Top 10 Most Shocking Birth Stories

As you prepare for the arrival of your baby, your head is probably swirling from all of the birth stories you’ve been hearing. Some of them are wonderful and uplifting, and almost too good to be true; some are downright scary, with tales of waters breaking in public places and long, painful labors. Right?

But how about being in labor for three whole weeks?

Can you imagine giving birth at 40,000 feet on a cross-Atlantic flight?!

How about delivering your baby in a treetop? Or beside a bear at the zoo?

These are just snippets of some true birth stories that have happened to real women like you! The incredible accounts you’re about to read made world news over the last several years. These stories inspire and amaze us all because these women are a testament to just what superheroes us ladies can be when it comes to birthing and protecting our newborn babies. 

It’s no wonder we’re fascinated by their stories…it’s a reflection of what’s possible in every one of us Mama Bears…and let’s face it, we’re kind of morbidly intrigued with wondering what we’d do if it happened to us! (especially because we’re pretty darn sure it won’t!)

Make no mistake--every birth is a miracle; every birth is amazing and beautiful; but some births just make more kick-ass stories than others!

We’re about to take a look at 10 of the most amazing reported birth stories you’ve ever heard, to inspire—and amuse --you Mamas-to-be:

9 Woman Gives Birth in a Treetop

No, she wasn’t hanging out up there for kicks! This is the true story of 26-year-old Sofia Pedro, who was forced to climb a tree to escape flood waters in Mozambique, Africa in 2000….while in labor. 

She reportedly began delivering her own baby, Rosita, while bravely clutching at branches to stop herself from falling. A South African helicopter crew came to her rescue minutes later, helping to snip the umbilical cord that was still attached to the newborn baby. Mom and baby were then whisked away by the helicopter crew and given immediate medical assistance….and worldwide media attention! 

They were soon released by medical workers, deemed healthy and well in spite of their horrific ordeal.

Those hospital delivery room beds are looking better all the time now, aren’t they ladies?! This story gives a whole new meaning to water birth! And the gravity may have helped with her birthing experience. Sometimes women use a squatting posture to help bring their infant into the world.

But I'm sure that was the furthest thing on Sofia's mind at the time. If you ever find yourself in a similar situation, you should listen to the radio and keep up to date on flood warning. Around your house you should turn off and unplug electrical appliances and secure items you care about. 

You should prepare an emergency ki and secure a destination to travel to if fleeing your home is a real possibility. You should inform your family members of your planned disaster destination so they know where to look for you.

Should you have to abandon your home, never take short cuts and don't try to drive through flooded areas, your car could get swept up in the flood waters. This should be apparent, but in case it's not, you should never drink flood water, it's usually contaminated with waste and pollution and can be incredibly harmful to you and your family.

2. Woman Gives Birth 40,000 Feet over the Ocean

And you thought the treetop was high! There are in fact quite a few stories of women giving birth on airplanes…hey, that policy not allowing pregnant women to travel by air after 36 weeks isn’t there for nothing! But what if you were less than 36 weeks pregnant, and it still happened??!

Just this past January, world news agencies reported a 33-year-old Jordanian woman delivered a premature but healthy baby at 40,000 feet on a transatlantic flight headed to New York City from Amman, Jordan.

The woman was reportedly just 31 weeks pregnant when she took the flight all on her own, but started suddenly going into labor 4 hours before landing in NYC. Luckily a doctor and nurse were on board, who helped safely deliver a healthy baby girl—already weighing a sturdy 6 pounds at just 31 weeks! The delivery was so quick and easy that the doctor told the flight crew they wouldn’t even need to touch down for a nearer landing destination, as they had been preparing to do.

The woman was reportedly very grateful for all the help she received on the flight by the doctor and nurse, as well as flight crew members.

Yes, but did they let her have a complimentary glass of champagne?!

If you have to travel during your pregnancy, you should get your doctor's approval first, after you have secured that then it's safe for you to board a flight. And if you happen to be in the same situation as this lady, but aren't as luck y to have a doctor and nurse around, here's how you can safely deliver your own baby.

