Transgender Man Fights To Be Listed As A 'Father' On Birth Certificate

A transgender man is fighting for the right to be called the baby's "father" instead of the "mother" on the birth certificate even though he delivered the baby.

Freddy McConnell was born a woman. He was a woman and then as he got older he felt trapped in his woman's body. He felt like he was born the wrong gender and he was actually a man. McConnell underwent surgery to become a man and now he fully lives as a man. Before McConnel transitioned fully into a man he was able to get pregnant from a partner and he was able to go full-term with his child and then he delivered a healthy little baby. After the baby was born he then fully transitioned.

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McConnell was very upset that he was not able to put his name in the father's "slot" on the birth certificate. He was being forced to put his name as the mother. Since he identified as a man he feels like he is the baby's father and not the baby's mother. He is being required to put a mother's name for the birth certificate, however. The registrar in charge of handling his birth certificate said that the person who gave birth and is biologically the child's mother should be placed in the "mother" section on the document and McConnell is very upset by the news.

He has decided to take legal action against the General Register Office, which administers the registration of births and deaths in England and Wales. He claims that they discriminated against him and refused to let him register as "father" or "parent." If McConnell wins this case this will be the first baby born in England and Wales to not have a mother on the birth certificate. There have been other transgender men who have given birth but they labeled themselves as the child's mother on the birth certificate. This is the first lawsuit in England of its kind.

A ruling has not yet been made but the judge in charge of the case, Sir Andrew, will give a ruling shortly. If the ruling allows McConnell to label himself as the child's "father" or "parent" then this will become a ripple effect for the entire world. Transgender men around the world who give birth will start wanting to place their name in the father section and many babies will go around without having a "mother" on their birth certificate. Sir Andrew has to weigh the possible outcomes of having McConnell win this case.

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