10 Ways Tori Spelling Is Raising Her Kids

Actress Tori Spelling used to only be known for the films and television shows she was a part of, but her life is a bit different these days. The actress is married to actor Dean McDermott, and she has five children.

The actress’s parenting skills have the topic of many discussions lately, since her Instagram followers were pretty upset when she promoted a snack that some people believe is unhealthy. The actress also had a difficult time on social media when her followers started body-shaming her children, which is definitely something she and McDermott did not take lightly.

But there is still a lot that her fans don’t know when it comes to her parenting style. Here are some facts about how Spelling is raising her little ones.

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10 She Worries

The biggest fear many parents have is that they will mess up when it comes to raising their children, and Spelling is no different. This is probably very reassuring to lots of parents out there, since it shows that everyone has their struggles, no matter how rich or famous they are.

All parents want to be perfect, but it’s important for everyone to accept that all they can do is try their best. I’m giving my kids the best tools I can, so they have the attitude that ‘If I find love, great; if not, it’ll happen [eventually],” said Spelling.

9 Tori Gets Some Help

Sometimes parents take advantage of help when they can get it, and that is exactly what Spelling did when she decided to hire a nanny. Over the years, the actress has actually had more than one nanny, which is probably something not many parents can blame her for since she has quite a big family to take care of.

But being one of her employees is not always very fun. Spelling has been involved in some legal issues, and her nanny was served with court papers that were meant to notify the actress that she was being sued by a bank.

8 At First, She Wasn’t Good At Disciplining Her Kids

Spelling is much more strict on her little ones than she was when she first became a mom, and apparently, her husband had a lot to do with that. The actress once claimed that she used to give her children whatever they wanted when she was enjoying some down time.

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At that time, her husband was the one who disciplined the little ones. But the two lovebirds worked together, and they eventually balanced things out. McDermott and Spelling figured out what guidelines and rules they want their children to follow, and both of them have both disciplined the kids since then.

7 The Mom Guilt Is Strong

Lots of parents feel as though they are not doing a good enough job raising their children, including Spelling. On the outside, it looks like she has nothing to feel guilty for.

The actress is in a seemingly stable relationship, and she is financially secure and therefore able to pay for whatever her children need. But she still feels as though there are areas in which she can improve as a mother. You just feel at every turn like, whoa, am I making the right decisions, setting the right boundaries? The actress also feels guilty because she works, which means she is not able to stay home with her children.

6 She Wouldn’t Mind Giving Her Kids Another Sibling

Spelling has five children of her own to take care of, but the actress has not denied wanting another baby. But she and her husband probably will not be adding a sixth child to their family anytime soon.

Apparently, her little ones keep asking if she can give them another sibling. Spelling seems okay with it, but she does not think her husband is on board to add to their family right now. McDermott seems as though he is stretched pretty thin between raising the kids and working, so having one more baby is probably the last thing he wants to do.

5 Sometimes Her Stepson Gets Left Out

Some of Spelling's Instagram followers felt that she threw some shade at her stepson, Jack McDermott, when she posted an image of her and her children on National Love Our Children Day. Spelling posted an image of herself with one of her children, and she mentioned Liam, Stella, Hattie, Finn, and Beau (her biological kids) in the caption.

But her fans noticed that Jack was left out for some reason, and she faced a lot of criticism for it. While some of the commenters thought it was a nice thing to post, others did not think twice before talking about how left out Jack must feel since Spelling does not consider him one of her children.

4 Tori Allows Her Kids To Experiment With Their Hair Color

Spelling’s parenting choices recently put her in hot water once more when her fans discovered that she is totally cool with letting her children change their hair color. The actress took to Instagram to post an image of herself with four of her kids, and the only thing some of her followers seemed to notice was the fact that two of the children had a different hair color than they normally do. While lots of people were not in favor of her having a carefree attitude when it comes to her children’s hair, others did not think it was such a big issue.

3 She Marches To The Beat Of Her Own Drum

Spelling used to compare herself to other parents, but these days she does her own thing and she does not worry about what other parents are up to. Lots of parents believe that they are not doing as well as some of their peers, and Spelling was no different, but she has since changed.

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I used to be obsessed with what other moms would do, but listening to your maternal instinct is always the right decision,” said Spelling. Spelling was once advised not to listen to any opinions other people have about how she should raise her children. She has probably found that advice very useful lately, since lots of people have negative feelings about the way she is bringing up her kids.

2 She Hopes To Be A Good Role Model

Much like other parents, Spelling wants to be a good role model for each of her kids. She knows that the world, especially Hollywood, can be a very cruel place sometimes, and she tries to show her children that their outward appearance is not what matters.

That’s a good thing, since there are some people who have been fat-shaming her son, Liam. He was so bothered by these comments that he asked his parents if he is overweight, which shows just how important words are, especially to children. McDermott spoke about this issue on an episode of his podcast Daddy Issues.

1 Tori Allows Her Kids To Wear Makeup

Spelling is cool with letting her young children wear makeup, which is not something everyone is happy about. The actress has posted multiple images of her daughter, Stella, wearing makeup on Instagram.

Those pictures were met with a great deal of anger. But they were also met with some support as well, since some of the star’s fans believe that each parent has the right to decided what is right and wrong for their own children.

Spelling did not feel the need to respond. That is fine, since outsiders don’t need an explanation for that kind of thing. Spelling has a non-traditional family, and she is very proud of it.

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