The first step is to determine whether or not you are actually in labor. You might be thinking, Ya think?' But it's true, sometimes pregnant women experience false labor, also known as Braxton Hicks. Once you're sure that these contractions are the real deal, you'll need to start counting your contractions so you'll know how close the baby is to coming. If your contractions last 30-75 seconds and are 5 minutes apart, you're in real labor.

Your body will let you know when it's time to push. Once you feel compelled to push, don't fight it, push. Use your hands to help guide the baby out of the birth canal. After the baby is born you still have to deliver the placenta. Once you've done that, the delivery is over. Of course now you've got to cut the umbilical cord and tie off the end 4 inches from your baby's belly.

8 Grandma Gives Birth To Her Own Grandson

Nope, you’re not reading a headline taken from the National Enquirer magazine! This is the true story of 61-year-old Kristine Casey, who in 2012 offered to serve as a surrogate for her own daughter, Sara Connell of Chicago. Connell was reportedly desperate to have a child, but had just learned she was no longer ovulating and had already had two failed pregnancies.

After passing a series of tests that cleared the grandma for postmenopausal birth, Casey carried the pregnancy for her daughter (using an in vitro fertilization procedure that makes Connell and her husband Bill the biological parents of the child).

After a problem free pregnancy, Casey delivered a healthy 7-pound baby boy named Finnean. She reportedly described the experience of carrying her grandson as “babysitting for nine months.”

I wonder if that’ll get her off the hook for babysitting later? Probably not, but as for the bonding experience, priceless! I can't imagine a bigger gift than carrying your grandchild for your daughter.

There have been other cases where close family members have acted as a surrogate for their loved one. It's natural to want someone you know and trust to carry your baby for you. There are so many risks associated with asking a complete stranger to carry your child for you. When it's a family member, you know their lifestyle, you have access to them any time, and hopefully, you get along.

I'm pretty sure this would be an incredible bonding experience for any family members who choose to go through with surrogacy for someone they love. If you're not sure if surrogacy is right for you, then you should look at other fertility options available to you.

7 Mom Delivers Her Twin Babies On a Desert Roadside

Can you imagine having to deliver a baby on a deserted roadside? How about two??! That’s exactly what Lynette Hales from Utah had to do in 2013, when her twin boys started to come unexpectedly 3 months early. Hales had reportedly been visiting friends in Nevada for one last get together before her birth-- when her waters broke and contractions started. 

With no hospital close by, Hales and her friend Jim Gerber decided to hit the interstate in the hopes of getting her home to Salt Lake City --and to a hospital as fast as possible! The twins had other plans. Realizing the babies were coming way too fast, Gerber reportedly pulled over on the hard shoulder of the deserted section of interstate and began helping his friend deliver her twin boys.

The first of them, JJ, came out feet first. Hales was reported to have immediately noticed the baby was a “greyish-blue” color, and wasn’t breathing. The Super-Mama whisked into action, reviving her tiny 3-pound newborn son with CPR. A state trooper arrived in time to give the baby oxygen, and to assist with the delivery of her second son, AJ-- also born feet first, but breathing well on his own. 

An ambulance finally took Mom and twins to hospital, where all 3 were given medical attention. The twin boys were taken to intensive care, and were declared healthy in spite of their dramatic desert-entry into the world!

I hope you will never have to use these tips, but if you ever have to administer CPR to your infant, but in case you do, here's what you do:

  • - Cover the infants mouth and nose tightly with you rmouth
  • - Keep the chin lifted and the head tilted
  • - Give 2 rescue breathes, enough to see the chest rise
  • - Do 30 chest compressions with your ring and middle finger, it should take 24 seconds
  • - Repeat process until baby is breathing on their own

6 Supermodel Gisele Bundchen’s “Too Good To Be True” Birth

In 2010 supermodel Gisele Bundchen shocked (or just plain irritated) mothers and mothers-to-be of the world with news of her oh-so easy birth to son Benjamin. Bundchen reportedly labored for 8 hours chilling it in a bathtub at home, until she seemed to just effortlessly and painlessly plopped out her baby boy. She told Brazilian TV station “Fantastico” that her birth “wasn’t painful. Not even a little bit.”

