Top 40 Baby Names in Texas

As a shout-out to our loyal followers in Texas, here we reveal the top 40 baby names favored in the state. There are definitely some unique names on this list that you won’t find in the country’s top 40 rankings.

Check this out to see if your little one’s name is on the list or to get inspiration if you are looking for a baby name. And thanks for the love Texas!

Note: All ranking information can be attributed to the U.S. Social Security Administration website.

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40 Nathan

Nathan squeaked into the top 40 baby names in Texas, taking the last available spot. This means that 1,059 families chose Nathan for their baby. The year prior, Nathan was more popular coming in at #36, so it’s slipped a little.

We think Nathan is a great name but it didn’t rank in the top 40 in the U.S. overall. All that means is that it is one of the more unique names on this list.

With Hebrew roots, it means he gave. Another popular variation of Nathan is “Nathaniel”. We think the short-form Nate is super cute. If you named your baby Nathan, he’ll share it with funnyman Nathan Lane.

39 Christian

Christian secured spot #39 in the hearts of Texans in 2015. In addition to your Christian, this means there were 1,061 others born in the state around the same time. The name hasn't moved much in the rankings, rising only one spot since the year prior. Relative to the U.S. overall, Christian is more popular in Texas. It came in at #59 when we consider all of the U.S.

Its origins are fairly obvious in that it means "of the Christian faith" but it didn’t become a common name until the 17th-century. Famous folks with the first name Christian include Christian Slater, Christian Bale, and Christian Dior.

38 Julian

Coming in at #38 in Texas is Julian. It's on the up and up, having risen 9 spots in one year! It's considerably less popular in the U.S. as a whole, not ranking in the top 40 names.

With Greek roots, the name Julian means youthful or young at heart. This seems quite fitting for an active baby boy. This name doesn’t have a natural short form but if you chose this name, there is no doubt your little boy’s buddies will shorten it to Jules. Julian also converts nicely into the French pronunciation more akin to Julien, with a soft "n" sound.

Music legend John Lennon and wife Yoko Ono chose the name Julian for their son.

37 Isaac

Rising one spot since the year before, Isaac came in as the 37th most popular baby name in Texas. It ranked at spot 42 in the U.S. overall. This adorable name means he will laugh. And of course he will and you will, too. There is nothing more infectious or lovable than baby giggles.

Isaac is a strong biblical character. He is the son of Abraham and Sarah. He was known as a miracle so it’s no wonder Texans love this little boy's name.

If you chose this name, your little wonder will share his name with the likes of Isaac Lupien (actor, dancer, and teen heart-throb), the eldest Hanson brother, and fashion mogul Isaac Mizrahi.

36 Camila

Coming in at #36 is Camila. This means there were 1,115 Camilas born in Texas in 2015. This name moved up one spot from the year prior. Much more popular in Texas than in other parts of the country, Camila doesn't even rank in the top 100 in the U.S. overall. In fact, 20% of all Camilas born in 2015 in the U.S. were born in Texas.

This pretty girl's name is often used in France, Spain, and Portugal. It means free-born or noble. Short forms include Cam, Cammie, or Mila. We think this is a great choice.

Famous Camilas include pop singer Camila Capello, Camila Giorgio (tennis player), and Camila Alves (model).

35 Alexa

The name Alexa was originally a short form of Alexandra but is now its own standalone name. It ranked at #35 in Texas and has moved up a lot! It was #80 in 2014.

If you choose this name, you may also call your little girl Alex, Lexa or Lexie. It’s strong, yet feminine. Its male form is Alexander, and a female variant for Alexa is Cassandra. We imagine a little Alexa to be spunky and confident.

Alexa means helper and defender which may be inspirational to your little one. Famous Alexas include Alexa PenaVega (actress) and Alexa Bliss (wrestler).

34 Joshua

Joshua is a Hebrew name meaning salvation. We think it’s a great name that transitions nicely from baby to teen to adult.

It’s the 34th most popular baby name in Texas, having slipped 6 spots since the year before. In total, there were 1,154 baby boys named Joshua born in Texas in 2015. It's a less popular name in the U.S. overall than it is in Texas, taking the 45th spot in the country at large.

If you choose this name, you may be calling your little man Josh for short. He'll share his proper name with the likes of cutie-patooties Josh Duhamel and Joshua Jackson.

