These Toddler-Proof Half Christmas Trees Will Bring Joy To Your World

When raising a toddler, the holiday season can be incredibly difficult to navigate, but it doesn't have to be. According to Yahoo, one retailer has decided to help out with the stress this season by creating half Christmas trees. Yes, you read that right, these are actual artificial Christmas trees, but essentially split in half—aka, the solution to your holiday stress that you didn’t even know existed. If your family has pets or young children, buying a massive Christmas tree can be totally problematic. Whether you have a dog that's bound to get tangled in the Christmas lights or a young toddler that is eager to explore, parents must be constantly on alert. If you have a toddler of your own, we're sure that you don’t even have to imagine this type of situation, already.

As Yahoo reported, the UK-based retailer, Argos currently has two options available. For more of a traditional approach, look towards the all-green option, which has plain green branches at the top. Or, look towards the snow-covered alternative half-tree this Christmas. Featuring a frosted white design, this option is perfect for those keeping in line with a wintry theme. Both of these options are certainly a time-saver when it comes to decorating. By going for a half style, you’ll certainly be saving yourself hours that you might normally spend on dressing up a full-size tree, not to mention from untangling yourself from the branches.

Via Argos

Plus, this umbrella-like style does have another perk—it’s a guaranteed space saver. By not having a full-sized, voluminous Christmas tree, you might even be able to lay out an exercise mat and practice some yoga. Or, you’ll be able to place more gifts and decorative accents underneath the tree, which we’re sure certain family members will enjoy.

Save yourself the stress this season, and look towards Argos for a helpful solution. A half Christmas tree just might be the answer to your holiday worries. By opting for a Christmas tree style that has the base removed, you won’t have to fret about any pets getting caught in anything—or trying to eat any ornaments for themselves. Plus, with the Christmas tree portion only visible towards the top, babies won’t be able to get close to any hazardous (or potentially breakable!) decorations.


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