Traits The Baby Will Get From Mom And Dad Based On Their Zodiac Signs

Why wait? Here are 24 traits the baby will get from mom and dad based on the stars.

Modern science has come a long way, but there still some things that science just can’t explain. Take, for example, our personalities.Why is it that some people behave the way they do? Sometimes, it’s easier to pin it all on the stars and blame it on a person’s zodiac sign. Using a person's sign to analyze their personality is nothing new. In fact, astrology has been an important part of human history for the past 5,000 years or so. Perhaps you insist on starting your day with reading your horoscope. Maybe you like to humor yourself with online quizzes about your sign.  

In relationships, astrological incompatibility with your partner may be a deal breaker for you. And when you become a parent, you might be curious about how your star sign meshes with your child’s. But have you ever stopped to wonder how your zodiac influences your parenting skills? Have you ever wondered how a child with an independent Aries for a mom will turn out? What about a child whose father is the hard-working Taurus?

Whether your have a child or are expecting, check out these 24 traits that your baby will get from you and your partner based on your zodiac.

24Gemini Mom - All Eyes On Me

A curious intellectual, the Gemini mother is a natural teacher and practically a walking encyclopedia filled with entries about the world around her. She is a wonder listener who patiently listens to every single “why” asked by her children. If you’re a Gemini mother, you’re also a child at heart who shares your child’s desire to know more. You can further encourage your children’s love of learning with visits to the local museum and by exploring parks and other outdoorsy activities. The Gemini mama is patient and loves to dote on her children. Because of this, it’s only natural that your children constantly crave your attention. On top of this, being a natural listener means that you’re always game to hear your children's latest ideas, a wonderful trait that fosters their confidence and self-esteem.

23Gemini Dad - A Love Of Learning

The Gemini man has a small social circle and values friendship dearly. When he becomes a father, the Gemini father tends to have a close bond with his children. His discipline style leans towards establishing few boundaries and giving his children a taste of freedom so that they can learn more about themselves and the world around them. He wants to be the fun-loving parent that always makes his children laugh. The Gemini man is easy to become bored and as a result, craves new experiences. “Variety is the spice of life” is his motto and this desire for change will be passed onto his children. They will share dad’s creativity and overactive imagination, resulting in children who may be eager to escape the monotony of a daily routine by getting lost in the pages of a book.

22Taurus Mom - The Finer Things In Life

A Taurus woman lets the role of mother take over her, and she puts her focus on her children, making sure their needs and wants are met. Like the bull, the Taurus mother is steady and dependable; she especially loves family time. If you’re a Taurus mom, there’s no denying that there’s no limit to the lengths you’ll go to provide the best for yourself and your children. If the Taurus mom had a motto, it would certainly be, “Work hard, play hard.” The Taurus mom is a financially savvy mama who makes bargain shopping look good. Not only does she manage to save money on her weekly Target run, she effortlessly mixes and matches designer threads and sale pieces to achieve a timeless look. It’s this financial know-how paired with your sense of style that gives the children of a Taurus mother the skills to use their time and money wisely.

21Taurus Dad - The Money Manager

The Taurus dad is quick to lavish attention upon his children. He’s a family man who relishes in the role of father and will not hesitate to show affection and love. As a Taurus, being a dad comes naturally to you, thanks to your patience and love of fun. You are also very loyal to your family and truly enjoy the presence of your children. You fit the role of father very well and you children hold you dearly within their hearts, even when they are on the receiving end of discipline. You are willing to go to various lengths to provide then with a warm, stable environment. Because of this, your children naturally gravitate to you and are quick to emulate your characteristics. While the Taurus father is willing to spend money whenever necessary, your children know not to mistake your generosity for extravagance. You children will quickly be able to figure out their needs versus wants and how to be good with money.

20Leo Mom - The Drama Is Always On

You only need to look at a list of celebrity Leo moms understand how the children of a Leo mama grow up to be stars in their own right. If you had a mom like superstars Madonna, Halle Berry, Jennifer Lopez, or Whitney Houston, you’d end up craving the spotlight, too! But it’s not only the children of celebrities that love to be the center of attention. Leo is a Sun sign, and just like the sun is the center of the universe, Leos expect the world to revolve around them. You love to look good for the cameras (as if we couldn’t tell by your picture perfect Instagram feed!), and are a bit of a drama queen yourself. So, it’s only natural that your kids will follow in your footsteps.

