The Top 2019 Super Bowl Commercials: Mom-Relevant Edition

As a Chicago Bears fan, I only wanted two things out of this year's Super Bowl. First, I wanted to see someone miss an important fieldgoal, because...well, if you watch the NFL, you know why. Second? I just wanted it to be anyone BUT the Patriots in the bowl. And yet - here we are. I was less than pleased with the gameplay and results of the 53rd Super Bowl. Even the commercials seemed a bit flat in places! But a few of them really hit the mark. Specifically, the mom mark! These Super Bowl commercials were the most revelant to parents everywhere.

"We All Win" By Microsoft

Grab the Kleenex! Via YouTube

Microsoft's spot became an instant success during the Super Bowl by appealing to people who often don't see themselves represented in our media. "We All Win" focuses on Microsoft's adaptive controller for video games. Get your Kleenex ready before rewatching this one. Seeing a big burly dad choke up at the thought of his son being treated just the same as his peers while playing video games...well, you'll get choked up, too. Microsoft ends this commercial with the heartwarming tag: "When everybody plays, we all win." Here here, Microsoft! This commercial speaks to parents whose kids might need a little extra consideration in terms of accessibility - and to anyone who just simply cares about kids.

"Stinky Booty Duty" By Pampers

Chrissy Teigen steals the show! Via Red Tricycle

As a mom of two kids in diapers, this ad from Pampers really hit the right note. Chrissy Teigen and John Legend are both huge influencers, and this commercial follows Chrissy's new role as Pamper's creative consultant. In the spot, John Legend sings to his son Miles as he changes his diaper. "Somebody's got a stinky booty..." He looks to his daughter, Luna, and asks for backup. A host of babywearing dads appears to sing backup vocals, with a cute wrap-up by Adam Levine and his baby. Even better than all the cute baby-kid interactions here? Learning that Chrissy is actually the songwriter for their little family diaper ditty - John just does the singing.

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"Bad Passengers By M&Ms (Mars)

You can see the mom-rage in her eyes. We've all been there. Via Hartford Courant

In an all-too-familiar scene, Christina Applegate is seen driving some feisty backseat passengers around in her SUV. Moms everywhere knew this commercial was for them; our ears perked up at the sound of fighting and hitting and whining. The voices of the M&M crew are easy to recognize, so we know what to expect to find buckled in the back. Finally, Applegate has had enough of the fussing. She slams on her brakes, whips her head around with all the fervor of a sleep-deprived mom, and grits her teeth. "Ok, that's it - if you don't stop I will eat all of you alive RIGHT NOW." That's when we see the M&Ms are now part of the new M&M chocolate bar. The authenticity of two kids fighting in their car seats...literally, every mom can relate to this. It's chocolate, it's a celebrity as a mom, and the frustration in her face is so real. Somebody give that girl a chocolate bar. She's earned it!

"Change Up The Usual" By Stella Artois

Familiar faces caught my eye! Via Eater

A beer commercial for moms? Yes, actually. I've gotta say, it's pretty refreshing as a woman to see a beer commercial clearly written for women - and doesn't emphasize some sort of "diet" aspect of the beer. Stella's commercial featured Sarah Jessica Parker, super recognizable from her Sex & The City Days. The server is bringing her usual - a cosmopolitan cocktail - when she asks for a Stella Artois instead! While Parker was dressed in her finest fashions, The Dude from Big Lebowski showed up to order a Stella for himself, robes and all. Both recognize the other's great taste as they ordered Stellas - not their "usual" drink. Using such iconic characters made it immediately relevant to so many women, including those who are well into their years as a mom.

"Food Porn" By Devour (Kraft Heinz)

Kraft Heinz hit a note with lots of couples. Via YouTube

A boyfriend eats frozen meals several times a day. His girlfriend is frustrated that he isn't interested in her "regular" food anymore, and he's sneaking the frozen food behind her back. Kraft Heinz released a longer, more-risque version a week earlier - including a tongue-in-cheek ad campaign run on the largest free porn site on the internet. That move might have landed them in some hot water, but it looks like it paid off. Social media - Twitter, specifically - ate up "two or three servings" of this frozen food ad. Look, it's not for everyone. But the parents who are slogging through the early years of childhood - little sleep, minimal sex, and feeling just "not up to it"...this one's for you. Don't take yourself so seriously!

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