Top 25 Baby Names You Didn't Know Were Popular

When it comes time to decide on a name for a baby, parents might want one that is not too popular. Or, they might wish to choose a name that is high on the popularity ranks. Sometimes, though, it can be difficult to determine the latest names that are climbing the charts.

Especially if they're a brand new parent who will be choosing a name, finding a name based on popularity ranking is not always easy. You may not know many other children, or be exposed to which names are currently popular and which names are tanking.

It's very fun for parents-to-be to go through the baby names as they start to figure out which name will fit their soon to be bundle of joy. It is often an enjoyable, yet overwhelming, experience. There are a lot of baby names out there!

There are some baby names out there, for both boys and girls, that may not seem as if they would be very popular. Yet they are. Just because mom and dad think a name would not be one many other parents would choose, doesn't mean that other parents have not thought the same as them- and in turn, there ends up being lots of babies and children by that very name!

If couples are looking for a different kind of name that is popular, this list if for them. If these parents-to-be are in the market for a name for their little one that's a bit unusual--but not popular, this list is also for those couples too. Most parents may just be surprised at some of the baby names that they never knew were actually popular!


The name Charlotte sure is adorable. It is a name for a baby girl that gives off that old time vibe, making it seem as if it would not be too popular. Well, Charlotte is a name that is on the rise! This name is getting to be quite popular, which may surprise some people.

The name Charlotte is of French origin and means free man. It has gained a great deal of popularity over the past couple of years, even getting into the top 10 baby names! If this surprises you, you are not alone.

One reason many believe to be the cause of the sudden rise in fame for the name Charlotte is because the Prince William and Kate named their sweet little girl Charlotte!


The name Declan is adorable for a baby boy, but be aware, this cute name is much more popular than you may realize. This classic name for a sweet little boy may be traditional, but it is becoming quite trendy. Do not be surprised if Declan hits number one on the baby name charts soon.

Declan is of Irish origin and means man of prayer. Actually, the name has so much history that the meaning is pure speculation, no one really knows what the name Declan means. At the very least, we know it is cute and set to be a name many want to give their bundle of joy baby boys. Want to hear a fun fact? Rumor has it that Elvis' real name was Declan!


Ava is an adorably sweet, classical name of a baby girl. This name was hugely popular in the 1940's for a decade or two, then it dropped from the popular name charts. Well, the beautiful name of Ava has returned, and in a big way. Ava has become very popular. So popular, yet a popularity that is unknown to many who are looking to choose it as a name for their baby girl.

Ava is of Latin origin (taken from the name Eve), and means life. The name Ava sure is full of life! This surprisingly popular name is set to hit the very top of the charts. If you think choosing the name Ava will give your little one an edge, think again. This is one very cute, and very popular name!


Julian is one of those names that was ultra popular once upon a time, but even so had a bit of a dull image. Now, Julian is seen as trendy, cool, and the perfect name for a baby boy. Did you know that Julian is one of the hottest baby boy names currently around? It is true- it is very popular right now!

The name Julian means youthful. It is a derivative of the Latin name Julius. Julian is quite the “it” name right now. If you have not hopped on the Julian bandwagon, or maybe never even knew it existed, you may want to keep in the back of your mind just how many little Julians will be running around in years to come. Because there will be a lot of them, we can promise that much!


You may not be aware, but the name Olivia is currently topping the charts! Olivia is an adorable baby girl name, and one that has seen a rise in fame that is making us meet lots of little Olivias! Perhaps it is because of the television show Scandal, or maybe it is because people are trying to pick a cute name that they feel is a little bit different, either way, it is causing the name Olivia to become very popular.

Olivia means olive tree and is of Latin origin. It is the female version of Oliver. It is a great name, but be aware that there are lots of little Olivias out there! In fact, the name of Olivia has steadily remained in the top five baby girl names in the past few years. Does that surprise you?


