Top 13 Hottest Celebrity Dads

For the average man, decent looks are helpful but not a requirement for a successful life.

In an actor’s world, style, razor cheekbones, washboard abs, and a million dollar smile are a dime a dozen. The competition in Hollywood is fierce.

In a city full of attractive men, how do you stand out?

Many men have really stepped up the game, sculpting their bodies, and perfecting their fashion sense.

With all of the eye candy around, it’s easy to develop a secret crush on a Hollywood idol. It is even more attractive when a gorgeous guy is also an awesome dad. Some stars are destined to multiply.

On the big screen, they are heroes, but at home, they are just “dad.” Famous fathers are blessed. Not only do they have talent, good looks, fame, and fortune, but they also have the joy of children.

Balancing career, family, and personal time is the ultimate juggling act. Wanting to have it all is an ambitious feat. Celebrity dads certainly have their hands full managing successful careers, wives, children, and fame in a public spotlight.

They may have the affluence to afford nannies, personal assistants, and chefs, but having a family is a demanding job, no matter who you are. This list of super hot celebrity dads is not just 12 famous men who have children.

This list is dedicated to 13 famous men who raise the bar for fathers everywhere. You’ve admired these stars for their sex appeal; now applaud them for being great dads.

19 David Beckham

Football legend David Beckham tops the list as he is arguably the hottest dad alive.

He is the ruler by which all men are measured. David and his wife, former Spice Girl Victoria, have gorgeous progeny.

Their sons Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz, and daughter Harper, have been blessed with that beautiful Beckham gene. With killer looks, and impeccable fashion sense “Becks” is one of the most handsome dads in existence, and he only gets better with age.

18 Brad Pitt


A list of hot dads would not be complete without actor and producer William Bradley Pitt.

His extraordinary talent confirms that he not just a pretty face.

Brad and his wife Angelina Jolie co-parent six children. Shiloh, Knox, and Vivienne are biological, while Maddox, Pax, and Zahara are adopted. Brad is the busiest father in Hollywood, and one of the most attractive men in the world.

16 Ryan Gosling


6’1” dapper chap Ryan Gosling is a ridiculously hot leading man. The Canadian sensation wears slim-fitted suits well. Who isn’t crazy stupid in love with his abs? Ryan recently had a baby with one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood, Eva Mendes. They welcomed their daughter Esmeralda Amada Gosling in September 2014.

There are so many reasons to love Mr. Gosling.

14 Johnny Depp


Uber stylish Johnny Depp has got it all:

the voice of a god, super sexy dark features, and a mysterious artistic sensibility. Depp is a hands-on father with his children, Lily-Rose and John “Jack.”

He has several tattoos including “Lily-Rose” over his heart, and “Jack” on his right forearm. What’s not to love about this uniquely gorgeous dad?

12 Will Smith

Will Smith has been described as the hardest working man in Hollywood. He’s known not just for being a funny man, but for his incredible body.

Remember his shirtless scene in “I Am Legend?” It was truly legendary. Jada Pinkett-Smith describes her husband Will as her best friend. Together they have two children, Jaden and Willow.

Will is also father to older son, Trey from his first marriage. This cool dad is the epitome of tall, dark, and handsome.

11 Channing Tatum


The irresistible Channing is one of Tinsel Town’s most adorable actors, but he doesn’t rest on his handsome laurels.

His smooth dancing moves wooed us in “Step Up” and “Magic Mike.” Jenna Dewan, Tatum’s co-star in “Step Up” is now his wife. She gave birth to their daughter, Everly in May 2013. A doting husband and father, with a body that is otherworldly make Channing pretty much perfect.

9 Mark Wahlberg


There is no denying the sex appeal of Mark Wahlberg. His sexy smile and bad boy edge commands attention. This muscular actor is in no way one-dimensional.

He can give us an inspirational performance in “The Fighter” then tickle our funny bone in “Ted.” Mark is husband to model Rhea Durham, and father to Ella, Michael, Brendan, and Grace. It’s obvious that he likes what he does, and we love watching him.

7 John Cho


There’s something about John Cho. This talented actor and musician is a modern gentleman with an adorable face. He is immaculate in a suit, and his smile is nothing short of lovable.

John is best known for his roles in “American Pie,” the “Harold and Kumar” series, and “Star Trek”. John and his wife, actress Kerri Higuchi, are the proud parents of a boy and a girl.

We look forward to seeing this divine dad in more leading roles.

5 Chris Hemsworth

Calling Chris Hemsworth hot is an understatement. His dashing good looks and inflated chest are surreal. The Australian actor delighted us in Thor, and once again in The Avengers.

Hemsworth married Spanish actress Elsa Pataky in 2010. They have three children: daughter India, and twin boys Tristan, and Sasha. Chris is a superstar hunk that loves being a dad. What’s more attractive than that?

Jason Bateman can do no wrong. He personifies charm. The A-list actor runs five miles a day, every day. Unquestionably handsome, he has built a successful career, both commercially and critically.

His likeability comes through in every role, as it did in the cult TV series “Arrested Development.” Bateman is married to Paul Anka’s daughter, Amanda Anka.

They are often seen spending quality time with their daughters Francesca and Maple. A genuine father with an understated sexiness is what we love about Jason.

4 Mario Lopez

Mario Lopez is definite eye candy. His dark features, cute dimples and megawatt smile add to his magnetism.

The “Saved by the Bell” actor is in better shape now than he was 20 years ago. He is married to actress Courtney Mazza. They have two adorable kids, daughter Gia and son Dominic. S

hould call him Super Mario?

3 Usher Raymond


Usher is the man. With abs like sculpted marble, this heartthrob is always red-carpet ready. Usher’s talent is proven, becoming one of the top R&B singers in the game. He may be a Grammy winning artist, but his kids are the ones in his spotlight.

He squeezes in quality time with his sons Naviyd and Usher “Cinco” by taking them on the road.

Usher plays the father role well, and looks good doing it.

1 Tom Hardy

British actor Tom Hardy is a perfectly crafted man. With smoking sex appeal and a cool demeanor, he has become one of the hottest actors in the world. Both his physique and his wardrobe are top notch.

Hardy is an extraordinary performer, landing major film roles in “The Black Knight Rises” and “Inception.” Tom married Charlotte Riley in 2014, and had daughter, Charlotte the same year. He also has son, Louis from a previous marriage. This father gets better and better.

- Nichole Padmore

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