Bride Sparks Controversy After Her ‘Child-Free’ Wedding Is Crashed By Cousin’s Toddlers

A recently married woman has taken to Reddit to vent about her "child-free" wedding ceremony being crashed by her husband's cousin's toddlers.

Everyone has their own idea of what an ideal wedding should be. Many will have dreamed about it since they were children. Perhaps some people reading this don't want to get married at all. Wherever you fall, chances are your own vision of the perfect wedding ceremony is going to differ from everyone else's.

That being said, many will share a lot of similarities. A big white dress, a multi-tiered cake, matching suits for the groom's party. One aspect of a wedding many don't consider until they are faced with the question is whether children are allowed to attend. If the happy couple doesn't have kids, it can make for a pretty awkward announcement. Chances are if you decide your ceremony is going to be child-free, someone will be offended.

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An unnamed woman recently revealed on Reddit that she and her husband decided their recent wedding ceremony was going to be child-free. However, midway through her vows, she heard the unmistakable cry of a toddler who was not supposed to be present. Once the ceremony was over, she discovered that her new husband's cousin had decided to bring her two children to the wedding.

"We made it very clear we did not want kids at the wedding. In fact, the wedding reception was at a casino and kids couldn't come," the bride wrote on Reddit. However, she also gave details about this particular cousin demonstrating that she didn't like her in the past. From not signing her name on family Christmas cards to actively avoiding her at other family events.

Where do you stand on the kids at weddings argument? One woman replied to the original Reddit post about her own experiences of weddings. That for years, due to being single, she had to attend weddings alone since the couples getting married didn't want to give everyone plus ones. To her, that justified not allowing them to bring their children to her own wedding down the line. A justified decision or a petty one?

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