The name Asher may surprise you as being a popular name, but it is! And it is getting more and more popular as we speak. This name for a baby boy has literally jumped the charts. The name Asher essentially lay dormant at the deep down bottom of the charts for years, when suddenly, it has sprung up, jumping hundreds of places up the charts in recent years.

Asher is of Hebrew origin and means fortunate, happy one. Any little boy named Asher is sure to be sweet and jolly! It is a very cute name for a baby boy, one that appears as unique but is really quite popular, and only getting higher on the charts with each day that passes, especially as it is used more on television shows and as names for celebrity offspring.


Mia is an adorable name for a pretty baby girl. What surprises many parents to be though, is the simple fact that this cute little name is much more popular than a lot of us realize. Mia is really rising on the charts. For the last few years, the name Mia pretty much hid under the radar, all while slowly gaining fame. Suddenly, it is one of the most popular names to give a baby girl!

Mia has two origins, Italian and Scandinavian, Mia is short for Maria. The name means "mine" or "bitter" and was ranked #6 on 2015's popular name charts.

The name Mia means mine. Your little pink bundle of joy will certainly be all yours! But not her name. Her name will belong to lots of little girls. Mia is in the top ten baby names of the decade. Did you know that?! Not too shocking, it is really cute!


The perfect name for your little devil might be Dante! Problem is, many parents to be are thinking about naming their little boy Dante. This powerful and dramatic name is one that you may have never known was as popular as it is, and it is only getting higher on the baby boy name charts. Many moms and dads to be choose it as a unique choice, but it is not so unique anymore.

Dante is a name that is quite popular in the Italian community. However, the name itself is actually of Latin origin and means enduring. Well, we know your little fireball will be enduring to your heart and to your feet as you chase him around! Dante is a cute choice for a baby boy, which is no wonder it has gotten quite popular.


Most of us are familiar with one famous Amelia- solo pilot Amelia Earhart. While she was amazing, her name has become much more popular since her time! Amelia is a cute and sophisticated name for a little girl full of adventure. And it is one that is getting more and more popular as we speak. And we can see why, the name has feminine strength to it as well as a great sound.

The name Amelia means work or striving and is of both German and Latin origin. It is rising the charts as a hot name, set to take over the likes of Amanda and Emily. This is one popular name that many do not realize is as popular as it is- and will be. Do not be surprised to run into lots of little Amelias in the coming years and decades!


While the name Max is cute, parents these days are opting for a longer, perhaps different choice for their Max by giving him the full name of Maximus. If that is the name you are thinking of, you are not alone. Maximus is gaining fame and is far more popular than most of us could have guessed it would ever become.

Maximus means greatest and is of Latin origin. Your little Maximus, or Max for short, will always be your great little one- no matter how big and tall he gets! This name may sound unique, but its popularity is giving it a spot on the baby boy name charts as it makes its way to the top. Perhaps this is a new trend- to give a classic full name with a cute nickname.


We all know the name Lucy (one of the Peanuts characters, after all!) but what one may not realize is just how popular this sweet baby girl name has become. Lucy is an adorable name for a baby girl, and if you think no one else is naming their baby girl Lucy, you are quite mistaken. This old name is in the right place to make a complete comeback and take over.

We would not be surprised if Lucy eventually hit the top five baby girl names. It has climbed up the charts faster than anyone could have guessed. The name Lucy, which means light, is a lovable choice for any playful baby girl. Just be aware that there are going to be a few other Lucys out there, since many parents are opting to name their baby girls this pretty name.


Does the name Ezra feel like a different kind of name for a baby boy? While it may seem that way, you might be surprised to learn that the name Ezra is becoming quite popular. A few celebrities have named their baby Ezra, which may have given this name more notice than it has received in years.

The name Ezra is biblical and means help. Biblical names are appearing to gain more popularity in recent years, and Ezra is no exception. Ezra is steadily rising the charts as a name that is unique- but watch out, it is popular, too! The name Ezra can be interchangeable as well. While it is typically reserved for baby boys, it is gaining popularity as a name for little girls, as well.