19Leo Dad - The Socialite

Leos, like the lion, are confident charmers who are kindhearted and know how to work a crowd. When he becomes a father, the Leo man takes charge in his new role, doting tons of attention and praise onto his children. It’s obvious that your adore your children and they will always feel loved. The Leo father will not hesitate to go out of his way to protect his family, and this includes his children. He does not hold back when it comes to providing for his children, either. Because the Leo father becomes such a central figure in his children's life, it’s easy to see how his sociable traits rub off onto his little ones. Your children will be quick to emulate your confident personality, which is sure to make them popular at school.

18Libra Mom = Arsty Fartsy

The Libra’s motto is “Long hair, don’t care,” and the Libra Mom is laid-back and chill. Her fashion sense is effortless, and she always manages to look relaxed, even after a massive diaper blowout in the middle of the supermarket. The Libra mom loves to plan coordinated looks, whether she has a boy or a girl, and your children will develop your knack for fashion and creative ideas. Your strongest trait is your ability to assure your kids that everything will be OK, whether it’s with a kiss on the cheek or preparing their favorite foods for dinner. The Libra mom’s presence is like a hug that nurtures your child’s artistic abilities. On the flip side, the Libra mom loves has a tendency to overindulge her children, resulting in tots who may be a bit too free to express themselves.

17Libra Dad - Manners Come First

Libra dads have all of the laid-back qualities of a Libra mom. He’s a fun loving, sociable person who is fair in his treatment of others. Because of this, the Libra dad is well-natured and always surrounded by friends and family. And when it comes to his kids, the Libra dad is gentle yet firm in the way he raises his kids. This parenting style helps him have a special relationship with his children. As a Libra dad, you children will learn from your parenting style and become diplomats of the playground. You probably won’t be surprised at how well they can solve disputes as they’ve obviously inherited your sense of justice and fairness. You will rarely receive a phone call or a note from your child's teachers as you have raised then to be mild-mannered and polite.

16Pisces Mother - Head In The Clouds

Ever the artist, the Pisces mother is a creative, nurturing soul who is sensitive to her child's needs. Some would even go as far as to call you an angel in waiting, ready to serve your child. A child at heart, the Pisces mother is a big dreamer. You love to use your imagination and can spend hours daydreaming about dragons and dinosaurs, princesses and pirates with your little ones. The flip side to all this excess creativity is that you can be a bit absent-minded at times. Because of this, your home environment may tend to be disorganized. This can lead to your child’s desire to have a “normal” life. Still, while your head may be in the clouds, in your heart, there’s nothing but love for your kids.

15Pisces Dad - The Creative Spirit

It’s easy to see how the child of a Pisces father grows up to be a dreamer. You are a childlike dreamer whose innocence is only enhanced in the role of a father. With a Pisces as their father, your children will learn hands-on the importance of the power of imagination as you continuously engage in imaginative play together. Your wife will (rightfully) freak out as she sees both you and your kiddo finger painting on her freshly steamed white carpet, but to you, you’re willing to do whatever it takes to help your child express themselves. When it comes to school projects like the science fair, the Pisces dad is ready to roll up his sleeves and help his child. Not because he wants his child to get first place, but because he genuinely has fun being creative with his kid.

14Virgo Mom - Type A

A perfectionist with back up plans from A to Z, “momming” can put Virgo’s love for structure and control into hyper drive. Motherhood is full of unpredictability, but a Virgo mother’s diaper bag is stuffed to the max but well-organized and easily accessible. Somehow, you managed to fit in a changing mat, a blanket, 3 sets of color coordinated spare clothes, 10 diapers, antibacterial wipes and hand sanitizer, gas drops… the list goes on, but the Virgo mama is always prepared. Your high-standards only mean that you want simply the best for your little ones. Your children will share your need for structure, organization, and will know how categorize their closet by season, fabric, and color. There’s a variety of careers that suit perfectionists, and the Virgo mom will be there on every step of their educational journey to make sure they reach their professional goals.

