Tori Roloff Shares Photo Of Her Son Trading His Crib For A Big Boy Bed

Little People, Big World star, Tori Roloff, announced on Thursday that her son, Jackson, is now in a big boy bed. In the photo, the little 2-year-old gleams proudly as he says goodbye to his crib and hello to the next phase of growing up.

Roloff, having mixed emotions about the transition, captions the photo as “First night in his big boy bed. You can stop growing now, Jackson!”

With a new baby on the way, Tori Roloff and husband Zach knew it was time to do the dreaded switch-over. Due in November, the couple knew they'd make the transition sooner rather than later would make it easiest on everyone, especially Jackson who will already be faced with a world of change in welcoming a new sibling.

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One fan commented on Roloff's post asking how she knew he was ready to go from crib to toddler bed. “Were there signs? My little is about to turn 2 and I have no idea when to transition,” she wrote on Instagram. Roloff responded promptly explaining that their primary reason for transitioning is because of their baby girl coming soon.

Other fans chimed in on the comment saying that what worked for them was introducing the toddler bed slowly by letting them nap and play in it first before even bothering with bedtime. In addition, keeping the bedtime routine as close to what they're used to as possible supposedly makes the switch all the easier.

In other Instagram posts, Roloff touches on how stressful it is already having a toddler and being pregnant, and she makes a point to commend single moms and single dads by saying “YOU ARE A SUPER HUMAN.” With her husband, Zach, having been away for a few days, Roloff says she got a small taste of what it's like to do it alone- and it's HARD!

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Now with Jackson making the switch to his big boy bed and her due date getting closer by the day, Roloff is getting a handle on the chaos that comes along with toddlers and siblings.

If your child is climbing out of their crib (or trying and are close to succeeding) or if they're not sleeping well because of how much they dislike being in their crib, making the switch to a toddler bed is always worth a shot. Just remember that if you do make the switch, stick with it. If you jump back and forth between a crib and a toddler bed, you could confuse your toddler and make bedtime even more stressful.

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