Top 15 Fantasies Every Pregnant Woman Has (But Is Too Shy To Admit!)

Everyone has their own fantasies. Who has not had their deepest yearnings and desires being play in their mind’s eye, however unlikely they are to happen in real life? These fantasies can be about anything from the ideal home and the perfect partner to the most enjoyable life that one can think of. Most of the time these fantasies remain what they are, thoughts that are removed far from reality.

It is a common occurrence for women to have fantasies when they are going through pregnancy. Experts say that fantasies increase as pregnancy reaches a more advanced stage and women are about to deliver their baby. This is mostly attributed to raging hormones that can increase sex drive. Boredom as a result of being cooped up in the house can also lead to certain fantasies in a pregnant woman.

What types of fantasies do pregnant women have? Below we give you 15 of the most common fantasies that women have conjured up in their minds while they were pregnant. Women mostly fantasize about sex, food, and even getting wild and crazy. All pregnant women should know that they are not alone and it is perfectly normal to have these feelings.

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15 Strange Cravings

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Not only do pregnant women fantasize about normal edible food, but also they may have fantasies about eating pretty much anything! It has been revealed by many pregnant women that they have fantasized about eating things like clay, chalk, dirt and even chewing on sponges. Seems weird for even those with extreme tastes! But pregnant women are dealing with a higher than normal amount of hormones which can set off cravings for strange food combinations.

While some fantasies involve eating food with intense flavors like chilies, or sweet chocolates, some fantasies involve eating things that should not be consumed. Some women confess that they have fantasized about eating newspaper, soap, and even toothpaste. These are cravings for items that are easily accessible and some women even act on these cravings in real life. Fortunately, no reports of negative side effects to such cravings have been reported so far.

14 Ice Water Or Cold Water

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Pregnant women tend to have a higher than average body temperature. During the warmer months, the combination of higher than average body temperature and soaring temperatures outside can put a strain on a person. It is not surprising that many women fantasize about ice or cold water during the scorching summer months. These fantasies range from just drinking a very cold glass of water to being soaked, head to toe, in ice-cold water. Some women even fantasize about going off to live in the Arctic in order to be surrounded by cold weather.

Pregnant women normally gain some weight during the course of their pregnancy. This results in increased fat stores, which in turn leads to excess body heat. Due to these changes, fantasizing about cold drinks and cold weather seems perfectly natural. Certainly, those living in the hot deserts have also shared this fantasy from time to time.

13 Eating As Much Shrimp And Ice Cream As Possible

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This next story could be categorized as a food fantasy. Some pregnant women, apparently, specifically fantasize about eating ice cream and shrimp as much as possible. Pregnant women may crave sweet and cold things, ice cream presents them with the perfect blend of cold and sweet. Considering the calcium content, ice cream is even somewhat nourishing. For some pregnant women, nothing seems to taste as good as a cold pint of ice cream.

Shrimp is another favorite food for pregnant women. Seafood that is high in mercury is not recommended during pregnancy. Shrimp, however, falls into the category of low-mercury seafood like pollock, catfish, salmon, and sardines. This is one fantasy that pregnant women can indulge in, which many seem to take advantage of. When the characteristics and benefits of these foods are considered, it is easy to see why some women fantasize about eating ice cream and shrimp.

12 Running Away From Everything

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Pregnancy can take a heavy toll on a woman, both emotionally and physically. Some women have the added responsibility of taking care of the home and other children while pregnant. The stress of this could put tremendous pressure on a woman who is pregnant. It’s not hard to understand why one common fantasy for pregnant women is to get away from everything, to just run away from the house and be free.

Some women fantasize about getting away for a quick weekend free from pressure and worries. This would enable them to recharge and come back with renewed vigor. However, some pregnant women fantasize about leaving everything all together and running away forever. Psychologists attribute this to the feeling that pregnant women have of being restricted in their life. But no matter where you run, it is not like you can escape being pregnant.