13Virgo Dad - It's In The Details

The Virgo dad pays attention to every detail. You will know when your children are having a bad day because his “sixth sense” will intuitively tell you that somewhat amiss. As a Virgo, you tend to set goals for your children, but you always make sure that the goals are realistic and easily attainable. Furthermore, you always want for your children to be accountable for their own actions, resulting in children who calculate their every move.

Virgo dads have a tendency to become too hands on when parenting, especially when it comes to their child’s extracurricular activities. This fine eye for detail and to lavish attention on every aspect of your child’s life rubs off on your child. Children of Virgo dad tend to be meticulous and to strategize. Meanwhile ,the Virgo dad is always attentive and ready to offer his help.

12Capricorn Mom - Aim High

A Capricorn mama is the foundation on which her family is built. You are incredibly resilient, resourceful, and a true example of a do-all Super Woman. A hard-working mama, the Capricorn always has a strategy that has your children’s needs and wants in your interest. On the flip side, this drive can turn into an unhealthy obsession for your children to have the absolute best. The Capricorn mother’s desire to help her children become high achievers can sometimes give her children a structured schedule that doesn’t allow for play time. However, a child with a Capricorn mother grows up knowing that hard work pays off. Having a strong role model will no doubt influence your child in positive ways. By seeing how hard you work, you children will be encouraged to work hard for themselves and their own families in the future.

11Capricorn Dad - The Breadwinner

The Capricorn dad works hard to provide the best for his family, especially his little ones. If you’re a Capricorn, the financial needs of your family are your primary focus and motivating factor in your career. While your desire to work extra hours keeps you out of the house longer than expected, your children will quickly learn to interpret your absence as merely a dad’s responsibility. In turn, your children will grow up with the firm belief that financial security, a stable income, and professional career make the pillars of a stable family life. But life with a Capricorn dad isn't all about numbers and money. You love to expand your child’s educational horizons through the arts and music. The father of superstars Beyonce and Solange, Matthew Knowles, is perhaps the quintessential Capricorn dad who worked hard to put his children on the path to success.

10Sagittarius Mom - Wanderlust

The Sagittarius woman is a world spirit filled with wanderlust and a desire to explore the far reaches of Earth. Always laughing and smiling, the fun-loving Sagittarius mom is a child’s best friend! Not only do you love to make memories, you’re all about living in the moment. You love to smile and are ready to take her children on your latest adventure. Your ultimate idea of fun might be a cross country trip to hit up all the theme parks once your kids are tall enough to ride the fastest, tallest roller coasters! As you consider your child’s education and future, you opt for cultural experiences outside the classroom. Because of your fun approach to life and love for the unknown, Your children are sure to inherit your insatiable appetite for travel and exploration.

9Sagittarius Dad - The Child Spirit

The Sagittarius man enjoys his life, the people in it, and living life to its fullest. He easily attracts people who love fun and entertainment, just like him. As a father, you as a the Sagittarius man becomes the ideal playmate to your child. While you cherish your independence, the Sagittarius father never fails to engage with his child whenever his work schedule allows for it. Remember, the Sagittarius is a child at heart. And it is precisely this child-like innocence which makes the Sagittarius father a great playmate for his son or daughter. Through your play activities, you help nurture your child’s creativity by allowing them to explore the world around them without restraint. This in turn, gives your child a taste of independence that will increase as they grow up.

8Aquarius Mom - Unconventional Is Charming

The Aquarius mother is a free spirit who lives life in her own lane. If there ever was a sign that perfectly captures the phrase “I’m not a regular mom, I’m a cool mom,” it’s the Aquarius. You’re forever young at heart and have a love for practically everything. You know the hottest Hollywood celeb gossip, what’s trending on Twitter, and the latest memes. As an Aquarius mother, you might be considering home school or correspondence learning. Perhaps your children will do volunteer work or give Christmas presents to children in need. At the very least, you’ll make sure that your children do not have a typical childhood. Because you are open-minded, your children will grow up in an environment that allows them to be the person they want to be. As they get older, your children will appreciate having a mother who encouraged their whims and desires.

