Experts Predict The Top Baby Names Of 2020

Nameberry, the popular website name, has released their predictions for the to baby names of 2020. While many name generating sites usually make suggestions based on past information, Nameberry has decided to give parents a glimpse into the future. If you’re expecting a baby in 2020, you might want to give this list a good look!

Nameberry CEO Pamela Redmond explained their website’s methodology. Usually, official national lists of names take a considerable amount of time to compile their data. For example, the official list of most-used names of 2020 won’t be released until 2021, as information needs to be collected from all children born up to December 31st, 2020. In this light, Redmond highlights how their services offer baby namers a heads up on trends and names that are on the trajectory to gaining popularity.

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Via: Baby Gaga

The top of the girls list is “Adah.” In recent years, girls’ names beginning with “Ad” have been increasingly popular. These include “Ada,” “Adele,” and “Adelaide.” Coming in second is “Reese,” as the popular actress, Reese Witherspoon, has been very visible in 2019 due to Big Little Lies and her book club. Names of different cultural origins have also made the list: the Arabic “Amina” at fifth and the Irish and Welsh “Teagan at sixth.”

Via: Baby Gaga

The number one boys’ name to take over in 2020 is “Austin”. Nameberry attributes this increase in popularity to the city, Austin, Texas, Austin powers, and the feminist literary icon, Jane Austen. Thomas Edison’s middle name, “Alva”, came in second for the predictions. Continuing with niche historical references, “Acacius” came in third, and it’s a beautiful ancient name with a botanical meaning. “Lucius,” “Luca,” and “Cash” are also those that are popular with a Roman history-related meaning.

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With this guide, parents can help get the trend starting in 2020. Alternatively, they can shy away from these names if they want their kid to have a more unique name. Without a doubt, expecting parents in 2020 will need to look over this guide before naming their child!

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