11 Being Queen Bee

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Pregnancy is a time when women are dealing with the dual stress of raging hormones and weight gain. They have restricted mobility, especially toward the end, and may not have the energy to do what is on their mind. This can result in fantasizing about a situation where they are the queen of their own kingdom and everyone has to do their bidding. Some would love to just sit or lie in bed as people cater to their every whims and fancies.

Pregnant women have these fantasies in part because they may become idle and lethargic for months. Since their body can no longer keep up with what they want to do physically, they may fantasize about being obeyed by everyone. They may dream about being able to control others. Rather than stirring the hornet’s nest, family members would do well to just obey their queen bee.

10 Keeping Everything Neat And Tidy

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Some women have an obsession with keeping everything neat and organized. Studies have found that some women have a primal instinct to keep everything in order. Whether it is the house, their family, relationship, work, or even habits, most women want order and stability. They dislike it when everything is out of place or disorganized. This is one reason for domestic squabbles even when a woman is not pregnant.

Many pregnant women experience an urge called “nesting.” This urge drives them to make sure that things are in order before the baby arrives. They may fantasize about what the house should be like. However, as the later stages of pregnancy put limitations on activity and mobility, they may fantasize about having the house in order or having someone put it in order for them. Pregnant or not, this is one fantasy that everyone ought to have.

9 Food

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Many of the fantasies pregnant women have are sexual. However, in addition to having a heightened drive, pregnant women also need to eat and may think about food more often. This is one reason why many pregnant women have fantasies about eating and preparing different kinds of food at some point during their pregnancy. Some even believe that fantasies about food are related to sexual desires. Both of these are cravings that the body wants to satiate and one seems to be no less different than the other.

Many women may fantasize about strange food combinations. They might visualize themselves cooking different kinds of dishes they would not normally have thought about before they were pregnant. For example, one pregnant woman said that she fantasized about mounds of ranch dressing on white rice.

8 Being Romanced 

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Many women dream of living the romantic life we see in movies. They dream of meeting the perfect partner in the perfect place and having a fairytale ending to their love story. For some getting pregnant and starting a family takes the cake when compared to other fairytale fantasies. But this does not stop pregnant women from fantasizing about spending romantic moments with their partners.

One common thing that pregnant women worry about is being physically unattractive to their partners. They may have gained weight and their baby bump is messing up their normal figure, making them lose confidence in their bodies. Still, women want their partner to desire them physically. They may fantasize about going to exotic places, sharing intimate moments and spending romantic evenings with their partners even as their confidence wanes. Pregnancy might make some feel unattractive on the outside, but beautiful fantasies remain on the inside.

7 Hooking Up With An Old Flame

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It is not uncommon for anyone, including pregnant women, to experience this fantasy. It has been found that both men and women can carry feelings for their former lovers even after they get married and start a family. But due to the changes inherent in pregnancy, it appears that pregnant women may be more likely to rekindle feelings for their past lovers. This results in more fantasies of this nature and explains why this appears to be a particularly common fantasy among pregnant women.

Some might say this fantasy teeters on the edge of infidelity. However no one has to worry, these fantasies are not a cause for concern for the spouses. Experts say that this type of fantasy does not mean women love their partners any less. This fantasy is merely the brain’s way of bringing closure to an old part of your life as you get ready to start a new one.

6 In With The Old 

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Some women are strong and independent while others want to be cared for and protected. This may explain why many women tend to fall for men who look strong and capable of supporting and taking care of a family. An older and more mature man promises both financial and emotional stability and comfort to many women. It is no wonder then that many women fantasize about being with an older man during what can feel like a scary, uncertain time.

Pregnancy can be a long and scary ordeal for many women. Some pregnant women may feel helpless and incapable of standing up to the big bad world in which they live. So they look for someone who appears strong enough to face the hustle and bustle of daily life. This might be the reason why many women, especially younger women in their 20s, have this common fantasy about older men.

