Top 10 Sexiest Pregnant Ladies on Television of All Times

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Being pregnant is no small task with the weight gain, back aches and let's not forget the horrible heartburn that seems to come out of nowhere. During this time it can become a little bit trickier to still look sexy through the whole nine months. Sometimes when you become pregnant you lose your confidence due to all the changes in your body.

Sometimes we see beautiful pregnant celebrities on television and instantly think, "How does she do it? She’s seven months pregnant and still looks great!" To help all you pregnant ladies find some sexy inspiration we have put together the top 10 sexiest pregnant ladies on television of all times.

10 - Halle Berry

Halle Berry has been considered a sexy actress since the beginning of her career. With her flawless looks and killer body. Who doesn't want to look like the actress who played the iconic role of cat woman?

However, we can all agree on the fact that her looks were just enhanced when she became pregnant. Pregnancy looks great on Halle Berry and her fashion sense made us all want to look that great while being pregnant as well.

9 - Kim Kardasian

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Kim Kadashian is one of the worlds biggest fashion icons and curve activists who had to have a spot on our list. With her famous curves and even better fashion sense, she has transformed maternity attire into a fashion show every week as we continue to enjoy Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

Her trendy style didn’t waver through either of her pregnancies, and Kim has taught us that even swollen feet can be put in high heels.

8 - Demi Moore

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In 1991 Demi Moore graced the cover of Vanity Fair magazine to bare it all while being 7 months pregnant. I consider as mom's or mom's to be we can all agree Demi Moore looked amazing! Not only did she look amazing but she bared it all with such grace and elegance. There isn't one woman that is or has been pregnant that hasn't loved that cover of Vanity Fair.

By being on the Cover of Vanity Fair Demi Moore, taught us that we can look and feel sexy while being 7 or more months pregnant. 

7 - Audrey Hepburn

Who can forget the icon beauty from Breakfast at Tiffany's? Such an elegant woman who always looked put together and proper. Audrey Hepburn made pregnancy look amazing with class, grace and a hint of sexy. After having two miscarriages, she finally gave birth to her son Sean in the 1960s.

Audrey has actually become one of the most popular baby girl names of all time all over the world. Since the 1960s, the name Audrey has had a special place in our hearts. 

6 - Chrissy Teigen

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Chrissy Teigen is better known as one of Victoria Secret's swimwear models, and now the cohost of Lip Sync Battle. Chrissy is expecting a bundle of joy with her husband musical extraordinaire, John Legend. We must say she has been looking amazing while she rocks her gorgeous baby bump.

By dressing up her baby bump, Chrissy Teigen has remained a style icon with her sexy and boho chic style.

5 - Cindy Crawford

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Super model Cindy Crawford is another beauty that like Demi Moore graced a magazine cover being pregnant as well. In 1999 Cindy Crawford graced W Magazine with her baby bump. We would guess she also got her inspiration from Demi Moore. Both women look amazing and show us how important it is to feel superior in our own skin.

How many of us felt a lot more confident while being pregnant thanks to Demi Moore and Cindy Crawford sexy pregnant magazine covers?. 

4 - Kate Hudson

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The famous actress Kate Hudson was one adorable pregnant lady. She was one of the first pregnant woman in Hollywood who wore clothing that exposed her bare baby bump. We can all agree we absolutely loved it. She looked completely adorable rocking her bare baby bump.

She has become a style icon for all mom's and mom's to be, who says it isn't sexy to rock your bare baby bump.

3 - Tina Fey

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With her humor, she has won our hearts with her comedic portrayals in the numerous shows and classic comedy movies that we will love forever. Tiny fey is another classic, sexy beauty. She flaunted her pregnancy bump all through her pregnancy in Hollywood at big celebrity events including red carpets walks and movie sets. She looked magnificent her entire pregnancy.

Making her one of our 10 sexiest pregnant ladies on television all times. 

2 - Salma Hayek

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Salma Hayek is an international Latina actress could not go unnoticed on our list. With beauty and grace she walked many Hollywood events sharing her growing baby bumps with us. Her curves were indeed the highlight of every Hollywood red carpet event which her pregnancy enhanced flawlessly.

No matter what weight she may have put on during pregnancy she always dressed to enhance her growing family.

1 - Brooke Burke

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Brooke burke made pregnancy look great especially since she decided to have a healthy and fit one. As we all know being pregnant involves weight gain in all places Brooke Burke showed us that having a healthy pregnancy can be very sexy as it will not only keep you in shape throughout your entire pregnancy it will also be very beneficial for your baby.

A healthy pregnancy is beautiful and can make you more confident with yourself while being pregnant. We all know being pregnant can be a rocky journey when it comes to being confident. Working out and staying fit in the process of being pregnant can be an excellent way of getting your confidence back.

Many times we look at celebrities and think they are any different from us. However, that is false they are just like us and what to show their baby bump in the best way possible. What are your sexiest pregnant ladies of television of all times? Please inform us in the comments below.

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