Topanga Is Pregnant: 20 Things To Know About Danielle Fishel's Post Boy Meets World Life

Many of us long for the days when we'd come home from school and immediately turn on the TV to watch Boy Meets World. It was a trademark of the 90s and helped to shape many teens as they empathized with at least one of their favorite characters. For those who adored Topanga, the dream still lives on with the spin-off Girl Meets World. Although it was recently canceled, that didn't stop the starlet from seeking out other ways to remain involved in the film industry. She's got big plans and continues to work on kid-friendly projects that keep her busy.

The young star also devoted several years to her college degree, majoring in psychology before getting married for the first time. These are only two of the things that hardcore fans might or might not know about her, but that's why we're here -- to bring you only the best and most worthy facts about everyone's favorite 90s teen star. She's now expecting a child of her own with current husband Jensen Karp, so there's no better time than the present to get to know the real Danielle Fishel. Ahead are 20 facts about her and her personal life, as well as current and future projects that the busy mom-to-be has been working on.

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20 She Went Back To College


Attending college is a personal choice and also one that many celebrities don't necessarily need in their lives. This was not the case for Fishel, who not only went back to college but went back as an adult learner, defying the idea of a stereotypical college student. She attended California State University, Fullerton, getting her degree in psychology and graduating in 2013. During this time, she let nothing stand in the way of her and her education.

Interestingly enough, she also met her first husband through college although the two would soon be divorced after two and a half years.

19 Tutoring Became A Side Job


Despite her on-screen acting in high school, Fishel has quite the natural knack for math. During her time spent in college obtaining her degree, she became a math tutor. This is what ultimately led to her meeting Tim Belusko, her first husband.

At 27, Fishel admits that it was awkward at times being the oldest in class, but she pushed on in spite of this. The hard work paid off because she graduated Summa Cum Laude. Not only is her performance impressive on-screen, but she's quite the academic in real life, too. Not to mention, dually skilled in both mathematics as well as humanities.

18 Psychology Was Her Second Career Path


If you've paid any attention to Fishel's personal life as well as her role on Boy Meets World, you'd likely notice that she does have quite a warm and loving way about her. She seemed to always be the problem-solver and everyone's best friend, so it's not surprising that her chosen major in college was psychology.

Her personal life involves many side projects that are kid-centered, making this brand of the humanities the perfect choice for someone in her career field. Not only did she excel in her studies, but her major has allowed her to run several projects smoothly and with compassion and understanding.

17 Her First Marriage Didn't Last Very Long


Fishel's first marriage was one that she admitted she was a bit apprehensive about. Her former husband, Tim Belusko, was seven years younger than she was. They had met while Fishel was in college and spent a total of over three years (five, to be exact) dating before finally deciding to tie the knot. They were engaged in 2012 and got married the following year in October. It was an autumn Los Angeles wedding, and the two seemed happy until Fishel filed for divorce two and a half years later.

Unlike many other Hollywood weddings, this one was fairly drama-free and the process was a quiet one.

16 A Strong Believer In Self-Empowerment


Just like her on-camera personality, Fishel is just as bright and bubbly in real life. She's not likely to let much stop her, as she has had a successful acting career and takes on many side jobs in film, including directing, to fill up her time. Fishel enters each new project with a positive mindset and is fully committed to the cast and crew that she works with, as was obvious from her time on the spin-off Girl Meets World. While the show didn't last nearly as long as its predecessor, it was fun to watch and something that Fishel and the rest of the crew seemed to thoroughly enjoy.

Over the years, she has acknowledged her own personal shortcomings but also says that she's thoroughly happy with where she is, as well as who she is.

15 School Went On Hold For Girl Meets World


Interestingly enough, Fishel had fully intended on continuing with school in order to get her Master's degree in marriage and family entertainment. While she'd already graduated with one degree, she made the choice to put her second on hold for one reason: The limelight was calling her back. When she received the call from producers of Girl Meets World asking if she would come back for the spin-off, she admitted that there was no way she could turn it down.

They say that the charms of Hollywood never truly leave you, and this was one opportunity that Topanga just couldn't pass up... And we're glad she didn't!

14 Normally, This Would be Cause For Concern: Tales of Calamity and Unrelenting Awkwardness, A Memoir


Writing a personal biography or memoir is not uncommon when it comes to celebrities. Many of them feel they have something to say and their books turn out to be widely successful due to their fan base.

Fishel had a different approach when she wrote hers, however; opposed to other dishy books from celebs, she chose to censor the down-and-dirty stories and write what truly mattered to her. Fans aren't likely to find anything earth-shattering, but she does tell the world about her very first kiss. It's just as adorable as you would expect it to be since it was with none other than her on-screen co-star Ben Savage... Aww.

13 Her Second Romance


While Fishel had ended her first marriage quietly, her second was one that would set off fireworks in the world of TMZ and PEOPLE magazine. Jenson Karp, who can be heard on the podcast Get Up On This, announced that he and Fishel were dating in 2017. This had come a year after Fishel's divorce had been finalized and the news was well-received. Not only are they adorable together, but they were so in love that they were engaged the following year in 2018.

Fishel had yet another beautiful autumn wedding but this time, it would be sure to last.

12 She Has Directed In Addition To Acting


Fishel's credits include a respectable number of roles, but she has also directed, co-hosted, and hosted on numerous occasions. It's accurate to say that the girl first known to the world as Topanga is quite friendly, fashion-forward, and very much a people-person. This has enabled her to take on roles as the host for channels such as Fuse TV, MSN's Last Night on TV, and The Dish. She has also co-hosted on shows such as Say What? Karaoke and been a guest on Chelsea Lately.

There seems to be no end to the number of shows and networks that want to be in the Topanga business, and we're here for all of it.

