10 Traditional Scottish & Gaelic Baby Names

When we are choosing the perfect name for our son or daughter, it can be difficult to know what is going to be a good fit for them as they grow into their personality. We want our kids to have a name that we can connect to and have a special meaning. Scotland has given us many adorable baby names from which to choose, and most can be perfect to use a Scottish and Gaelic name to feel connected to your past. So, if you're looking for a Scottish and Gaelic baby name to show your heritage, check out this list of the best traditional names out there.

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10 Aileen

A beautiful Gaelic name for any little girl is Aileen. According to NameBerry.com, this name means bright or shining light. Who wouldn’t want their little bundle of joy to be a shining light? Giving your daughter a name that means bright/shining light will lead her to live a life where she is able to shine in no matter what field she chooses to work in. This name will also attract the right kind of people in her life who want to enjoy the light that your daughter has within her. So make sure to add Ailleen to possible names for your daughter.

9 Callan

Callan is an adorable Gaelic and Scottish name to give to your son. According to TheBump.com, Callan means battle or rock. Though we don’t want our son to get into any battles on the playground, we do want him to have the fire in him to overcome any obstacle life throws this way. Also, with this meaning to his name, it will prove that he is going to have strong, unbreakable morals in life that will keep him going the right direction. Give your son a strong name like Callan.

8 Bridget

Bridget is a darling name for parents to use if they are expecting a daughter. NameBerry.com has reported that this Gaelic name means strength or exalted one. Giving your daughter a name that means strength will be a constant reminder for her to look deep inside herself to get through a challenging event in her life. Also, by giving your girl this name, it will lead her to be able to have a job where she is in charge. Though this name has been on the decline the last few years, according to NameBerry.com, this classic name is sure to make a comeback at any moment.

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7 Ronan

If you are looking for a charming name for your little man, then Ronan is the one to choose. BabyNameWizard.com has stated that the name Ronan means little seal in its Gaelic roots. So not only is the name perfect for your Gaelic heritage, but it is also great for your child if you love animals. BabyNameWizard also reports that the name Ronan has been making a high comeback in the last few years with more parents choosing this name for the boys. Make sure you talk to your partner about this perfect name for any son.

6 Dallas

Any parents that are looking for a pretty name for their perry girl is going to want to choose the name Dallas. This Gaelic name means valley of water according to BabyCenter.com. This name is not just perfect if you want your daughter to feel connected to her Gaelic roots, but also to feel connected to nature and water. The use of the name Dallas hit its peak in the late 1990s before this name began to slow down. Now, according to BabtCenter.com, Dallas is on the rise again for being a commonly used name for baby girls.

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5 Dixon

If you are looking for a unique name to use for your son that still represents your past, then Dixon is the name you use. The meaning of the name Dixon, according to NameBerry.com, means son of Dick. A very common thing that people used to do back in the old days was to name their child after the father or give them a name that means either first born, second born, etc… Although it doesn’t necessarily have a beautiful meaning to the name, don't let that turn you off to this charming name.

4 Sorcha

Sorcha is a gorgeous Gaelic name that is sure to fit any little girl. Any girl who is blessed with this name would grow up to love it as much as we do. BabyNamesOfIreland.com has listed the meaning for Sorcha as bright, radiant, and light. This name will ensure that your daughter uses her light within her to help her out of dark times. Giving your daughter this name will also remind her to shine at whatever she chooses to do. Add this beautiful name to your list if you are looking for an amazing name for your child.

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3 Paden

Parents that are on the lookout for a Scottish name for there little man should consider giving their son the name Paden. This vintage name is perfect for any boy to grow into. Paden, according to NameBerry.com, means path or hill. This name would be a great reminder for him to always create his own path in life and not follow others. With this name also meaning hill, it will prepare him for all of the ups and downs that come with life. This is a simple name for your son that is sure to be one-of-a-kind.

2 Flora

Flora is a delightful feminine name for any girl to have. This vibrant, Scottish name is reported by NameBerry.com to mean flower. A name like this is perfect for a beautiful girl who is as precious as the flowers she is named after. Though according to NameBerry.com, this name has been on a decline recently, this unique name will start to gain traction again and be a top pick for parents to use. Get ahead of the trend and give your little this elegant name.

1 Neilan

A traditional Gaelic name is sure to make your son feel connected to his family’s history is Neilan. This is a fascinating name that will not be overused but will make your son feel special due to your thoughtfulness when picking his name. EverydayFamily.com reports that Neilan means champion. With this name meaning champion, it will encourage your son to go after whatever he puts his mind to. And what parents don’t want their child to succeed at what they go after? So give your son a name he will love by giving him the name Neilan.

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