5 Moving Somewhere Cold

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Any woman who has ever been pregnant will tell you that it is a sweaty, sweaty time. Beginning in the earliest points of pregnancy, the extreme hormonal changes a woman undergoes can cause her body temperature to increase. As the pregnancy progresses the woman’s changing body becomes another source of heat. Just think about it, a pregnant woman is carrying around at least an extra ten or fifteen pounds in baby and fluids, not to mention any weight gain she’s experienced on top of that. It’s enough to make anyone beg for relief!

What used to be a brisk walk up a flight of stairs becomes akin to climbing Mount Everest! Is it any surprise then that many pregnant women fantasizing about taking a trip to a cold locale? Especially towards the end of a pregnancy! Many pregnant women would do anything for even a little relief from the unrelenting heat.

4 Skipping To The End Of The Pregnancy

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And speaking of the end of pregnancy! We’re certainly willing to bet that there are a fair number of expecting moms out there who routinely fantasize about fast forwarding to the end of their nine months. Or even to after the birth of their children! Given how physically uncomfortable and emotionally draining pregnancy can be for many women, it is not difficult to imagine why they might wish they could skip over it entirely.

We imagine this is especially true for women who have high-risk pregnancies, suffer from extreme morning sickness or are otherwise debilitated by the experience. Even women who have the easiest pregnancies in the world probably want to fast forward a bit towards the end, with the full discomfort and limited mobility kick in. We certainly don’t blame any moms-to-be out there who feel this way! Childbirth can be an exciting and downright frightening experience.

3 Fitting Into Her Pre-Pregnancy Clothes Immediately

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We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: a woman’s body undergoes massive changes during pregnancy. This time we’re not talking about changes brought on by hormonal shifts, like body temperature issues and aversion to certain smells. We’re talking about the actual physical changes that are necessary to accommodate a growing human being. Mom’s shape is fundamentally going to change, so it’s not surprising to hear that many pregnant women dream about getting their old bodies back.

For some, this dream will certainly become a reality. There are always going to be those new moms who seem like they were never pregnant at all. But for some others, it can take years to fit back into those pre-baby clothes. And that’s okay! For others still, fitting into the pre-baby clothes might never be a reality. And that’s okay too! We’re all different, and our self-worth should not be tied to whether or not we return to our pre-baby sizes.

2 Wearing Cute Shoes

We’ve talked about some of the physical changes that a woman’s body undergoes when she is growing a brand new human being, but there are more subtle changes that are also worth mentioning. Did you know that a woman’s feet can grow a size or two during pregnancy? Well, they can! It’s all due to a hormone called relaxin, which is produced by the ovaries and placenta. This hormone causes the ligaments in a woman’s body to relax to make birth possible. The relaxed ligaments can allow the feet to grow, specifically, they tend to widen, and suddenly all those cute shoes won’t fit anymore!

Even for women who don’t experience this wacky foot widening phenomena, wearing super trendy, cute shoes can become impossible in the later stages of pregnancy due to swelling, discomfort, or just the inability to put get anything on that aren’t lose slip-ons. It’s understandable then that the more fashion-oriented among us may fantasize about finally getting back into those cute heels. Or even buying all new shoes to accommodate their different foot size.

1 Getting A Full Night’s Sleep

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Some people may be under the impression that the sleep deprivation doesn’t kick in until after the baby is born, those people would be incorrect! Sleep issues can start as early as the first trimester, though in that case, it’s usually that mom can’t stay awake! Towards the end of the pregnancy, mom is likely to have a heck of a time getting to, and staying, asleep. This is largely due to the physical demands of carrying a large baby around.

Mom might be getting up every two or three hours to use the bathroom, or maybe she can’t get comfortable enough to sleep for more than an hour at a time. Maybe she needs to sleep sitting up and is constantly woken up by heartburn! Whatever the reason, mom definitely starts to fantasize about a good night’s sleep long before baby even arrives.

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