Top 10 Apps for Toddlers

4 -: Monkey Wordschool Adventure, Teachme Toddler 

Parents often have to wade through a sea of apps to find one that is just right for their toddler. We’ve tried to take some of the frustration out of the app search for you. Here is our list of top apps to engage and enlighten the youngest users. Happy learning!

1. Monkey Wordschool Adventure

Monkey Wordschool Adventure kids explore the jungle while learning sight words, spelling, and phonics. Monkey uses vivid colors, songs, and animation that hold your toddler’s attention.

2. Teachme Toddler 

Teachme Toddler is a drill based learning app. Parents with multiple toddlers in the home will appreciate its ability to track several children’s progress on math, shapes, colors, letters, and more!

3 -: Park Math, Bugs and Bubbles, Farm

3. Park Math 

Park Math uses familiar friends found at the park to teach math skills. Fun park equipment assists with the learning activities.

4. Bugs and Bubbles 

Bugs and Bubbles offers up to 18 games that teaches toddlers to think critically. The makers use innovative and fun screens to capture attention. Toddlers will trace letters on a foggy window!

5. Farm 123

Farm 123 Free makes the farm community come alive! Toddlers will enjoy this virtual board book as they tap their way to number comprehension.

2 -: Little Writer, Montessori Crosswords

6. Little Writer 

Little Writer gets finger dexterity off to a positive start. Trace these letters and numbers right on the screen.

7. Montessori Crosswords 

Montessori Crosswords is a terrific sound exploration game for ages three and under. Toddlers will use the app to become familiar with the letters and sounds as they relate to the colorful picture.

1 -: The lonely Beast ABC, Mobile Montessori, Toddler Maze

8. The lonely Beast ABC

Chris Judge’s classic children’s books come alive in The Lonely Beast ABC. Funny and silly events help keep toddlers engaged in this no-fuss app.

9. Mobile Montessori 

“This is where I live!”

Your toddler will soon be able to identify the continents of the world and get a broader understanding of this big place called “the world.”

Mobile Montessori takes a fun, easy approach to learning geography.

10. Toddler Maze 123

Little ones learn to master the maze with the help of a hungry mouse! This simple-to-use app teaches problem-solving skills by having to look ahead and plan the route. And here’s the part Mom will love about it: it’s free!

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