Toddler Reunited With Parents After Being Kidnapped

A little girl was reunited with her parents recently after being kidnapped by their maid.

Chelsea Tazenya, a toddler living in Uganda, was found alive and healthy in the nearby Kachanga Islands in Kalangala. Esther Mulekateete, maid for Chelsea's family, allegedly took the little girl from her home on May 22nd.

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Mulekateete kidnapped the young child and took her to boyfriend's house, claiming that she had given birth to her. The authorities were able to track her down through her parents, who fully cooperated with police. They were able to use connections among her family to trace her exact location.


Esther Mulekateete had worked for the family for only four days before the incident occurred.

Baby Chelsea was taken to see a doctor after her return, and according to reports, had no signs of injury. She was reunited with her parents,  Mariam Namisango and  Arthur Tazenya, one day after being taken.

There is no indication thus regarding the motive for the kidnapping - there was no ransom note or demands.

According to local media, there has been a rush of kidnappings in the area, most of them occurring with the intent to collect money for the victim's safe return. One source states that in the last four months, "42 cases of kidnaps have been reported. Out of the 42, seven of them led to the death of the victims, while 20 were faked and eight are still unsolved".

Lucky for Mariam Namisango and Arthur Tazenya, they had their baby returned safe and sound. She is still young enough that she may not remember the incident, and thankfully, the woman who took her only had her for 24 hours.

For many children who are involved with kidnapping, the effects can ripple for years. Victims can suffer from post traumatic stress disorder, flashbacks, abuse, neglect, and many more disorders that result from maltreatment. Depending on their length of stay with the kidnapper and their experiences, there are some victims who never fully emerge back into their former lives.

The fact that Chelsea Tazenya was taken for such a short period and was so young at the time bodes well for her future. She will likely not suffer any long-lasting effects from the traumatic event.

We are thankful that Chelsea was returned to her family, and wish them the best of luck in their future!


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