Here's Why Toy-Sharing Subscriptions For Kids Are Becoming A Huge Trend

For years, new research related to child psychology and lifespan development has touted the benefits of play for children. Whether it’s monthly makeup boxes, pet supplies or healthy snacks, we’ve heard of monthly subscription services for a variety of different industries.

Next up, we decided to take a look at some of the biggest toy-sharing subscription services for children. Although the holiday season may be officially complete, winter weather continues to delight across the nation. However, one of the biggest challenges faced by families is accumulating too much clutter around the house. As a solution, many parents have turned to borrow from toy sharing subscriptions instead of adding more and more to the toybox. A new year always brings a fresh zest of energy and motivation to get organized and tackle clutter. Pinterest has listed the keywords, “toy-sharing subscriptions” as a top search for last year—rising to over 313 percent from months before. As first reported by Lifehacker, here is a brief rundown of some of the top toy sharing subscriptions that’ll be bound to bring fun memories.

Toy-sharing subscriptions are generally straightforward to understand, but the benefits deserve a second look at. Buying brand-new toys can cost a pretty penny, and toy-sharing subscriptions allow for families and children to try out different kinds of toys. Instead of committing to purchasing a whole new array of toys, kids can experiment with playing with different styles of fun playthings. As many families can relate, purchasing dozens of educational style toys can certainly add up over the years. Opt for a toy-subscription service as a budget-friendly alternative.


Green Piñata Toys

Specifically directed at children between the ages of 6 months and 5 years old, a subscription service fee of $24.99 a month grants up to four toys per a box. Families can select from a range of environmentally-friendly toys for their children and even purchase some of their favorites. As for the others, simply return them, and then await your next box of eco-friendly toys.Toy Library

This subscription service is best for babies up until age 10. With plans beginning at $19.99 per month, families can choose two toys per month. For an optional fee, families can opt for add-ons based on the expected value of the toys. Boasting over five hundred toys to choose from, the team at Toy Library can offer tailored recommendations for kids based on the style of play.

Little Passports

Take kids around the globe with a fun activity service called Little Passports. With different plans for ages 3-12, young explorers can interact with themes like the ocean or dinosaurs. Middle childhood kids, ages 6-10, can learn about a new country monthly, while ages 7-12 can find out about 2 new states each month.


A subscription with KiwiCo allows for fun science and art-themed activities. Depending on the child’s age, monthly boxes are designed based on specific interests. Younger kids ages 3-4 years old may prefer more introductory science and art activities, while children ages 5-11 will be excited to learn more about geography and culture. There are a variety of box options for preteens, ranging from art, design, science, and engineering.

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