This Target Practice Potty Training Device Is Perfect For Parents Of Boys

Having a boy is messy in more ways than one—especially when it comes to potty training— but one device is trying to change that by letting your little one have a little bit of fun while saving your floor from unfortunate aiming. Dubbed the Toddler Target, this toilet mounted battery operated light projects a little bull’s eye inside the bowl when it senses someone in front of it.

Every parent has nightmare stories of potty training their toddler, but those who have boys have it a little worse. Along with the usual mess that comes with learning how to use the “big people’s toilet” boys have to learn a thing or two about aiming, and it’s not a fun time for whoever has to clean up afterward. Thankfully, the Toddler Target helps a bit by offering a little target inside the toilet, turning potty training into a game.

Yet, it’s useful in more ways than one. The device is great for children on the spectrum and it comes with a built-in night light, meaning it works well in the dark when you’ve got to make a quick bathroom run in the wee hours of the morning (plus dad could have some fun with it too). More importantly, however, it’s inexpensive. Amazon is selling this bad boy for only $29.88. So far, there are only 18 customer reviews, but the device is overwhelmingly positive.


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According to Pampers, aiming is one of the biggest hurdles for boys to overcome when potty training, so making it fun is important to ensure your restroom remains relatively clean. They recommend putting targeting devices in the toilet—like cheerio-shaped cereal— or even adding blue food color, which will change when hit with urine. While those are good alternatives, the Toddler Target could add an extra “cool” factor for your child.

With all that in mind, Pampers says it’s important to remember that you can only begin potty training when your child is ready. Trying to rush the process, or push them into using the toilet when they’re not ready can lead to your little one feeling uneasy about using the bathroom, causing them to not go at all. This can cause a variety of issues including, but not limited to, constipation or other medical issues. So keep the process at a pace they’re comfortable with.

That said, if you’re at the point where your little boy is ready, the Toddler Target is a pretty cool device that can get your kid excited about potty training.


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