What A Mom Wants, What A Mom Needs

Most moms aren't multi-millionaires raking in the dough. And that's ok - there's nothing particularly superior about being wealthy. Really, the only thing that makes having a little extra cash nice is the convenience it can afford. If you - or I - could pay off our student loans, buy a second new car, or take a multi-week trip to Greece - of course we would! It might be nice to live a life of leisure and pay someone else to do things like cook, clean, or shop for us! Those are my pie-in-the-sky dreams, too. But my more realistic dreams? They're things that would make my daily life a little bit easier.

Sure, I could be a Rich Adult Of Instagram for a week. Or ten.

I asked one of my Facebook Mom Groups what item or service they might buy. Of course, I put a few conditions on the question:

  • ONE Item
  • To PAMPER or to help you in your life as a PARENT

And of course, someone else foots the bill with no strings attached. The only other limits were no violent crime and no political positions - wow, Chicago sure did a number on me.

Many of the responses followed a trend, as you might see (responses paraphrased):

Patrick Dempsey Nanny

Can you spot the trend? Everyone wants help cleaning or cooking, organizing their house or looking after their kids. Some people are in a similar situation as I am - needing an extra car or some extra space for their family. Special recognition to the woman who asked for a Tesla! I feel like she's got a grasp on how not to lose yourself in the mess of parenthood.

Except she wasn't talking about a Tesla for her kid. Treat yo'self, mama!

It's easy - and fun - to ask others this question. But when I ask myself, I'm not sure I can be so decisive. Would a new car help? Or total loan forgiveness? A total-home renovation? It's impossible to foresee the consequences of choosing one of these instead of the others. I'd probably ask for a live-in nanny. You know, a live-in nanny that also helps cook and clean and keep up on laundry. Someone who can run the sick toddler to the urgent care during flu season while the baby stays home. A caring, kind, compassionate soul who won't judge me if I only wear a bra 30% of the time and my kids don't get nightly baths.

I guess...I need a wife?



What would you ask for if money was no object? Tell me on Twitter @pi3sugarpi3. 

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