'Tonight Show' Host Jimmy Fallon Announces His Latest Children's Book

Jimmy Fallon is teaching kids about naming parts of their body, and naturally, he has made it both clever and fun with the newest addition to his collection of best-selling children’s books which include Your Baby’s First Word Will Be DADA and Everything is Mama.



The four-time Emmy winner admits he was inspired by adorable daughters Winnie Rose 6, and Frances Cole 5, and as he boasts - the greatest thing to have ever happened to him. “You realize what’s important in life. Every single day you realize there’s a new cute thing they’re doing or saying.”

This Is Baby is labeled sweet and funny and we anticipate that it will undeniably charm and delight - ultimately making its way to the New York Times Best Sellers list, as his first book revered.

Although Fallon conceived writing a possible gem titled, There’s Nothing Worse Than Installing a Car Seat, he felt that first words and the human body would be much cuter topics. Surely, his equally cute readers would agree. They will also get a kick out of the book’s playful and dazzling illustrations by Miguel Ordóñez.

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The notably comedic Fallon divulged to the New York Post that he has a bone to pick with kids books - typically, they make him weepy. He admits that there are a few are just so sad that he won’t permit them in the house. About The Giving Tree - he declares, he can’t have it!

His daughters would forge a brouhaha for bedtime stories but at times the whimsical dad claims he could barely make it through. “I was just reading a book to one of my kids, something about how you can wish on a star. I’m like, ‘We wished for you,’ ” he says, his voice going verge-of-tears wobbly, “‘and you’re the dream that came true!’ My kid’s looking at me like, are you having a stroke?”

We look forward to Fallon’s more spritely and light-hearted - This Is Baby, now available for pre-order.

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