33 Benjamin

Benjamin is a great name that has been popular in Texas for over a decade. It settled in at #33 in Texas in the most recent year having moved up one spot. It holds the #16 spot in the U.S. as a whole making it more common in other states. It has several cute nicknames--Ben, Benji, and Bennie to name a few.

This name is Hebrew in origin and means son of the south. Famous Benjamins include Ben Stiller, Ben Affleck and, of course, Benjamin Franklin. In fact, we can thank this Ben for giving the $100 bill the nickname--Benjamin.

32 Victoria

Victoria, #32 in Texas, means victory in Latin. It didn't change much from the year before and is considerably more popular in Texas than it is in the U.S. as a whole. It came in at #68 in the country. There were 1,203 Victorias born in the state of Texas in 2015, which accounted for 16% of all Victorias born in the U.S. for the year.

This beautiful name is definitely fit for royalty but has several cute nicknames including Tori, Vic, and Vicky. Famous Victorias include Victoria Beckham, Tori Spelling, and Victoria Justice. It’s a sophisticated girl's name that transitions nicely from baby to adult.

31 Anthony

Anthony means worthy of praise and is derived from the Roman family name Antonius. It ranked #31 in Texas in 2015, slipping six spots since the year prior. This means there were 1,205 baby boy Anthonys born to Texans in the year 2015. In the U.S. overall, it came in at #34 so it’s about as popular elsewhere.

Its well-known short-form Tony is popular. Famous Anthonys include Anthony Kiedis of The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Anthony Hopkins, and Anthony Michael Hall. Your little Anthony will probably be tough with a soft spot and a big smile.

30 Dylan

Dylan is a popular name with Welsh roots. History suggests it belonged to a god of the sea. Having moved up three spots, it came in at #30 in Texas with 1,235 babies named Dylan in 2015. In the U.S. overall it ranked in at spot #37.

If you aren't a fan of nicknames, this could be the name for you. There isn't a natural or obvious one.

If you choose this name for your son, he’ll join the ranks of Dylan McDermott, Dylan O’Brien, and Dylan Spouse. This name also gained heavy popularity in the 1990s due to the television series "90210" whose leading handsome bad boy was named Dylan.

29 Christopher

You can’t really go wrong with a solid name like Christopher. That’s probably why 1,243 Texans chose this name for their baby boy in 2015. Christopher came in at #29, having moved up one spot since the year prior. It came in at spot #44 in the U.S. overall.

This name has Greek roots, from the name Christophoros, and means "bearing Christ". While Christopher won't win you any points for originality, it's a solid and dependable choice.

There are too many famous Christophers to mention but your little guy will be in great company. Most likely he will become Chris but Christopher is a nice, sophisticated option for a grown man.

28 Luke

Despite being used as a short form for “Lucas” or "Lukas", Luke has been a standalone name in use since the 12th century. It came in at #28 in Texas, having moved up one spot. It squeaks into the top 40 in the U.S. overall, securing spot #38.

It is the English form of the Greek name Loukas. The most famous Luke might be the fictional Star Wars character “Luke Skywalker" but among mortals, you’ll find Luke Bryan and Luke Hemsworth. We expect any little Luke to be a spirited adventurer, keeping mom and dad on their toes.

27 Angel

Angel, as a boy's name, came in at #27 in Texas, having fallen one spot. This name came in at #95 in the U.S. overall, so it's very popular in Texas. In fact, 21% of all American baby boys named Angel in 2015 were born in Texas.

We certainly don’t need to spell out its meaning for you but it's obvious that this name from the heavens is more popular among Texans than it is among Americans overall. Angela is a common feminine form of Angel, although Angel is also used for girls. That said, it is more common for boys.

The sports world provides a number of famous Angels including Angel Di Maria (soccer player), Angel Cabrera (golfer), and Angel Pagan (baseball player).

26 James

James is a truly classic name that has stood the test of time. It ranked #26 in Texas, having risen six spots within a year. This means along with your James, there were 1,266 other Texan James babies born in 2015. It has held firm as a top name in the U.S. overall coming in at #13.

James means to supplant or replace and is actually a variant of Jacob. Baby James' in Texas account for about 9% of those born in the U.S. in 2015.

What’s particularly interesting is that its unconventional nicknames, Jim, Jamie, or Jimmy, really transform the name. Famous folks called James include James Blunt, James Cameron, James Patterson, and James Belushi.

