Too Posh to Push? The Pros & Cons of a C-section

Well whaddya know? You're pregnant! The little miracle in your belly will soon make his/her grand entrance into the world! And your gynecologist has just given you a few options on how you could bring your baby into the world. Option 'A' being natural birth ( mothers all over the world go "Ooooo" with nods of approvals) and Option 'B' being Cesarean Section ( a number of mothers start shooting daggers with their eyes).

For those in the dark, cesarean section, better known as C-section is the delivery of a baby through a surgical incision in the mother's abdomen and uterus. In laymen terms, you get sliced open like a subway sandwich and the docs pull out the little guy who's been hoarding your belly for the past nine months and will most probably drive you crazy for the next few years.

While C Secs aren't exactly gaining a large fan base, they do however have their perks and of course some complications. If you haven't expressed an interest in a c-section birth to your OBG, they probably won't touch the subject until you're closer to your due date. So if you haven't made up your mind on how you want your delivery to be, why not take a look at the Pros and Cons of C Sec?

10 THE PROS: Choose Your Child's Birthday

How cool is that? If you're lucky you can even get it to coincide with a date that might have special meaning for you, like the birthdate of a family member or important figure in  your life. You may even choose to have your baby on a special holiday, like Valentine's Day! Your child will either thank you for that (they get gifts on valentine's day even if they're single. Yippee!) Or they could secretly curse their birthday (they get gifts on valentine's day for being single. Sob fest starts).

Of course, this has the possibility of turning into another complicated decision you didn't want to take on since you became pregnant. If you don't feel comfortable making this choice, your doctor can always choose a date for you. But that doesn't mean that your little one might make their appearance earlier than expected.

9 You're Mentally, Emotionally and Physically Prepared

You're spared from all the screaming and crying and spousal hair pulling. You get to put on your eyeliner and lipstick prior to going into the operating theatre and still come out looking very much like a diva. Talk about maintaining your image.

Not to mention that you skipped out on some of the more embarrassing problems that women who go through natural childbirth face, like hemorrhoids and pooping during delivery. You knew exactly what your birth was going to be like with no surprises, unlike natural birth which could wind up in an emergency c-section anyway.

8 Your Vagina Will Thank You

With natural delivery, your vagina gets stretched and torn beyond imagination. Imagine trying to smile as wide as you can. Then hook a finger into both ends of your mouth. Pull until your mouth hurts like crazy. Still there? No sweat? Good. Now pull your mouth over your head. That my dear is but a gentle version of how much your vagina would be stretched should you choose the rite of natural birth.

With a C-section however, you won't have to go through all that. Your vagina gets to chill and relax while your baby comes out of your womb. You don't have to worry about getting one of those scary episiotomies you learned about in birthing class or having forceps used to help pull your baby out.

7 Contractions? What contractions?

Assuming that your planned C-section that goes according to schedule, then you will be one of the lucky few to not have to endure the pain of labor contractions. You'll be given an epidural and that will take any pain that you could have felt right away. Instead you'll be bale to chat it up and not have to huff and puff or any of the other stuff that comes along with contraction pain.

Labor contractions can be a pain in the ass. Literally. Some women push so hard that they push the wrong places out, resulting in hemorrhoids. Not to mention that once the babies head is headed out of the vagina the ring of fire becomes one real thing you can't wait to be over. And after you're done giving birth to your baby, you still have contractions to deliver the placenta. So, yay, you skipped all that.

6 You Won't Forget Your Essentials

People tend to forget things when they are in a rush. But fear not! With C-sections that are planned ahead of time, you get to pack your whole wardrobe without having to worry about missing out on your toothbrush or favorite lipstick. Talk about being prepared.

There you go people. The upsides of having C Secs. But where there is a Yin there will definitely be a Yang so here are some of the cons of C Sec that you might want to consider before signing the agreement with your doctor.

5 THE CONS: Surgical Risk

While C Secs are not considered a major surgery, they are still a surgery and any time you are being cut open, that comes with some risks. For one, your are subjecting your skin and flesh to sharp and cold stainless steel knives. Ouch. You're trusting that these are sterile and clean and that the operating environment is the same so that your chances of becoming infected during surgery are little to none.

Also, epidurals given prior to the surgery wield some risks, *cough*. Epidurals can potentially cause nausea, fever, infection and in some cases even nerve damage *cough*. (Somewhere in the background a pregnant mother's jaw drops.) While these cases are rare, they are still risks you run when opt for a c-section brith.

4 Recovery Takes 2-3 Times Longer

In general, women who opt for vaginal birth can hop off the bed and waltz around the room a day after delivery. C-section mums on the other hand will need to lay in bed to recuperate for a few days while the body tissues try to heal. While you may think this means you get to rest and laze around a bit more before you start to care for your little hoarder, that's not necessarily true.

After a c-section you'll need 6 weeks of taking it easy so you don't reopen your incision site. Not to mention how it feels when you finally get to stand on your feet for the first time after your surgery. It'll feel like all your weight is pressing down on your stitches. Stairs will become your nemesis, and you thought you waddled during pregnancy. Now you'll shuffle like an old person with a bad pelvis.

3 OMG! Is That a Scar?

What? You didn't think you'd be scar free from being sliced open and sewn back did you? But then again with all the 'miracle and magic' creams around, the scar shouldn't be an issue. And even if your scar refuses to heal, you can still proudly show off your battle scar to the world. Usually the scar is so far down on the abdomen that unless you're in your underwear or bikini, no one will see the scar at all.

Some women feel like the scar is a sign of what they accomplished. In fact some women cover their c-section scar with a tattoo later. If you're not in love with the idea of having a scar, you do have some options to hide or cover it up.

2 Darn That Tingling Feeling

C-section surgeries requires that the surgeon cut you open and in the process severe some of your nerves. It will take months, sometimes years and other times forever for the nerve tissues to repair themselves. So until then, bear with the numbness and/or tingling feeling around your scar. You might not be wearing that sexy, eye popping and jaw dropping hip hugging jeans of yours for a very very very long time.

1 Future Deliveries Might Be Cesarean

In the past, if the cesarean was don vertically, the next babies would also have to be delivered via c-section. But it is possible for you to have a VBAC, or what's called a vaginal birth after cesarean. When you become pregnant again your doctor will go over all the information with you as well as your candidacy for a VBAC.

While we did say that cesarean can get you out of some pain of childbirth, it's still worth considering a natural birth. Besides, if Posh Spice could do it why not you? Nuff said.

So there you have it folks. We hope the article served to give you some insight on how C Secs are. May you have a wonderful pregnancy, smooth delivery and a blessed motherhood.

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