Top 10 Best Dogs For Kids!

For some people, the perfect family is not just a father, mother and kids all living together in a three-story house with a white picket fence and an apple tree in the back. This definitely sounds like a wonderful dream to live in, but it will sound lacking for some who can’t live without a pet. The perfect family might just need a dog to be running around out back, entertaining the children while mommy leaves an apple pie on the window sill. If you have a baby on the way, or already have a baby almost walking in the house, you could be considering the idea of having a dog in the house. Each dog has its pros and cons, maybe certain dogs are more suitable for your specific needs. Here are ten dogs that can be a complementary match to your family, regarding playfulness, maintenance, energy, and popularity by film appearances. Learning about each dog’s traits might even break negative dog reputations that has kept your opinion biased.

10  Bichon Frisé

if you don’t feel like vacuuming the house every time the dog walks into a different room, a good choice to avoid that would be the Bichon Frisé. Limited shedding will be a plus for upkeep but you are not off the hook. These have dogs have a fluffy coat so constant grooming is a must. Being such a small dog, they would be just as happy to be living in a house in the suburbs or in a small apartment downtown. They may be small but full of energy so they’ll need regular exercise. They are great to play with children but as a small dog, they can develop small dog syndrome and be snappy, bossy and obsessive. As long as you keep up this dog’s grooming, exercise routine, and personality corrections, a Bichon Frisé will be a great delight in your household.

9  Pit Bull Terrier

Pit Bull Terriers have been victims of an unfair prejudice for a very long time. Its adorableness with “The Little Rascals” was not enough destroy its view as a monster guarding a junkyard for a hillbilly. Quite contrary to its appearance on Tv, Pit Bull terriers are not attack dogs and can be trained to be playful and child-friendly. As long as they socialize with other animals at a young age (recommended for most dogs’ upbringing), they won’t have tendencies to be aggressive. It might be intimidating to have a big 70 pound dog in the house, but on the plus side they have a higher pain threshold and will endure rough-play and not be tempted to deal it back. This dog requires a minimal exercise routine and barely sheds. The real downside to this affectionate animal is being a little emotionally needy sometimes. Pretty different from its portrayal on TV, eh?

8  Fox Terrier

Maybe you don’t want a huge dog that scares a few people in your neighborhood. This is understandable. Another example of a small, harmless looking dog would be the Fox Terrier. It’s not going to grow up to weigh more than twenty pounds and will still be able to be a loyal watchdog with a strong enough bark. They do tend to be explorative so it is not recommended to have this dog off the leash in public. Since they are more sensitive to foreign visitors, including the mailman and cats, it might take extra care to train this dog to live harmoniously with other pets, and to not flip out every time the doorbell rings

7 Poodle

A Poodle might be a good choice if you have a pool in the background or plan to go swimming often. If your dog will be swimming with you, it will be necessary to trim her. You don’t want a big hairball clogging the filter. That might sound like a nightmare if you plan on grooming the dog to be like the Bette Midler character from the Disney Cartoon “Oliver & Company,” but just a short haircut style will be a decent look. It will be worth it since Poodles are known to be a great fetching dog when it comes to the water. without regular exercise, poodles can get fat and they also require much socializing with the family or else they develop a seperation anxiety. A great playful dog, but does require more of a commitment.

6 Boxer

What if you don’t want a small dog. What if you would like a strong, not obsessed with hairstyles, fun dog. If that is your case, you might be more interested in a Boxer. For once, the movie portrayals were accurate when it comes to the example of Chance in “HomeWard Bound”. Boxers are known for their distinctive love for children who thrive on playtime interaction. This is a loyal dependant dog, with a strong reputation as a helpful eye-seeing dog for the blind. If you don’t keep this dog busy enough physically and mentally, he might start digging up the backyard and barking for attention. It might be a joy to have someone really feel like a member of the family, constantly trying to be with the family. It might be annoying to have a family member that drools also. It also might be harder for the family Boxers are more prone to health problems like cancer. Nevertheless, if you want the dog that you see in the movies like “Homeward Bound,” you will get what you bargained for.

5  Labrador

You might have fell in love with this dog when you saw the movie “Marley & Me.” You also might have started to think that Labradors are little troublemakers. This is only the case if there is a lot of commotion in the house since Labradors are usually addicted to excitement. This is more of a plus if you want to make sure your dog plays with you. A Labrador can play with you all day long and still ask for more. Regardless of types of tricks or games you play or train with this dog, the labrador will still be asking for more. As they will be a handful during playtime, they will be even more since their hair will be everywhere as they shed a lot. This might sound discouraging, but if your kids have a lot of energy, vacuuming a bit more often might be a better trade off than trying to find a way to tire out a few kids everyday.

4 Beagle

Not many people can resist the flappy-ears of an adorable Beagle. It also doesn’t help when we consider that a few lovable characters like Snoopy and Odie from Garfield are also Beagles. They might be wonderful around children but not with smaller pets or any other animals in the area. They were in fact bred as hunters so you shouldn’t be surprised if you see a dead rabbit on your porch. Other than that, considering that Beagles doesn’t drool nor aren’t that much of a shedding dog, they won’t be too much of a burden. Although, without regular exercise this small dog might start to be destructive and bark too much. It might small and cute, but it can easily be a handful.

3 Newfoundland

We can’t have a list of only small and medium-sized dogs. There a few lumbering giants that are soft hearted and dear to children that should be recognized. The first one to come to mind might be the Burmese Mountain Dog, but another impressive friendly best is the Newfie. Another dog originating from a Canadian province, the Newfoundland dog is the one of the friendliest dogs possible, even with people the dog just meets. Since this dog was bred to be helping fishermen, it will be big and strong, weighing at least a hundred pounds and incredibly patient on the social level. The big downside would be the shedding. It will seem worth though just to have a dog as dear as Nana from Peter Pan.

2  Collie

Probably the biggest hero as a dog, and most desirable in Hollywood personalities would be “Lassie.” Bred to be a herding dog, it might be constantly be doing that during playtime with children. It is surprising how intelligent and easy it is to train Collies. It is in fact one of the bigger shedding dogs but it makes up for it by being one of the cleanest dogs as well. This dog might be one of the best choices since he is great with children as well as protective with them.

1 Labradoodles

Basically, all dogs have Pros and cons. If one doesn’t shed, it tends to bark, or if one needs constant exercise he is social to all people. There are very few species that have the best aspects but if one comes close to having the best of both worlds, it will be the cross-breed of Labradoodles. This dog has the best parts of a labrador as well as the practicality of non-shedding poodle. Even though it doesn’t shed like a poodle, it can have the hair textures of both. This breed can be from small to medium size or even possibly slightly larger, so you have that to choose from. Regarding personality, it has the affection of a Labrador with the intelligence of a Poodle. Easy to train and lovable, the Labradoodle might be one of the most coveted dogs there are.

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