15The Tank

From Liz, here's the story of the time she nearly turned savage on her brother.

"My family is fairly outspoken, so I should have seen it coming. Well, it's not that I didn't see it coming. I just didn't expect my reaction to be so intense. So, more than the insult,

I didn't see my own reaction to it coming until it was already too late.

My brother is a real jerk anyway - a lovable jerk I should say - so when he called me "Tank" I'm sure it was just him being himself. We were all standing around after a Sunday meal when he just called me that name rather nonchalantly.

Tank was what he called me. I blurted out, "I'll show you a tank, you *expletive*! I'll show you a tank with the barrel pointed right up your *expletive*!"

Yeah, I'm sure baby got a kick out of that one. "Thanks uncle Frank, you big jerk, you."

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