Get Your Toddler Outside On Rainy Days

Spring has sprung! Well, at least it sort-of has in my neck of the woods. Melting snow has made the outdoors one big mud pit with some extra-splashy puddles thrown in for good measure. Plus, we’ve had our fair share of rain in the last week. After a long winter, a rainy day feels like a cruel trick. Yes, it’s warm enough to go outside now - but it’s raining, so you won’t! I don’t know about you, but I cannot handle another week stuck inside with my toddler. He is climbing up the walls and I am burning up with cabin fever. Like most toddlers, my kids need to work out their physical energy and wiggles to feel their best. So even if it’s not ideal, I’m determined to get them outside this spring. Rain or shine, they need their outdoor time!

Take Shelter In A Thunderstorm

Rain, rain, come again some other day! Via Marco

If you hear thunder or see lightning, take shelter inside. But if your spring rain is just a downpour, why not try a dry way to enjoy the rain? Set up a tent in the yard when you expect rain. Once it starts coming down, race outside and crawl inside. Listen to the rain, watch the drops fall on the tent and roll down the sides.

Wear A Raincoat and Rainboots

Letting your kids play outside in rain seems almost like some sort of parental rebellion, doesn’t it? No worries - your kid will not get sick from spending time in the rain. They also won’t melt. Staying dry in the rain might seem impossible - and for toddlers, it probably is. All you really need to play outside is rain boots and a proper raincoat or poncho! In a pinch, cut some holes in a trash bag and slip it over your toddler so their head and arms stick out. Does anyone else remember this “emergency poncho” from childhood?

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Be Prepared To Clean Muddy Clothes

Or don't! Via Pearce On Earth

The real reason most moms don’t let their kids play in the rain? They don’t want to deal with the cleanup. I can’t say I blame them, either! If a play activity makes a big mess for me to clean up, I will probably only do it once and then NEVER AGAIN. Here’s my pro-tip mom lifehack that changes the game for playing outside in the rain, people! Listen up!

Draw a warm bath for your kiddos when they’re ready to come inside. Strip them down at the door so their muddy clothes and shoes don’t end up all over your house. Plop them in the tub to warm up, get more water play, and give you a few more minutes of only needing to sort-of supervise them. Just enough time to get lost in Pinterest!

Ideas For Rainy Play Days

If all the raindrops were lemon drops and gum drops. Via Verywell Family

If the rain is a light drizzle, take a walk through nature! Talk to your toddler about the sound of the rain on the leaves and how the tree canopy acts like an umbrella for the ground below. Listen to the rush of water in a river swollen with rainwater. My toddler loves to race his boats in the rain. We set up a makeshift water slide with some tin foil dug into the hill in our yard! One of my absolute favorite rainy day activities is making mud pies. Shep loves to do this, too! I pick up cheap bakeware at thrift stores and let him make all sorts of mud creations.

What other ways do you play in the rain? Tell me more on Twitter @pi3sugarpi3.

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