Ezra means "help"in Hebrew and was #29 on the popular baby name charts back in 2015.


Cora is a cute name for a baby girl that many find to be unique. This name may not be as unique as you are lead to believe! Cora is on the rise, and has been for a few years. The name Cora may be deceiving. It gives off a feeling as if it is a name that is rarely used, when, in fact, that is far from the truth.

Cora means maiden in Greek, and is the euphemistic name for the goddess of fertility- Persephone. The name Cora's life on the baby name charts has essentially been all over the place. It has been widely popular, seems to disappear, and then, especially recently, makes a sudden comeback. No matter what though, we can all agree Cora is a beautiful name for a baby girl.


This may come as a shock, but the seemingly unique name of Atticus is steadily rising on the charts as a popular name for baby boys. The name Atticus may scream different and unusual, perfect if you are looking for a name everyone knows, but nobody uses. However, Atticus is no longer in that category.

Even some celebrities have begun to name their baby boys Atticus, perhaps the reason for a spike in boys by this name.

The name Atticus is well known as the character from the novel To Kill A Mockingbird. Atticus means from Attica and is of Latin origin. Attica is a region around Athens, Greece. Keep in mind that this name is set to climb the top of the charts sooner than we may think it would!


Natalie is a classic name. It's not only a pretty name, but it's a strong one too. It is also in the top twenty baby girl names of the past decade. Could you have guessed that?! Natalie is a known name, but to many parents to be, it does not come across as popular as it actually is. Natalie is a nice choice for a baby girl, which obviously lots of new parents agree with!

The name Natalie if of French origin, derived from Russian Natalia. Natalie means birthday of the Lord. When you start thinking about it, you can probably name a few famous Natalies just as actresses and the names of characters on shows. Yet, Natalie still is a name that stays under the radar, yet climbs those baby name charts.


We have already mentioned that the female version of the name Oliver, Olivia, is gaining immense popularity. Well, so is Oliver! Again, an old time feel with a modern twist, the name Oliver seems destined for fame. This classically adorable name for a baby boy is much more popular than many people realize. Not surprisingly when you think about it, it is quite cute!

The name Oliver means olive tree and is of Latin origin. It has actually been extraordinarily popular in Australia and England, and is now taking the United States and Canada by storm! If a rarely used, unique name is what you are looking for- sorry, but Oliver is not it. Oliver is set to hit number one on the charts before we know it!

So for those who are disappointed to see this name on the list, sorry, you can't fight the wave of popularity, but you can also name your bundle of joy something else. So there's that silver lining.


Hazel is an old fashioned name that traditional feel has caught the attention of more than a few new parents. Hazel is an adorable, classic name with a bit of an edge, exactly what many moms to be are looking for when naming their baby girl. The thing is though, Hazel is not as unique as it once was. In fact, it is getting to be very popular, to the surprise of many people.

Hazel is of English origin and means from the hazelnut tree. This can also be considered a color name as well. Okay, so it's not the most exciting name meaning or type of name, but that certainly has not stopped people from giving their baby girls the name Hazel! The pretty name of Hazel is getting so popular, celebrities have also begun naming little girls this popular name.


King is a name for a baby boy that is way more popular than one might think. Perhaps because it is strong and unique (or once was!), or maybe because some celebrities have named their baby boys King, such as the name of Blac Chyna's son. Either way, while it appears different, and may be- it is getting popular!

The name King is of English origin and means, not surprisingly, monarch. Your little prince is destined to be a king, so naming him King may be the perfect thing! Just be aware that this baby boy name is gaining popularity as we speak. The name King is not just for killer canines anymore, it's also used for sweet little boys destined for greatness and success, as well!

And who doesn't want those two things for their child anyway?