11 Kid-Friendly Projects Are Her Main Focus


This was likely to have all started with her reemergence on Girl Meets World, where she and Ben Savage have their own on-screen children. Her degree in psychology likely helps her to have a better understanding of children and thus producing excellent filmwork. The love for children doesn't stop there, however -- She and current husband Jensen Karp are now expecting their first child.

Fishel announced recently, as of January 2019, that she and her husband are expecting a summer baby. By July of this year, we could very well have a mini Topanga on our hands!

10 A Cute Engagement


Fishel and Karp are cute in more ways than one and we don't just mean by virtue of their aquatic last names. They both share the same interests and come across as an adventurous and loving couple, and this is only proven through their social media posts to one another.

After nine months of dating, Fishel wrote on her social media: "The future Mr. & Mrs. Karp are now engaged and no one is more excited than I am." This was accompanied by an adorable anecdote about how she almost goofed her own engagement by being too "efficient" and visiting her now husband at work... Whoops!

9 An Even Cuter Wedding


The photos from the Karp-Fishel wedding were stunning and made quite the splash in the celebrity world. The two looked simply gorgeous together and their smiles radiated all of the love that two people should have for each other on their wedding day.

The wedding took place in November and in attendance were the couple's family and closest friends, including some familiar on-screen actors. Afterward, Jensen Karp posted on IG, "Today I married my soulmate. We were surrounded by family and friends and it was the best day of my life. I also ate 3 donuts after dinner. Unrelated, @daniellefishel, I love you so much and thank you for giving me this smile."

8 PopSugar Is Her Internet Home


Even if you weren't a hardcore fan of Boy Meets World, you may have noticed Fishel in some other popular places as well. PopSugar, well-known for their beauty, style, and lifestyle tips, advice, and news, is also home to Fishel. She occasionally makes appearances on the channel, doing what she does best in sharing all the tips the world needs to hear. In fact, she's considered to be a "PopSugar Celebrity" on the site, starring in a total of 18 videos so far with a complete biography.

We love seeing her just about anywhere, and can't imagine a better place than one that's known for telling it all.

7 She Voiced A Character On Gravity Falls


Surprise! In addition to kid-friendly projects, Fishel has also voice-acted before. She actually got her start in voice acting when she was just a child, first voicing Barbie on an old-school commercial. Since then she has really moved up in the world and is known for her part as Pyronica on the hit show Gravity Falls. If you're familiar at all with Fishel, you know that her voice is truly unique and lends itself to some pretty unique roles.

Playing Pyronica was a fitting role and something to have fun with -- Is there anything this girl can't do? Although her role was only part of a three-part finale, it was flawless nevertheless.

6 On Directing Sydney To The Max!


As part of her role as a part-time director, Fishel has most recently taken on the job of directing part of the Sydney to the Max! TV series on the Disney channel. Fishel is no stranger to the job of directing, as she has four episodes of Girl Meets World under her belt. When it comes to entertainment for kids and teens, she certainly knows how to pull it off and has no second thoughts about it.

Fishel was set to direct at least three episodes of the new show which will be exciting since she'll once again be working with Ava Kolker, who was on set with her for Girl Meets World.

5 She And Her Husband Actually Met In High School


As if it couldn't have gotten any cuter, Karp and Fishel had actually gone to high school together. Although very different at the time, the two were originally only acquaintances. It just goes to show that fate knows best and you never truly know who you'll end up with.

Karp captured this sentiment perfectly in a social media post shortly after Fishel said "yes": "We got engaged today. I don’t have anything witty or funny to say to accompany this picture. She is just the greatest person in the world and to imagine someone I went to high school with was always my person, is remarkable. You never know."

4 The Stars Who Attended Their Wedding


It's to be expected that when two celebrities get married, there are going to be other stars there, too. The Karp-Fishel wedding had some of their very own and IG was a buzz with all the excitement from fans. Not only was Sabrina Carpenter (of Girl Meets World) a bridesmaid, but Ben Savage, Will Friedle, and Mike Shinoda (of Linkin Park) were also on the guestlist. As if that wasn't exciting enough, John Mayer was Karp's groomsman and it doesn't stop there -- He also sang to the couple for their first dance.

If that's not serious love and friendship, then we're not sure what is.

3 Something Is Fishy Here... A Tattoo Representative Of Their Love


The story behind this one was left on a napkin at their wedding, as a bit of tidbit fun facts for all the fans watching at home. Two guests in attendance, Lauren Lapkus and Angela Trimbur, decided to leave little-known facts on a napkin at their table about the couple. One of these facts was about Jensen Karp and a particular tattoo of his.

To celebrate their love and the funny coincidence of them both having aquatic names, Karp supposedly has a fish tattoo. Whether or not this is true remains to be seen, but it's certainly fun to think about and a totally cute tribute to their life together.

2 She Is A Dog Lover


But really, who isn't? Not only does Fishel love people, but she's also an avid dog lover as well. Adorably enough, so is Karp, as they both have pets together -- a cat and a dog. Their cat is named Bill and has quite the unique nickname, going by "Fat Panther" part of the time. Their dog's name is Brunch and also shares quite a unique nickname, as the two affectionately use "Bubalah" at times.

The two certainly are a bit quirky and this is something they make no secret of. We can imagine that when their baby gets here, he or she will be part of a loving, albeit fun and whimsical, family.

1 Her Family Currently Lives Just Blocks Away From Her Childhood Home


Fishel, Karp, their soon-to-be child and their pets live in a home that's not too far from where they both grew up. Their story truly is a real love story, as not only did they meet when they were only teenagers, but their lives have now come full-circle in the sense that they also moved back to their hometown. Not many people can say that they were able to go out, make it big, and come home to the place where it all started, but these two definitely can.

It's a true romance and one that we're supporting every step of the way.

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