25 Emily

Emily is an adorable name that means hard working. It held the #1 girl's spot in the U.S. overall for many years but has slipped to #8 since. In Texas, it came in as the #25 baby name having slipped four spots since the year prior.

It has Roman and French roots and is the female version of Emile. Famous people named Emily include Emily Blunt, Emily Watson, and in the literary world, Emily Dickinson and Emily Bronte. Any adorable little Emily will be happy and kind, going to extra lengths for her friends.

24 William

This name, which transitions well from baby to adulthood, came in at #24 for Texas parents, moving from #23 the year prior. It has been in the top 5 for boys in the U.S. overall since 2009. Of the all the baby boy Williams born in 2015, Texas accounts for about 8% of them.

It is derived from the German name Wilhelm and means strong-willed warrior. Nicknames include Will, Willy, Bill, Billy, and Liam. Famous Williams include Prince William of course, Bill Clinton, Will Smith, Billy Bob Thornton, Bill Murray, Shakespeare…the list goes on and on.

23 Mason

This cute name has become trendy of late, cracking the top 50 U.S. boy's name list in 2005. In Texas, it ranked #15 for boys and #23 as a baby name overall. Mason holds the #6 baby name spot in the U.S. overall which means it is popular in many states.

It is of English heritage and is derived from the surname meaning stone maker. Some parents also choose this name for girls. If you google "famous Masons", you'll find a lot of young stars. This just demonstrates that it has come into vogue recently.

22 Abigail

Abigail settled in at #22 in Texas in 2015. It is also a popular name in the U.S., holding the 22nd spot in the rankings of the country as a whole. It has Hebrew origins and means my father is joy. Adorable nicknames include Abby and Gail. In fact, some parents choose this name simply because they love the Abby short form.

This name transitions nicely from childhood to adulthood. Famous Abigails? There aren’t many but Abigail Breslin can’t be denied. We think baby Abigails will grow up to be sophisticated and stylish, the envy of many.

21 Michael

Michael needs no introduction. This name came in at #21 in Texas, having slipped three spots. This means there were 1,401 baby Michaels born to Texans in 2015. Of course, this name is popular in the country overall, coming in at #15.

Everyone knows multiple Michaels, so if you choose this name, he’ll be in good company. The name has Hebrew origins and means who is like god? which is meant to be a rhetorical question. We don’t have enough space to do the list of famous Michaels justice but you could turn it into a game. The first person to draw a blank on a famous Michael, loses.

20 Elijah

Elijah came in at #20 in Texas. It was about as popular in Texas the year before but is slightly more popular in the U.S. overall, holding spot #17. About 11% of American baby Elijahs are born to Texans.

Elijah is a biblical name from the Old Testament. If you picked Elijah for your little guy, he might be called Eli which is super cute. Movie actor Elijah Wood is one famous Elijah we know of. One challenge for your little Eli might be spelling his full name. No doubt the last syllable may end up being scribbled with some creative spellings.

19 Ava

Ava cracked the top 100 names for baby girls in the U.S. in the year 2000. Now it holds the #4 girl's spot in the U.S. overall. In 2015, it was #19 in Texas, having risen five spots since the year prior. So many popular girls' names end in "a" and Ava is a perfect example.

It has Latin roots and means like a bird. For parents who care about name meanings, this is a nice one. Ava Gardner, the stunning movie actress, remains one of the most famous Avas of all time. Perhaps your little Ava will be a superb talent as well.

18 David

This traditional name won the hearts of 1,439 Texans in 2015, bringing it in at spot #18. It was #12 the year prior, so it slipped six places. In the U.S. overall, David is ranked at #26.

It has Hebrew roots and means beloved. Natural short forms include Dave and Davy. Famous Davids include David Cameron, David Beckham, the late David Bowie, and David Blaine.

This name is really a timeless great, so you can't go wrong. The only issue might be that your David will need his last initial to distinguish himself from his classmates.

17 Aiden

This adorable baby boy's name is of Scottish heritage and means fire. It came in at #17 in Texas. It jumped three spots from #20 the year before. In the U.S. overall, Aiden ranked in at the 19th most popular baby name making it pretty trendy.

