Toddlers with an obnoxious streak - here's what you need to look out for!

Children are packed full of personality traits that make them unique. While a majority of their traits are funny and charming, there’s no denying the fact that some of them are extremely obnoxious too. On a personal level, I at times reach a point where I feel like my brain is about to get fried with the endless “Why?” and the never-ending screaming of “NO!”. Yes, I know every child is different, but if I had things my way, I would NOT be a toddler’s parent.

Now, if your toddler is growing up and you’ve starting noticing a bit of an obnoxious streak in him/her, make sure that you pay attention to the signs given below to confirm your first fear: you are the guardian of an obnoxious little baby.

10 S/he has no sense of ‘tact’

If you have a toddler who embarrasses you EVERYWHERE you go, that’s the number one sign s/he will turn out to be the obnoxious kind. From sticking his/her head under your skirt, to dropping all the spoons on the floor at a posh restaurant, obnoxious toddlers have no sense whatsoever as to what is ‘acceptable’ public behavior. No place on Earth is ‘embarrassment-free’ for you with your toddler.

9 Your toddler frequently throws those fits of utter ‘bonelessness’

Fits of all sorts are ugly – outright ugly. There’s nothing cute about them and for most mothers, they happen to be the least favorite part of parenthood. If you find your toddler throwing a fit of bonelessness in public together with those high-pitched screams, foot stomping, falling down to the ground with endless tears and rolling around on the floor, it’s a sheer sign that your little one is a rude one. But the good part is that fits prove that you aren’t giving in to your toddler’s desires, thereby taking away his/her notion that they rule over the house!

8 S/he suffers from endless mood swings

Toddlers with an obnoxious streak are known to have excessive mood swings all through the day. What starts off as a wonderful, bright and shiny morning soon turns into what can be considered ‘doomsday’, only to end with hours of naughtiness and being finicky. Seriously speaking, there was once a time when our last blue plate broke – from the way my little one cried, it felt like I had just pulled out all of his hair one by one! 

7 Why? Why? Why?

Curiosity comes naturally to toddlers, but seriously, it can get unnerving with time. There’s a limit to how many questions of “Why?” a sane human can take before pulling out every strand of their hair one by one. Even when you scream out and tell your toddler to go question his/her father after a row of why’s, obnoxious toddlers tend to end the conversation with a plain ‘Why?’ – on a personal level, this is the point where I think my brain is going to melt and flow out of my ears! 

6 What’s basic hygiene all about?

Seriously speaking, just about every toddler out there has no sense of hygiene. However, this particularly holds true for toddlers that have a bit of an obnoxious streak to their personalities. So if you see your little one lying own in a puddle and refusing to take a bath because s/he just took one outside, well, that’s your cue.

5 S/he doesn’t give a damn about personal safety

Oh yes, their favorite means of passing time – scaring you to death every other second of your life! From running down steep hills to jumping off the couch onto their sibling, from grabbing the cat by its tail to dancing on the stairs, it’s a world full of fun and laughter – NOT! For some reason, toddlers like to think that they are somewhat invincible, and for many mothers out there, just keeping their little one’s ‘alive’ at the end of the day is a major accomplishment!

4 Volume control is something s/he has no control over

For toddlers, even the mere notion of voice control is non-existent. When you expect them to be quiet at the church, they will scream out at the top of their lungs; when you’re fine with them chattering away at home, they will whisper or worst, start using sign language. What’s most frustrating is that your requests of sitting quietly remain unheard at all times, and they go mute when you ask them to speak up.

3 Name repetition

Toddler: “Mom”

You: “Give me a minute sweetie”

Toddler: “Mom”

You: “Wait honey”

Toddler: “Mom, mom, mom, mommy, mama, mom, maa, mom”

You: ”WHAT”

Toddler: “Hi”

Such consistency, no?

2 Obnoxious kids are freaks when it comes to being possessive

Kids with a bit of a rough streak hold utmost belief in the saying “What’s mine is mine and what’s yours is also mine”. Seriously, toddlers are over possessive creeps who simply don’t want to share a thing even if they haven’t used or played with it in ages.

1 Personal space – what’s that?

To an obnoxious toddler, there’s nothing in the world known as personal space. If they can’t be on you, they have to by you. If that can’t be for the moment, they will continue to pester you by asking why they can’t sit by you, and when your lap will be free. There’s never a single personal moment for you to relax and just be yourself – they are always around! 

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