Top 10 Baby Products Coming Out in 2015! Take a look now!

10 Orbit Baby O

This will be the company's first jogging stroller. With the press of a few buttons, the stroller can convert from an everyday stroller to a jogging one. The seat can also be changed to face the other way in order for the baby to face the parent. If you already have an Orbit seat, you can choose to only buy the frame at $600 or the whole system for $900. 

9 Mama Strut's Pelv-Ice 

It's all about making post-partum recovery more comfortable for the new mom! With it's adjustable velcro straps, they say it can fit any body type. There is also the pocket feature where you will be able to add ice packs or heating pads and keep them close to your body. 

8 The Belly Armor Smart Nova

Get really techy with this new baby monitor. Looks like a phone but for $149 it will promise to only release two percent of the radiation compared to other monitors and have a three-day battery life which is better than any iPhone I know. It also has a two-way feature communication feature! 

7 Baby Brezza Formula Pro Plus 

The already popular Baby Brezza Formula Pro is giving themselves a little update with the Plus Pro Edition for $179. The new edition will allow parents to adjust the temperature to 98°F (which equals to room temperature) or higher. 

6 Quinny Buzz Xtra

Scheduled for 2015 release, the already beloved Quinny Buzz has now added features of never-flat tires, new handlebars and a new and easier fold feature. 

5 Bugaboo Cameleon Diesel Collection

If you are a big fan of the Diesel Jean brand, you will want to get the new Bugaboo Chameleon Diesel Collection Stroller. It has fun military details like a mesh canopy, leather-like handles and even a bumper bar and much more. This is the first stroller from their 3 year collaboration and will be available for $1,299. 

4 Babyletto Rocker

The Babyletto new rocker has a sleek design that could fit in any modern nursery. At $499 it promises comfort and easy storage and shipping. It can be folded down and sent in a normal box. 

3 Fisher Price -in-Rock-n-Glide Soother 

This new 4-in-1 Fisher Price Rock-n-Glide Soother, $139, offers parents their easiest product yet. You don't even have to get up to use it as all of it is done with foot pedals. The system moves in all directions and the seat is easily removable to bring from room to room. 

2 Britax Click-Tight Convertible Car Seat

Scheduled for August, this new convertible seat offers Click-Tight technology which allows parents to install quickly and safely in a matter of minutes. This new system does not have the Latch technology, instead is lets the seatbelt strap be secured under the seat for the most secure fit we have seen yet! This will hit stores and will be available at $329. 

1 FridaBaby Fridet

Yes this is exactly what you think it is. It's a bidet for tots! From the company who brought us NoseFirda, you can now have this portable bidet for your child which can also be used as a peri-bottle after birth. 

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