This name is one of many that rhyme including Hayden, Jayden, and Kaeden. An alternate spelling is of course "Aidan". Even though it is fairly popular, Aiden has a hip feel to it, which will make your baby boy stand out. We bet any little Aiden will be a trailblazer.

16 José

José was chosen by 1,499 Texans for their little boys in 2015 giving it the #16 spot. It slipped two places since 2014. This name doesn’t rank in the top 40 in the U.S. overall. In fact, 29% of all American Josés born in 2015 were born in Texas.

José has Spanish roots and means god will increase. Its popularity in Texas is likely explained, in part, to Texas sharing a border with Mexico. The baseball world gives us a lot of famous Josés including José Bautista (of bat throwing fame), José Reyes, and José Canseco (now retired).

15 Jayden

Jayden (for a boy) secured the #15 spot in Texas and we can see why. It’s a great offbeat name that feels unique but not weird. It is a “made-up” name that didn’t appear until the 1990s. It can also be used for a girl but this is much less common.

Jayden is #28 in the U.S. overall, so it's relatively popular in Texas. Short forms could be JJ or Jay, both of which are cute for a baby boy.

As a result of its “newness”, any famous Jaydens are pretty young. Naturally Will and Jada’s son, Jayden Smith, comes to mind.

14 Alexander

Short forms for this popular boy's name include Alex, Xander, Sandy, and Sasha. It came in at #14 in Texas, having jumped ahead from #17 the year before. At the same time, it’s been a staple of the top 10 boy's name list in the U.S. since 2008.

This name is Greek in origin and means defending men--think Alexander the Great. Your little man will have big shoes to fill but he can do it, no doubt. Famous Alexanders include Alexander Ovechkin (NHL player) and the late Alexander McQueen (fashion designer).

13 Sebastian

Sebastian came in at #13 in Texas but didn’t appear in the top 40 in the U.S. overall in 2015. This is one of the top names on the list that is unique to Texas. It’s a strong and fashionable name with nicknames suitable for a kid like Seb or Sebby. We think it's a great choice. Coupled with a short middle name, you'll have a winner.

From Latin-America, the name means venerable or commanding respect. Will your little guy be a future leader? Perhaps. When we think of famous Sebastians, Sebastian Bach comes to mind of course.

12 Matthew

Matthew is a great, traditional name, so you can’t go wrong. It came in at #12 in Texas but #21 in the U.S. overall. This means that 12% of all American baby's called Matthew born in 2015, were born in Texas.

Short forms that are no-brainers include Matt or Matty but Matthew is a strong name that works well for an adult, too.

The name has Greek and Hebrew roots and means gift of the Lord. Matthew Perry and Matthew McConaughey come to mind when we think of celebrities sharing this name.

11 Daniel

Like many other names on this list, Daniel is of Hebrew origins. It means God is my judge and secured the #11 spot in Texas, slipping three spots. In total, 1,646 babies were born in Texas in 2015 named Daniel. It is also fairly popular in the U.S. overall, coming in at #18.

Cute short forms include Dan and Danny. If you name you child Daniel, he’ll be in the company of the likes of Daniel Radcliffe, Daniel Craig, and Daniel Day-Lewis. Not too shabby we say. That said, he might have classmates called Daniel as well.

10 Ethan

Ethan came in at #10 in Texas, having risen one spot since the year prior. In the U.S. overall, it’s been the #6 boy's name since 2013. It means solid and enduring and has Hebrew roots.

If you chose Ethan for your baby, there will undoubtedly be others in his class that share the name but it’s such a nice one. Can you really go wrong? Famous Ethans include Ethan Hawke and Ethan Allen. We’re surprised there aren’t more of them.

We imagine an Ethan to be the strong silent type, kind-hearted and smart.

9 Jacob

Jacob reigned supreme for 13 years as the #1 boy's name between 2000 and 2012 in the U.S. overall. It’s currently the #9 baby name in Texas and #3 for boys. This means there were 1,680 baby Jacobs born to Texans in 2015. We think it's a great choice for a sweet baby boy.

This Hebrew name means supplanter--to overthrow or defeat. If this name holds true, your little guy will hold his own. Jacob has strong biblical roots but has also captured the hearts of those less religious, maybe because Jake is its super-cute nickname. Famous Jacobs include the handsome Jake Gyllenhaal.

8 Sofia

Sofia with an “F” took the #8 baby name spot in Texas. It is of Greek heritage and means wisdom. There isn’t a natural short form but a popular spelling variation is Sophia. In fact, this version of the name gets its own spot on this list. Stay tuned!