What’s more, Bundchen reportedly made a remarkable recovery, telling the TV station with a laugh that she was “walking, washing dishes, and making pancakes in the kitchen” the day after the birth. Shocking birth story? Maybe not.

But thinking it was a good idea to boast to the world about her painless birth and superwoman recovery not only while being married to NFL hottie Tom Brady, but while actually being a Supermodel…this either makes her an alien or in need of a damn good slapping! Shocking indeed.

This type of birth is called precipitous labor, labor that comes on quickly. There some risks associated with these types of birth, but they are usually minimal. If you're in a situation where your baby is ready now, and right now, you'll have to do what these other mothers have done and just be ready to get the job done--and quickly!

Precipitous labor might mean that you don't make it to the hospital, but in the event that you're going to have this baby sooner rather than later, see the steps to delivering your own child, and try to keep calm, it'll all be over soon enough!

5 Mom Gives Birth After Nearly Weeks in Labor

Your cousin’s 28-hour labor is starting to look like child’s play right about now!

This is the 2009 story of British teen Amy Buck, whose labor pains started just 19 weeks into her pregnancy. Docs reportedly gave her medication in an attempt to delay labor, but her body didn’t respond to it. All told, reports said she had put up with 20 whole days of contractions and labor pains by the time she finally gave birth to a teeny 1 pound, 3 ounce baby boy, Daniel.

At 5 months premature, docs gave little Daniel just a 15% chance to live. But after 5 months of intensive care treating chronic lung disease and receiving laser eye surgery, the miracle baby was able to go back home with his parents!

Docs figure the crazy early labor was started by an infection, that would have caused pains that felt like labor throughout the 3 week period—but they said the actual point of real labor beginning would be difficult to confirm. The average length of labor for a first baby is said to be around 12 hours. Phew, that’s certainly a relief to hear!

If you're one of those unfortunate women who are in labor for hours beyond the initial 12, your doctors will monitor your progress closely and offer you suggestions of how to proceed from there. Should things turn drastic, you will likely end up having an emergency c-section.

In this case all you can do is go with the flow and know that this operation is to save you and your baby. The recovery road from a c-section  is weeks longer than a vaginal birth, but once the 3 weeks of resting and taking it easy are over, you'll be feeling like yourself again and ready to take on those motherhood responsibilities.

4 Woman Gives Birth Live on the Internet

Who said class has to be a bore? In 2011, Canadian chiropractor and trained childbirth educator Nancy Salgueiro decided to give her students—and the world—a front row seat to possibly the best lesson of her career! Her third home birth, she decided to stream this one live on the web, using a high-def video camera in her living room. She told CTV news before the birth was aired: “I really feel it’s important for young women to see what normal, natural birth, undisturbed by anything, can be like.”

More than 2000 people registered to watch the live stream birth of Salgueiro’s son—and they got the added treat of witnessing the baby’s 2-year-old big bro cut the umbilical cord. Yikes! That is one dedicated teacher.

Some women do not want cameras, let alone video cameras in the delivery room. If you're one of those women, that is your right, I just hope your spouse respects your privacy. However, if you're perfectly okay with capturing your birth experience on film, all the power to you.

I just hope your significant other has a steady hand, otherwise your birthing film might turn out more like the Blair Witch Project. Unless of course he's equipped with a tripod, then I might think he's a little too into capturing this moment on camera. But you can't blame a guy for being pumped when his partner is bringing his child into the world.

If you're on the fence about the whole camera thing I suggest watching YouTube videos and seeing if your comfortable with it. If not, you should establish some ground rules about cameras in the delivery room. That way what you want is clear to your significant other.