While the name Lillian may sound like a name reserved for old ladies, think again! This pretty little name for a baby girl is becoming quite popular. This name seems to follow the trend of giving your baby a nice, traditional full name, with an optional adorable nickname. In this case, we can agree the the nickname of Lilly for Lillian is full of joy and totally beautiful!

Lillian means like a flower and is of Latin origin. This name has caught the attention of more than a few moms and dads to be, as the name Lillian is quickly rising on the baby name charts. We must admit, gray hair aside, it is a cute name with an even more sweet nickname. No wonder it has become so popular!


The traditional Italian name of Giovanni has seen a sudden upsurge in popularity lately. This is a name that is far more popular than any of us could have guessed it would be. Giovanni is adorable. You can call your little guy Gio for short! Clearly, lots of parents have made this realization, making Giovanni rise on the charts quite a bit.

The name Giovanni is the Italian version of John. Of Italian origin, the name means God is gracious. Popular in Italy and now increasingly popular in the United States. This name is becoming far more popular and common than anyone could have guessed. People want a name that is a bit different. You get that with Giovanni, but it is not as unique as it once was- it is just too cute!


When you think of the name Eleanor, what comes to mind? Is it your grandma? Eleanor Roosevelt? A bouncing beautiful baby girl?! Well, for many new moms and dads, when they think of Eleanor, they think of their own adorable daughter. That's right, Eleanor is hugely popular right now, and only getting more and more popular as we speak!

Eleanor may seem like one of those old fashioned names, reserved only for the elderly, but those old ladies were once little girls! Eleanor has come back in a big way. The name meaning is actually unknown, but Eleanor dates back to the twelfth century with old English and royal origins! With cute nicknames like Ellie and Nellie, no wonder it is so popular, and continues to increase in popularity.


Axel may not seem like a popular name for a little baby boy, but it is quickly rising on the baby name charts. This different kind of name for a sweet boy has lost much of its uniqueness, as it has become quite a popular choice lately. The singer Fergie recently named her baby boy Axel, which many say could be the reason for the sudden rise in fame of this seemingly unknown name.

The name Axel, also spelled Axel (like Fergie's choice), is of Scandinavian origin (of the name Absalom) and means father of peace. While it gives off a bad guy kind of vibe, we must admit it is kind of cute for a baby boy. Which is what many parents must be thinking since this name is more popular than you would have thought it would be!


The name Quinn is a unique and pretty name for a baby girl. Only thing is that this name is not so different anymore, it is far more popular than many of us ever realized! The name has come and go on the baby name charts. This name usually spikes when a popular character bares the same name, such as Dr Quinn medicine woman and more recently, a lead character on the hit television show, Glee.

Quinn is of Irish origin, and is derived from the name Conn, which means wisdom. While it seems like a name that would not be popular, that is exactly why so many people like it! Quinn is definitely a name that is far more popular than the majority of us could have ever guessed.


It may be a bit surprising to learn that the name Elijah, though known, is far more popular than most of us would think it would be. Elijah is really hot right now, it is headed towards being in the top ten baby boy names. We know we would not have guessed it, but this name is rising on the charts.

The name Elijah means my God is Yahweh (Hebrew name for God). This name hid in the shadows for awhile. Only recently has it gained fame, really from some of the famous! Many celebrities have opted to name their bundles of joy Elijah, which could be the reason this name has become as popular as it is. We must admit, it is kind of cute for a little boy.


Watch out because Serenity is on her way! This cute name for your little sweetheart is becoming so popular that it's destined to hit the top of the baby name charts before we know it. This name is more than just nice, it's also a lovely name for a baby girl is one that may not seem as popular as it is. And Serenity is only gaining in popularity.

The name Serenity means peaceful. We could have guessed that?! What better name for a sweet little girl than one that invokes peace. We love it. Maybe you do too. And obviously many other moms and dads to be find the name Serenity to be sweet and charming, because it is one that is getting more and more popularity as time passes on.

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