Top Knots Are The Latest Style Trend For Baby Girls

New York Magazine recently blogged about a new trend in baby headwear that is fresh, smart and boldly adorable. Described as a turban-like head cover with a twisted bun atop the baby’s head - it’s both en vogue and practical. The captivating accessory is fascinating moms on a global level, appealing to a vast clientele - from simple to select.

Instagram seems to boast one particular brand as fashioned by celebrity babies - fittingly, labeled Top Knots top knots. An Arizona-based creator and mother of two, Bailey Sevey designed the initial one for her daughter Lennon to wear on a 2016 trip to Disneyland. After numerous parents inquired where they could purchase their own, Sevey realized her concept could appeal to the masses. One year later she launched her brand, marketing her much sought after top knot design. An exclusive concept - made of a single, hand-tied piece of fabric and never sewn.

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Sevey is grateful that celebrity fans Jack Osbourne and Lisa Stelly (who styled their daughter Minnie in a pink Top Knots for her 2018 swaddled-bliss-themed photo shoot) and some influential mommy bloggers inspired the popularity of the unperceived label. Although Top Knot is not the only name in top knots - the adored style has roused artisans on Etsy and other less expensive designs are available on Amazon.

New York Magazine also shares that Moms who have fashioned their young girls in top knots all agree the distinct style is an avant-garde look when it comes to baby headpieces. “They add a little more edge to an outfit than a bow or headband,” says Memphis-based Loni Proctor.

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Moms have expressed that top knots are also quite practical. The design of the top knot creates a secure fit that is less likely to fall off or be pulled off by little hands. Strategist contributor and art dealer Risa Needleman declares, “Since they’re elastic and ‘tight’ they always stay on. I used to put them on when my daughter wore hoods, because they eliminated the gap between a loose hood and her head, and they stayed on even if the hood fell down.”

Mother of twins and mommy blogger Jen Hawkins reveals that the top knot is captivating. She explains that the attention it receives when her babies wear them inspires dialogue - it's a conversation piece!

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Aside from the top knots being delightful on the eyes, it’s felicitous to ponder why baby’s wear hats. Dr. Charles Shubin, director of paediatrics at Mercy Family Care, tells Romper "Babies need hats more than we do because their heads are proportionately bigger compared to their bodies than ours, resulting in more heat transfer, so a hat prevents too much heating or cooling of the baby.” It’s essentially about keeping baby comfortable. For parents who instinctively pair function with style for their little fashionistas - top knots are are a top pick.


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