nutritious, and convenient. Add variety by including different fruits or flavors. Bump up the protein by making your oatmeal in yogurt rather than milk! I use these reusable silicone pouches for my kids’ oatmeal. They’re ridiculously easy to clean and don’t spill or leak.

These are just a few of the tips I use to make our morning routine a little more seamless. Make your own hustle to get out the door less of a hassle with a bit of planning and a pinch of cheer! Oh - and don’t forget coffee. Lots and lots of coffee!

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