The "F" spelling is more popular than it was last year when Sofia came in at #15. Perhaps parents who adore the name are trying to be more unique but it's having the opposite effect. Noteworthy is that this spelling has not taken off to the same extent in the U.S. as a whole as it has in Texas. Sofia with an "F" ranks at #47 in the U.S. overall. This means that 18% of little girl's with this spelling reside in Texas!

The fabulous Sofia Vergara is a famous Sofia with an “F” that makes this spelling seem very cool.

7 Liam

Originally a short form for William, Liam is now its own popular stand-alone name. As a result, it bears the same meaning as William--strong-willed warrior.

It currently ranks as the 7th most popular baby name in Texas, up two spots since 2014. It is outranked by several girls' names in Texas but by only one boy's name. This means it's the #2 boy's name in Texas! Kudos to Liam. Liam came in at #4 in the U.S. overall.

Regardless of its popularity, we think Liam is a great choice. It's perfect for a curious and adventurous little boy who likes to get dirty. Famous Liams include Liam Gallagher, Liam Hemsworth, and Liam Neeson.

6 Olivia

Olivia is a very popular and feminine little girl's name. It’s the #6 baby name in Texas. This means there were 1,806 Olivias born in Texas in 2015. This is up slightly from the number in 2014. In the U.S. overall, Olivia is the #2 girl's name.

This name was first used by Shakespeare in his play "Twelfth Night" in 1602. The name didn't become mainstream popular until the latter part of the 20th-century.

The male version of the name is Oliver and short forms for Olivia include Liv, Livvy, and Oli. Famous Olivias include Olivia Wilde, Olivia Newton-John, and Olivia de Havilland.

5 Isabella

This beautiful girl's name is popular throughout the U.S. and came in at #5 in Texas. It slipped one spot in the ranks from #4 in Texas the year prior.

Isabelle offers another option to parents who love the name Isabella but want something more unique. Isabelle doesn't rank in the top 40 and is only one letter different.

Isabella has many options for nicknames including Isa, Bella, Libby, Izzy and Bella. It has an Italian heritage and means God is my oath. Isabella Rossellini, model and actress, is among the most famous of those bearing this name.

4 Mia

Narrowly missing the podium, Mia came in at name #4 in Texas. So simple and pretty, we’re happy Mia is on the list. It was #5 the year before, and came in at #12 in the U.S. overall. Believe it or not, 14% of all Mia babies born in the country were born to Texans.

It has Latin origins and means mine or wished for. This name was likely popularized by the famous actress Mia Farrow. Actress Kate Winslet also has a daughter Mia. We imagine Mias to be sweet and kind but not to stand for any bull.

3 Noah

Noah has been the #1 boy's name in the U.S. overall since 2013. It holds the #3 spot in Texas when you consider boys and girls names together but is THE #1 boy's name in the state. Woo hoo!

It has Hebrew origins and a strong biblical connection. It can also be used for a girl although this is less common. Usually if chosen for a girl, the "h" is dropped.

The name Noah means rest or comfort. Famous Noahs include Noah Wyle (of ER fame). Megan Fox and husband Brian Austin Green also named their baby boy Noah.

2 Sophia

We already saw Sofia with an “F” in the #8 spot but this spelling variation of the same name is more popular -- coming in at #2. It held the #2 spot in Texas last year as well and is ranked as the 5th most popular baby name in the U.S. overall.

If you want something similar, but a little more unique, "Sophie" doesn't place in the top baby names in Texas. Something to consider perhaps.

Sophia is of Greek heritage and means wisdom. The list of famous Sophias includes Sophia Loren and Sophia Bush.

1 Emma

Emma is #1 in Texas as well as in the U.S. overall. This means there were 2,197 Emmas born in Texas in 2015. This accounts for almost 11% of the Emmas born in the country. Emma leads the ranks in terms of popular girls' names that end in "a"; in fact, 10 out of 12 of the girls' names on this list end with this vowel.

Emma is Latin and means universal. Even though it’s only four letters, it can be shortened to Em or altered to the nickname Emmy. Either way, it’s adorable. It was very popular in the late 1800s and is now peaking again. Famous Emmas include Emma Watson, Emma Thompson, and Emma Stone.


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