Tori Spelling In "Perpetual State" Of Mom Guilt From Juggling Five Kids And Her Career

From the outside, Tori Spelling might look like she’s got everything under control. But according to the actress herself, that’s not always the case from the inside. As a matter of fact, the Hollywood actress admits that she often feels a lot of “mom guilt” because she finds it hard juggling her life as a working mom.

Spelling shares five children with her husband, Dean McDermott: Liam, 12; Stella, 11; Finn, seven; Hattie, seven; and two-year-old Beau. The actress told Us Weekly in an interview that she lives in a "perpetual state" of mom guilt because it’s not always easy to balance her five kids with her career. She even went as far as to joke that this feeling should be tattooed on her forehead because that’s how bad she feels.

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Many moms feel mom guilt when they're working are away from home. They feel as though they should be there for their kids, rather than work on their careers and goals. Yet for stay-at-home moms, they sometimes feel as though their efforts are never enough. Many health professionals believes that because motherhood is an around-the-clock job, moms feel as though there’s no beginning and no end in sight.

While this is a feeling that Spelling can definitely relate to, she says that she’s lucky though to have her husband at home. That’s because McDermott is a very hands-on husband and father who's ready to help her out with their five kids.

The actress, author and mom said that sometimes she feels truly lucky to have McDermott by her side, knowing that not everyone has the same kind of extra help at home.

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“He’s up, he’s waking the girls up, I’m waking the boys up and we’re just doing it together. I’m like, ‘I’m really lucky to have this,’” Spelling said.

Spelling also said that while it’s not always easy to juggle their demanding Hollywood careers with their home life, they have a tradeoff that has worked well for them so far. Whenever she’s working, McDermott is at home with the kids. Whenever he’s off at work, she stays home with their family. That's how they run their household, and it seems to make them happy.

Now as far as whether the couple plans on adding a sixth child to their clan, Spelling says she’s keeping her options open. Only time will tell if that ends up happening.

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