Toddlers From Daycare Found Safe Wandering Near A Highway

Sending your kid to daycare is a matter of apprehension for all parents and it magnifies when we hear incidents of toddler moving out of the daycare unnoticed.

Petrifying but it’s exactly what had happened on March 22nd 2019 at a daycare in Louisiana. Four toddlers had managed to leave the center’s yard when no one was looking.

While the kids at Color Wheel Learning Center in Prairieville were playing in their yard, not one, but four one year kids escaped the fenced area into the parking lot, which is very close to the highway. Fortunately, they were noticed by a passing driver, who picked them up and dropped them at the center. The center is still unaware of how this accident could happen, but due to negligence, their license might be revoked.

State Superintendent John White said, “We are thankful these young children are safe, but we cannot ignore the recurring negligence displayed by this center."

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Before revocation, the daycare is given 15 calendar days to appeal the decision. And once a license is revoked, providers will not be entitled to apply for licensure for two years. If someone tries to operate a daycare center without a proper license, it may be ceased and desisted along with a ban from a court on the continued operation of a child care center without a license and placement on the statewide registry of individuals prohibited from operating a child care center.

What will happen is unsure – whether the license will be revoked or not is yet to be known. But, as a parent, I doubt who will take the risk of sending their wards to such a daycare.

Sadly enough this is not an exceptional case, and many such incidents are being reported on a regular basis.

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Last year, a 2-year-old absconded from a daycare center in Texas and was found crawling amidst a busy road. He was spotted by two drivers, who took him back to the daycare, Baytown daycare, 4 Our Kids Learning Academy and called the cops for reporting the incident.

Another incident was reported on 14th March 2019, when a pair of toddlers escaped from Werribee West Family Centre, a childcare center in Melbourne suburb of Werribee. While wandering into four lanes of traffic, they were found by two strangers, who brought them back to safety.

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This recurring incidents all over the world is a serious matter of concern. So, along with the initial checks parents also need to ensure that daycare has a proper license and no reports of accidents in the past.

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Some states, state-licensed child care providers are required to have licensing inspections each year, and the reports are available online for parents to check. In case it is not available, you can contact the state’s local licensing office for the required information.

When reviewing inspection reports look out for any concerning violations; for example, inadequate supervision is one of the critical violations and a matter of concern. In case you find any other issue that bothers you, do not compromise and search for options. You will entrust the daycare with your child, so it is important that it is safe for her and it doesn’t have any patterns of uncorrected or repeated violations. Minor violations might happen but in that case, the providers should be willing to correct issues promptly for the safety of children in their care.

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