3 Woman Gives Birth on Wildlife Path at the Zoo

All right, I told a fib earlier…this birth wasn’t actually right beside a bear. It might have been beside the penguin enclosure, according to one report…another report puts her near the duck pond…still another puts her at the reindeer pen…and more than one report definitely puts her near the bear pen. 

What’s not in dispute is the fact that in 2012, a 21-year-old woman in a tour group did indeed give birth to a healthy baby girl along the wildlife path at the Rosamund Gifford Zoo in Syracuse, NY.

Reportedly, the woman’s waters broke durng the tour, and employees assisted the woman as she quickly gave birth to her baby girl. Zoo staff were said to have wrapped the baby in blankets as the elephant expert reportedly ushered away curious onlookers before an ambulance arrived to care for Mom and baby. Hey, all those newborn kangaroo care tutorials sure came in handy in the end! No word on whether the bears were jealous about the new star attraction of the day.

I think giving birth in a zoo would be ok, because you know the staff at least has some experience bringing babies into the world. Although your baby would be human and not a gorilla, it should still go down pretty easy. The worst thing about giving birth at the zoo would be the walk back to your car afterward.

If you happen to be in a large zoo, and are located in the godforsaken edge of the said large zoo, then you again might be in a position where you're delivering the baby either by yourself or with whoever you happen to be around at the time.

2 Woman Gives Birth Right After Passing Her Driver’s Test

20-year-old Emily French of Scotland is living proof that some women were just born to drive---and some babies get born right after their Mommies learn to!

French had reportedly been waiting eagerly for weeks to do her driver’s test and started going into labor—the very day of said test. Waking up at 4:00am with labor pains, she decided to take her driver’s test anyway—with contractions happening every ten minutes—before passing the test and finally driving herself to the hospital at 8:40am where she gave birth to a baby girl! 

Miss French told reporters: “Everyone was telling me to go to the hospital but I had waited so long for my driving test that I was determined to do it.” She said she didn’t dare reveal the truth to the driving instructor for fear of losing the opportunity to take the exam. Delighted to have passed—the exam and her baby--she told reporters, “The nurses in the hospital were very confused because I was getting congratulations cards for both my baby and my driving test.”

There must definitely be something in that Scottish water! She should have gotten some type of super license for not only passing her drivers exam, but doing it while going through labor. If this tale doesn't tell about Emily's determination, I don't know what would.

For me personally, there's no way i could have driven myself around while going through labor. I felt ill and when I wasn't feeling like throwing up I could be still, I had to constantly move. Sitting behind the wheel of a car and listen to a driver instructor would have been the last thing I was capable of doing on delivery day!

1 Woman Delivers Baby After Running a Marathon

I’ve heard that some people get addicted to the “runner’s high”, but this takes the cake!

In 2011, running nut Andrea Miller reportedly ran a Chicago marathon 39 weeks into her pregnancy. Medically cleared to participate in the race using a half-walking/half-running approach, heavily preggers Miller completed the 26-mile race with her hubby at her side every step of the way—feeling contractions throughout! After crossing the finish line, Miller then went straight into a labor mini-marathon comparatively--giving birth to a healthy baby girl a mere seven hours after finishing her big race!

After the birth, Miller told reporters she was happy but very tired, and she added that the day had been “the longest day of her life.” No kidding!

That’s one baby who was practically born wearing Nike’s! Although I could have probably walked a marathon during my contractions, I'm not sure I could have walked, ran or limped through  26 miles. At least she had her husband by her side the entire way, because in reality she could have given birth right there during the marathon if she pushed her body too hard.

Well I sure hope these incredible birth stories amazed and inspired you, in these precious moments awaiting the wondrous birth of your very own baby. Hopefully you have a safe delivery and a beautiful baby waiting for you at the end of it.

Remember that your own birth story will be truly amazing, no matter how it happens. And who knows—maybe you’ll even end up making this Top Ten list next time round! (that’s not a dare--no skydiving births, please!)

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