7Aquarius Dad - Sporty Behavior

The Aquarius man is extremely popular; he genuinely enjoys the company of others and he fully enjoys life itself. He is a “people person” who always has the well-being of others in his heart. As a father, the Aquarius man looks forward to forward to being a dad and spending time with his children as they grow up. If you are an Aquarius dad, your free-spirit and love of communication make fatherhood come naturally to you. You nurture your child’s creativity and encourage them to stay true to themselves, no matter what others say. Because you allow your children to be whoever they want, you indulge in their whims. This means that your children will be free to participate in any sport or extracurricular activity and expand their personal boundaries without any restraint.

6Aries Mom - On Two Feet

If there’s anything at all to be said about the Aries mama, it’s that she loves her independence, almost to a fault. She will be hard to pin down because she's determined to be more than “so-and so’s mom.” Although you mean well, you never fail to remind your kids of your life “before children” them and they're all too aware of your previous adventures. As a result, the child of an Aries mama will also grow up with an independent streak and love for travel and exploration, probably because you’ve been jet-setting with your kiddo since she was in the womb! The Aries mom is the quintessential Tiger Mom- you tend to impose your expectations onto your kids and encourage them to reach for the stars and beyond. Don’t push them too hard, Aries mama - your kids already know by watching you that it’s possible to have it all if you put your mind to it.

5Aries Dad - The Conqueror

The Aries dad loves fun, excitement, and being out and about having a good time. Always up for an adventure, he’s a natural leader with a competitive streak that’s sure to rub off on his young ones. With you as their dad, your children will learn the true meaning of the phrase, “the world is your oyster.” They’ll grow up being around a dad who instilled within them the confidence and fearlessness to go out and conquer the world. Without a doubt, your kids are are sure to be fearless high achievers determined to be number one in anything they participate in - just like you! Just be warned, your stubbornness and being unwilling to see eye to eye with your kids mean that they’ll be even more determined to prove dad wrong!

4Scorpio Mom - An Inner Rebel

If the organized Virgo woman becomes an always prepared mom, the Scorpio woman and her ability to notice the tiniest of details turn her into a control freak mother who micromanages every aspect of her child’s life Like all mamas, Scorpio moms have their children's best interest at heart, but your methods are are a bit extreme. Sure, you want your kids to have the best, you do they really need to be enrolled in karate, swimming, dance, and gymnastics? At the very least, let your little one decide which class to sign up for. The Scorpio mom has a tendency to become too involved in her children’s life, so much so that her presence can bring forth a rebellious streak in little ones who have had more than enough with mom’s constant interference. Just hold back a bit, Scorpio mom. Your kids know that you will be there for them when they need advice.

3Scorpio Dad - Disciplined

While the micro managing traits of the Scorpio mom is the perfect ground for creating a mini rebel, the Scorpio dad is able to effectively instill discipline and obedience in his children. If you are a Scorpio, you have a tendency to be strict in your child's upbringing; however, all of your rules are purely created for harnessing your child’s potential. Within your rules for behavior is the groundwork for a future of success should your child play by the numbers. The Scorpio dad is a natural leader who is able to motivate others as well as demand that they take accountability for your actions. Because of these traits your children will become diligent in his or her studies, sports, or career pursuits. They know the value of hard-work and how it relates to improving one’s quality of life

2Cancer Mom - Pandora's Box

Family is absolutely everything to the Cancer mama. You’ve always dreamed of becoming mother and most definitely had a list of baby names before you ever peed on a stick! While most moms look at Pinterest ideas and scoff, “I have a baby. There’s no way I have for that!” odds are that the mastermind behind said craft (or cake) is a Cancer mama. Your love for your family is only heightened by your love for creating and cherishing memories. This trait is sure to be passed on to your little ones, who will be in touch with their feelings and unafraid to express themselves. Because you’re a super sentimental softie, you’re also very protective, almost to a fault. Your kids are well-loved, Cancer mama, but just remember to back up a bit and give them space once in awhile.

1Cancer Dad - Family First

Once the Cancer man becomes a father, his life revolves his children and his family. Cancer dads are extremely sentimental, emotional fathers who have a tendency to wear their hearts on their sleeves. They fully immerse themselves into the role of father, going above and beyond in order to become a dependable figure who is always there for his children in whatever capacity. You and your children will have an unbreakable emotional bond that can only be strengthened. All of your kids’ childhood memories will be accented by your warm hugs and words of encouragement. A child who has a Cancer for a father will undoubtedly share their father’s intense love for their family. It’s easy to see that they will become great parents, too!


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