A Trans Mom In The UK Breastfeeds Baby

A transgender mom in the United Kingdom has successfully breastfed her baby. It is the first ever recorded case of its kind and she is making history.

BBC News is reporting a 30-year old unnamed transgender woman was giving medication to help her produce the milk her baby needed. The case is now appearing in the Transgender Health Journal, as doctors consider this new research and development critical for all transgender individuals.

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The woman involved went to a clinic in the UK to discuss the option of being able to breast feed her baby when it was born. Her partner was carrying the child and did not want to breast feed the baby. The transgender woman had been on hormone replacement therapy for six years, but had not yet had gender reassignment surgery at that time.

Doctors at the clinic decided to put her on a three-and-a-half-month course treatment to help her artificially produce milk. This process was done before the baby was born, so the milk would be ready in time. It is the same medicine treatment often given to mothers who have adopted babies or have a baby via a surrogate.

The treatment consisted of breast pumping, taking hormones produced by biological mothers, a drug which can stimulate milk production, and a male hormone blocker. In the end, the woman was able to produce about 8oz of breast milk a day. Although that is a modest amount, it was enough for the baby.

For the first six weeks of the baby’s life, breastfeeding was the little girl’s only source of nutrition. Doctors have said the baby’s growth, feeding, and bowel habits were "developmentally appropriate." She is now six months old and still continues to breastfeed, as well as use formula milk.

Researchers agree this is groundbreaking news, but they also believe further investigation is still needed before determining the optimal treatment to help transgender women achieve lactation. In this first case, doctors were not 100% sure all the medications that were used were necessary.

A transgender mom in the UK was able to breastfeed her baby in the first recorded case of its kind. What do you think of this new research development?

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